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Legions of Foes beset me-round
Let all the Earth their Voices raise
Let all the Just to God with Joy.
Let all the heathen Writers join
Let all the Lands, with Shouts of Joy
Let all the lift'ning World attend
Let all who own God's just Command
Let Children hear the mighty Deeds.
Let ev'ry Creature join
Let ev'ry Tongue thy Goodness speak
Let not the Sinner's Wealth or Might.
Let Sinners take their Course
Let Sion in her King rejoice
Let Songs of Joy to God ascend
Let Thanks to thee, all-fou'reign Pow'r, arise
Let thy various Realms, O Earth
Let us with a joyful Mind
Life like a vain Amusement Aies
Lift your Voice, and thankful fing
Lift your Voice, and thankful fing
Lo, from the Hills my Help descends
Lo, my Shepherd's Hand divine
Lo thou, my Soul, on God reclin'd
Lo, what an entertaining Sight
Lo, what a glorious Corner Stone
Long as I live I'll bless thy Name
Long Life let Britain's King behold
Look back, my Soul, with grateful Love
Look down, O Lord, and on our Hearts
Lord, Earth's Foundations thou hast laid
Lord, hear my Pray'r, and to my Cry
Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove
Lord, I esteem thy Judgments right
Lord, I have made thy Word my Choice
Lord, in the Morning thou shalt hear

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Lord, in thy great and glorious Name
Lord, I will bless thee all my Days
Lord, I will joy thy honour'd Name
Lord, let my Cries thy heav'nly Seat
Lord, let-thy Clemency divine
Lord, let thy Light attend our Way
Lord, let thy Mercy full and free
Lord, let thy Spirit to my Heart
Lord, not to us, we claim no Share
Lord of the Worlds above
Lord, should'st thou call me to thy Face
Lord, thine's the chearful Day, and thine
Lord, thou haft-been thy Children's God
Lord, thou hast search's and seen me through
Lord, thou hast seen my Soul fincere
Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray
Lord, thou with an unerring Beam
Lord, though (thy Will has thus ordain'd)
Lord, thy pervading Knowledge strikes
Lord, 'tis a pleasant Thing to stand
Lord, to my Wants thy Ear incline
Lord, we adore thy wond'rous Name
Lord, what a feeble Piece
Lord, what's in Man that thou should'ft love
Lord, what is Man, poor feeble Man
Lord, what is Man, that in thy Care
Lord, what was Man when made at first
Lord, when I count thy Mercies o’er
Lord, when I cry, make Haste to hear
- Lord, when Iniquities abound
Lord, who's the happy-Man that may

Loud Hallelujahs to the Lord
· Low in the Dust my Soul is laid
- Low to our God, ye Nations bow

Maker and Sov'reign Lord
Maker of all ! at thy Command
Maker of all! thro' ev'ry Land
May all the various Tribes of Men
May God his fav'ring Ear incline

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Me, O my God, thy piercing Eye
Mercy, Judgment, now my Tongue
My God, accept my early Vows
My God, consider my Diftress
My God, my everlasting Hope
My God, my Father, blidsful Name!
My God, my King, thy various Praise
My God, my King, to thee V'll raife
My God, my Portion, and my Love
My God, permit my Tongue
My God, the Steps of pious Men
My God, the Visits of thy Face
My God, thy Service wel demands
My God, what inward Grief I feel
My God, whose all-pervading. Eye
My grateful Heart thy Love has known
My grateful Tongue, immortal King
My Heart's beft Portion, Lord, are thou
My Heart shall Atill on thee depend
My Heart with secret Transport fwells
My Life, while I that Life enjoy
My Refuge is the God of Love
My Reins, my Fabric's ev'ry Part
My righteous Judge, my gracious God
My Shepherd is the living Lord
My Shepherd will fupply my Need
My Soul adore the fovereign Lord
My Soul, how lovely is the Place
My Soul, infpir'd with facred Love
My Soul lies cleaving to the Duft
My Soul-repeat-his Praise
My Soul, review the trembling Days:
My Soul, the awful Hour will come
My Soul, thy great. Greator praiso

My Soul, triumphant in the Lord
+ My Soul, with grateful Thoughts of Love

My Soul, with lacred Zeal inspir'de + My Spirit looks to God alone

No Sleep, nor Slumber to his Eyes

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O Lord, thou sov'reign Lord of all
O Maker, Guide, and Judge of all!
On God my stedfast Hopes rely
On thee, great Ruler of the Skies
On thee, my Soul, with steady Frame
O praise the Lord, and thou, my Soul

praise the Lord, for he is good
O praise the Lord in that bleč. Place
O praise the Lord with one Consent
O praise ye the Lord, prepare a new Song
Opraise ye the Lord, prepare your glad Voice
O render Thanks, and bless the Lord
O render Thanks to God above
O tell to all whom Earth sustains.
O that the Lord would guide my Ways: 13
O that thy Statutes ev'ry Hour
O the immense, th' amazing Height
O thou, the Hope of human Race
O thou, to whom all Creatures bow
O thou, the Wretched's fure Retreat
O thou, who hear'ft when Sinners cry
O thou, whom Heav'n's high Hosts revere
Our God, our Help in Ages past
Our never-ceafing Songs Thall show
Our Souls with pleasing Wonder view
Out of the Deep of sad Distress


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Parent of universal Good
Peace, 'tis the Lord, Jehovah's Hand
Perfection! 'tis an empty Name
Permit me, Lord, to seek thy Face
Praise, O praise the Name divine
Praise, praise thy God, my Soul, his Name
Praise to God, immortal Praise
Praise to the God, who arch'd the Skies
Praise waits in Sion, Lord, for thee
Praise ye the Lord, exalt his Name
Praise ye the Lord, immortal Choir
Praise ye the Lord, let Praise employ

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512 Praise

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