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J. Alexander, Norwich.

W. L. Alexander, D.D., Edinburgh. H. Allon, Islington.

T. W. Aveling, Kingsland.

J. Bennett, D.D., London.

S. B. Bergne.

T. Binney, London.

A. M. Brown, LL.D., Cheltenham.

H. F. Burder, D.D., London.

J. Burder, M.A., Bristol.

J. Clayton, M.A., Brighton.

G. Clayton, Upminster.

E. R. Conder, M.A., Poole.

T. Craig, Bocking.

R. W. Dale, M.A., Birmingham.

T. East, London.

W. S. Edwards, London.

W. Ellis, Hoddesdon.

J. Fleming, Kentish Town.

H. J. Gamble, Upper Clapton.
J. N. Goulty, Brighton.
R. Halley, D.D., New College.
J. C. Harrison, Camden Town.

J. Hill, Clapham.

T. James, London.

A. Jack, M.A., North Shields.

J. Kelly, Liverpool.

J. Kennedy, M.A., Stepney.
W. Legg, B.A., Reading.

Rev. J. Leifchild, D.D., London.

J. Macfarlane, LL.D., Glasgow.

E. Mannering, London.

S. Martin, London.

E. Mellor, M.A., Halifax.

I. Vale Mummery, F.R.A.S., London.

J. Parsons, York.

E. Prout, London.

T. Raffles, D.D., LL.D., Liverpool.

R. Redpath, M.A., London.

G. Redford, D.D., LL.D., Worcester.

A. Reed, D.D., London.

J. Reynolds, Leeds.

H. R. Reynolds, B.A., Leeds.

H. Roper, Bristol.

J. Sherman, Blackheath.

J. Smart, D.D., Leith.

G. Smith, Poplar.

J. Spence, D.D.

J. Stoughton, Kensington.

J. Stratten, London.

W. Swan, Edinburgh.

S. Thodey, London.

P. Thomson, M.A., Manchester.
A. Tidman, D.D., London.

H. Townley, London.

W. Urwick, D.D., Dublin.
R. Vaughan, D.D., Uxbridge.
J. Young, D.D., London.
J. Viney, Highgate.








ARRANGEMENTS have been made, and assistance secured, for greatly
improving the contents of this Magazine. Each number of the New
Series is enlarged by the addition of half a sheet, which, with certain
typographical alterations, enables the Editor to introduce more matter into
the Work than it has ever contained, thus increasing its cheapness by
augmenting its size, substance, and value.

In the NEW SERIES, as in the OLD, there will be no flinching from the

assertion of thoroughly Evangelical opinions and sentiments, and no pains

will be spared to detect and expose error whenever it comes within that

circle of literature which it is the province of this Periodical to watch and

notice and now, as before, will the motto of our writers be "speaking

the truth in love."

This old Magazine has a name and a history. To the Past an appeal

may be made in its favour. Nor should the charitable uses of its proceeds
be overlooked:-many a minister's widow has blessed God for it in times
past:-it is hoped still more may have reason to be devoutly thankful for
it in time to come. But no periodical can live on a past reputation. A
Magazine, to stand its ground, and to increase in influence and favour,
must be worthy of the support it seeks. To make it worthy will be the
endeavour of the Editor and his friends.

[For Syllabus of Contents see other side.]

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