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B - Be thou exalted, O my God

Be thou my Judge, thy searching Eyes
Before the Mountain's early Birch
Before the Skies their ambient Arch display'd
Before thou brought'it the Mountains forth
Before thy Throne, O God of Grace
Begin, my Soul, th' exalted Lay
Behold the gloomy Vale
Behold the lofty Sky
Behold the Man in Wisdom's School
Behold the Morning Sun
Behold th' Unwise, whofe Hearts deny
Behold the sure Foundation Stone
Behold thy waiting Servant, Lord
Behold while wearied with Delay
Behold with Joy the happy Scene
Beneath his Terrors bid to grean
Be thou exalted, O my God
Bless God, my Soul, thou Lord alone
Bless, O my Soul, the living God
Bleft are the Sons of Peace
Bleft are the Souls, who hear and know
Blest are the undefil'd in Heart
Bleft be the Lord, our Strength, our Shield
Bleft in the Favor of


Blést is the Man, for ever bleft
Bleft is the Man who fears the Lord
Bleft is the Man who shans the Place
Biert is the Man whose Bowels move
Bleft is the Nation where the Lord
Bleft who with gen'rous Pity glows

Children: in Years and Knowledge young
Children, to Wisdom's Law give Ear
Clap your Hands, rejoice and fing
Come celebrate your

God and King
Come, Children, learn to fear the Lord
Come from thy God Instruction: learn
Come, let our Voices join to raise


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Come praise the Lord, ye tuneful Bands
Come, found his Praise abroad
Consider all my Sorrows, Lord
Confider, that the righteous Man

Delighted, whom his Laws delight
Do I not lore thee, O my God
Do thou, O God, preserve my Soul

Early, my God, without Delay
Earth, big with Empires, to thy Reign
Ere yet the Mountains rose to Birth
Eternal God, almighty Cause
Eternal God, thy early Days
Eternal Sire, enthrond on high
Eternal Source of ev'ry Joy
Exalt, exalt your heav'nly Lord
Exalt the Lord oor God
Exchange not ye your fcanty Store

Fairest of all the Lights above
Far as thy Name is known
Far hence each Superftition vain,
Father, I bless thy gentle Hand
Father of all, my Soul defend
Father, we sing thy wond'rous Grace
Firm and unmov'd are they
Firm was my Health, my. Day was bright
Fix'd in the Heav'ns, eternal Lord
For ever blessed be the Lord
For ever shall my Song record
Fret not thyfelf when wicked Men prevail
From Age to Age exalt his Name
From all that dwell below the Skies
From deep Distress and troubled Thoughts
From lowest Depths of Woe
From my Youth up may Israel say
From out thy inexhausted Store
From the firft dawning Light
From vocal Air, and convex Skies

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I God
I God
I God
1 God
I God
! God








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sive Thanks to God, he reigns above
Give Thanks to God, invoke his Name
Give Thanks to God most high
Give Thanks to God, the Sov'reign Lord
Give to our God immortal Praise
Give to the Lord, ye Sons of Fame
God bids; and lo a burning Waste
God does his saving Health dispense
God in his earthly Temple lays
God is a Spirit just and wise
God is our Refuge in Diftress
God is the Refuge of his Saints
God knows the Texture of


God, my Strength, to thee. I pray
God, my Supporter, and my Hope of
God of my Childhood, and my Youth
God of my Health, from Morn to Eve
God of my Life, look gently down
God of my Life, thro' all its Days
God of my Mercy and my Praile
God of our Lives, whose bounteous Care
God of our faving Health and Peace
God of Salvation we adore
God of the Morning, at whose Voice
· God of the Seas; thy thund'ring Voice
God the Heav'ns aloud proclaim
God's Ways to Mofes stood reveald
Good is the Lord, the heav'nly King
· Great Author of this various Frame
Great God, attend while Zion sings
Great God, indulge my humble Claim
Great God, should thy most holy Eye
Great God, the Heav'n's well-order'd Frame
· Great God, whose universal Sway
Great is our God, with warmest Zeal
Great is the Lord, his Works of Might
Grear is the Lord our God
Great Ruler of the Earth and Sky
Great Source of Life, our Souls confess

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Mad God abandon’d from his Care

Had not not the Lord, may Ifrael fay

Hail, Arbiter fupreme! thy Will
Happy is he, who fears the Lord
Happy the City, where their Sons

453111 Happy the Mar, to whom his God

Happy the Man, whese cautious Feet

Happy the Man, whose Heav'n-directed Feet
Happy the Man, whose tender Care
He reigns, the Lord Almighty reigns
He who has God his Guardian made
He, who hath made his Refuge God
Hear all ye People, co my Law
Hear, gracious Lord, my fervent Pray's

450 Ind Hear, o my God, with Pity hear

448 Ind

238 In
Hear what the Lord in Vibon faid
He's bleft whose Sins have Pardon gain'd

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High in the Hear'ns, eternal God
House of our God, with chearful Anthems ring
How are thy Servants bleft; O Lord
How awful is thy chastening Rod

212 In
How bleft are they who always keep
How blest is he who ne'er confents-
How bleft the Man, his God who fears
How bleft the Man, how more than bleft
How bleft the Man, whole conseioas Grief
How bleft the Souts, their God who fear
How bleft the Tafk, with fervent Heart
How bleft, who thee, great God, obey
How deep thy Knowledge, Lord, how wide
How did my Heart rejoice to hear
How early wise hall Youth, O fay

143 Jebe
How glows with grateful Love my Breat
How good and pleafant is the Work
How I in prosperous Days prefum'd
How just the Doom to those affign'd
How lovely, how divinely fleet
How pleasant, how divinely fair

fiol boy
How pleasant 'tis to see
How pleas’d and bleft was I
How pleafing is the Scene, how sweet

How but


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low Thall the Young secure their Way
Tow fweet thy Dwellings, Lord, how fair
Jow vak mult their Advantage bę

if God succeed not, all the Costa
& God to build the House:deny
love the Lord, he heard my Cries
Pl bless the Lord from Day to Day,
T call to Mind God's Works of old
I'll praise my

Maker with my Breach
Immortal King, through Earth's wide Frame
In all my vast Concerns with thee
Incumbent on the bending Sky
Indulgent Father, how divine
Indulgent God, with pitying Eye

In glad Amazement, Lord, I ftand e In God most holy, just, and true

In God's own House pronounce his. Praire.
In God's own House the loftieft Praises fing

In Yuda the Almighty's known
Los In-low Proftration tow'rd thy Shrine

Instruct, great God, the kingły Heart
Into thine Hand, O God of Truth
In vain the erring World inquires
In vain thy Grace the Souls would heal
I set the Lord before

my Face
Is there. Ambition in
les et It is the great Creator's Hand

I waited patient for the Lord
I will extol thee, Lord,, on high.

Jebovah's. Praife in high immortal Strains
}. Jehovah reigns, he dwells in Light

Jehovah reigns, let all the Earth
Jehovah reigns, ye Nations own

Jehovah, to my Words give Eár
,'i Jesus shall reign where'er the San

Joy to the World, the Lord is come
Judge me, O Lord, and prove my Ways.
Judge me, O Lord, for I the Paths
Just are thy Ways, and true thy Words

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my Heart


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