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Praise ye

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Praise ye the Lord, my Heart shall join

the Lord, our God to praise Praise


the Lord, the universal King Praise

ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise
Prepare the Voice, and tune the joyful Lyre
Preserve me, Lord, in Time of Need
Purge me from the Guilt that lies

Rejoice, ye Righteous, in the Lord
Rejoice, ye shining Worlds on high
Remark, my Soul, the narrow Bounds
Remember, Lord, our mortal State
Remorseless Sinners, void of Sense
Repuls'd, dispers'd, chastis'd by thee
Resolv'd to watch o'er all my Ways
Return, all-potent Lord, return
Return, my Soul, and seek thy Reft
Return, O God of Love, return
Beverent I wait, nor Silence break

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Salvation, o melodious Sound
Save me, O Lord, from ev'ry Foe
Searcher of Hearts, before thy Face
Searcher of Hearts, my Thoughts review
Shew Pity, Lord, O Lord forgive
Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine
Shine on our Souls, eternal God

Since I have plac'd my Trust in God: - Sing all-ye Nations to the Lord

Sing to our God the new-form’d Lay
Sing to the Lord a joyful Song
Sing to the Lord aloud
Sing to the Lord a new-taught Song

Sing to the Lord, Jehovah's Name 6. Sing to the Lord, let Praise inspire

Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaims - Sing to the Lord, whom we adore

Sing to the Lord with joyful Voice 7. Sing to the Lord, ye distant Lands

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Sing, ye Sons of Might, О fing
Some lie with Darkness cover'd round
Songs of immortal Praise belong
Soon as I heard my Facher say
Soy'reign of Life, I own thy Hand
Sure there's a righteous God
Surely to such as God will fear
Sweet is the Memory of thy Grace
Sweet is the Work, my God and King

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Teach me, O teach me, Lord, thy Way

364 Teach me the Measure of my Days

123 'Th' Almighty reigns exalted high

273 That Man is bleft who tands in Awe

337, 337 The Calls of Glory, worldly Smiles

205 The Earth for ever is the Lord's

72 Thee I will bless, my God and King Thee, Lord, my thankful Soul would blefs Thee will I blels, my God, my King

455 Thee, Lord, I'll thank, and Day by Day

103 The Glories of our Maker, God

490 Th'exalted Saviour sends his Summons forth 151 The God Jebovab reigns

277 The God of Grace my Wants shall know

13 The God of Israel chose the Hill The God of our Salvation hears

14 The Heavn's declare their Maker's glorious Name 57 The Heav'ns declare thy Glory, Lord The Heav'ns declare thy Glory, Lord

S The joyful Morn, my God, is come

391 The King, O Lord, with Songs of Praise

59 The Lord a mighty Monarch reigns The Lord himself, the mighty Lord

637 The Lord, how wond'roos are his Ways

290 The Lord is my Defence and Guide

68 The Lord Jehovab reigns

259 The Lord, my Pasture shall prepare

67 The Lord, my Shepherd and my Guide

66 The Lord my Shepherd is

65 The


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The Lord my Saviour is, my Light
The Lord of Glory is my Light

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The Lord of Glory reigns, he reigns on high 258
The Lord of Glory reigns supremely great
The Lord preserves with tender Care

357 The Lord, ch'almighty Monarch fpake

147 The Lord th' eternal Sceptre rears

257 The Lord, the God of Glory reigns The Lord, the Judge before his Throne

149 The Lord the Judge his Churches warns

151 The Lord, the only God, is great The Lord, the Soy'reign King

293 The Lord with Pleafure views his Saints

109 The Man is blest, who fears the Lord

400 The Man is ever bleft The Man of humble upright Heart

17 The Morn and Eve thy Praise relound

172 The Praise of Sion waits for thee

173 The righteous Lord loves upright Souls

18 The spacious Firmament on high

56 The Tongue to Wisdom unfubdu'd

443 The words that from my Lips proceed.

19 There is a God, all Nature (peaks

309 They who in Ships, with Courage bold,

321 Thine Ear, my God, propitious lend

447 Thine Eyes in me, nor lofty Mind

406 Thine is the Throne, beneath thy Reign

30 Think, mighty God, on feeble Man

236 This spacious Earth is all the Lord's

71 This spacious Earth is all the Lord's

72 Tho' wicked Men grow rich or great

115 Those Idols, whose false Worship spreads Thou art my God, to thee my


166 Thou art my Portion, O my God

377 Thou didít, mighty God, exist

248 Thou great and sacred Lord of all

407 Thou, Lord, a pitying Ear didt give

184 Thou, Lord, my Safety, thou my Light

78 -Thou, Lord, through, ev'ry changing Scene


13 Thou, Pow'r supreme! by-whose Command I live 441 Thou wilt fulfil cach wife and kind Decree


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Thrice happy Man, who fears the Lord + Thro' all the changing Scenes of Life

Thro' all the various shifting Scene too
Thro' endless Years thou art the same
Thro' ev'ry Age, eternal God
Th' uplifted Eye and bended Knee
Thus far the Lord hath led me on
Thus I resolv'd before the Lord
Thus faith the Lord, the spacious Fields
Thus faith the Lord, your Work is vain
Thus (pake Jehovah to our Lord
Thus the eternal Father spake
Thus the great Lord of Earth and Sea
Thy Ear, thou Majesty divine
Thy fav’ring Beams around me shine
Thy Favor, gracious Lord, display
Thy Hand, O Lord, Earth's Basis laid
Thy Law from highest Heav'n reveald
Thy Mercies fill the Earth, O Lord
Thy Mercies, Lord, shall be my Song
Thy Mercy let thy Servant fee
Thy Mercy, Lord, my only Hope
Thy Mercy, Lord, to Heav'n extends
Thy Mercy, Lord, to me extend
Thy Name, almighty Lord
Thy Promises, almighty Sire
Thy plastic Art, throughout my Frame
Thy Works of Glory, mighty Lord
Tir'd with the Burdens of the Day
'Tis by. thy Strength the Mountains stand
?Tis Mercy calls, awake each grateful String
To bless thy chosen Race
To celebrate thy Praise, O Lord
To God above, from all below
To God belongs th' eternal Sway
To God, from whom immortal Blessings spring
To God I cry; to him my Pray'r
To God, our God, the Hour is known
To God the great, the ever bleft
To God the mighty Lord
To God your grateful Voices raise


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To God your Voice in Anthems raise
To Heav'n.I lift my.waiting Eyes
To our almighty-Maker, God
To Sion's Hill I lift my Eyes
To thee before the dawning Light
To thee from out the Deeps I pray
To thee great God, my Soul Mall rise:
To thee I call, O håste thee near
To thee let my firft Off'rings rise
To thee, most holy, and most high
To thee, my God, my Days are known
To thee, my God, my Heart shall bring
To thee, my God, 'to thee alone
To thee, the God of Truth
To thee, the God who reign'it on high
To your Creator, God
Triumphant, Lord, thy Goodness reigns
Tutor'd by Wisdom, I would learn
?Twas for our Sake, eternal God
'Twas from thy Hand, my God, I came
"Twas in the Watches of the Night'-571

Unite, my roving Thoughts unite
Unhaken as the sacred Hill
Upward I lift mine Eyes
Up to the Hills I lift mine Eyes

Vain Man, on-foolish Pleasures bent

Warm'd to its inmoft Depth, my Breast
Warmth and Life each thankful Heart
We bless the Lord, the Just, the Good
We build with fruitless Cost, unless
Well pleas'd thy Counsels, Lord, to hear
What shall I render to my God
What tho' downy Slumbers flee
When all thy Mercies, O my God
When Fancy spreads the boldest Wings
When God in his own fov'reign Ways
When God is nigh, my Faith is strong
When God our Leader shines in Arms

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