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When God, provok'd with daring Crimes
When Death alarm'd me, God remov'd
When I survey Life's varied Scene
When I with pleafing Wonder stand
When Ifrael, by th' Almighty led
When Israel, freed from Pharaoh's Hand
When Ifrael through the Defart pafsd
When Jacob's Sons, through Paths unknown
When overwhelm'd with Grief
When proftrate at thy hallow'd Shrine
When the great Judge fupreme and just
When will the sov’reign Lord appear
When wilt thou, 'Lord, the Nations bless
Where shall the Man be found ,
While I keep Silence and conceal
While Justice o'er my Life prefides
While Men grow bold in wicked Ways
While my Creator's near
While, itruck with Terrors as I stood
Who are the Men the World among
Whoe'er with humble Fear
Who makes Omnipotence his Aid
Who o'er the Waves from Shore to Shore
Who place on Sion's God their Trust
Who shall afcend thy heav'nly Place
Who shall inhabit in thy Hill
Who shall tow'rd thy chosen Seat
Who taught to fpurn his equal Sway
Who trust in God's protecting Hand
Why did the Jews proclaim their Rage
Why did the Nations join to say
Why do the wealthy Wicked boast
Why doth the Lord stand off so far
Why doth the Man of Riches grow
Why should I vex my Soul, and fret
Why should the Heathen Tribes demand
Why thus enrag'd, ye Tribes prophane
Wide o'er the Sons of Earth, his Eye
With all my Pow'rs of Heart and Tongue
With chearful Notes let all the Earth
With earnest Longings of the Mind
With Glory clad, with Strength array'd

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Vith humblest Awe my People hear
Zá Vithin the House of God to dwell

Vith my whole Heart I'll raise my Song
Nith my whole Heart I've fought thy Face
With my whole Heart, to thee, O Lord
· With one Consent let all the Earth

With our whole Heart, our God and King
· With patient Hope my God I sought

With penitential Grief
. With reftlefs and ungovernd Rage
With Rev'rence let the Saints appear
With Songs and Honors founding loud
With what Desire, great God, I burn

behold the Works of God

Ye bleft Inhabitants of Heav'n
Ye boundless Realms of Joy
Ye Children come, my Precepts hear
Ye faithful Servants of your God
Ye humble Souls, in God rejoice
Ye Islands of the northern Sea
Ye know the Lord hath chose
Ye Nations all, whose various Climates glow
Ye Nations, hear : ye Sons of Earth
Ye Nations round the Earth, rejoice
Ye. Saints and Servants of the Lord
Ye Saints, to you the Talk belongs
Ye Servants of th' Almighty King
Ye Servants of th' eternal King
Ye Servants of your God, his Fame :
Ye Sons of Men, a feeble Race
Ye Sons of Men, in God rejoiće
Ye Sons of Men, in facred Lays
Ye Sons of Men, with Joy record
Ye Sons of Sion, praise the Lord
Ye Souls with pure Devotion warm
Ye Tribes of Ādam join
Ye Tribes of Earth, in God rejoice
Ye, who delight to serve the Lord
Ye, who obey th' immortal King
Ye Works of God, on him alone

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Principal Subjects of the PSALMS

Contained in this COLLECTION.

N. B. The Roman Nunerals refer to the Pfalm, the Figures

to the Verfion, and the Figures with pt. before them, to the Parts of a Verfion.

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HE One only true God, \xxxvi. 4.

The One God own'd add ador'd, XCV. xcvi. God alone to be ador'd, xlviii. 1. lxxxix. *2. ev, zi cxiii. 1.

0 God eternal and unchangeable, xc. 12cit. God's infinite Knowledge and Omnipresence, cxxxix. The Power and Majesty of God, lxxxix. 4. pt. 2. xevii. 1. God's fupreme Dominion, lxxvi. xcvii. God the eternal Sov'reign and Lord of Nature, xeüi. The Greatness and Majesty of God, civ. 2. 4. 6. cxüi. God the Fountain of Life and Blefling, xxxvi. 1. Ivii. 3. s cyiii. cxlv. Divine Goodness celebrated, xxxiv. §. ciii. 1. The Holiness of God, xcvi. 4. xcvii. 2. 3. pt. 2. xcix. 3. The Justice of God, xiv I. lxxv: 1. God the supreme Judge, xviii. 1. xcvi. God the righteous-Governor of the World, ix.

5. The Wisdom and Equity of Providence, ix. 3. pt. 2. God's perfect Knowledge and Justice, x.-1. Justice and Mercy, ix. 1. 2. 3. lxviii. 1. 3. God's Mercy to the humble Penitent, lxxvi. 5. ciii. cvii. cxlv. cxlvi.


The divine Perfections celebrated, xxxvi. Ixxxix. xcii.

xcviii. cxlv. 3. 4.


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The Creator visible in his Works, xix. 7. 8.
The Voice of Nature, xix. 2. civ. 7.
Creation and Providence, xxxiii. civ.
All Nature invok'd to praise the Creator, cxlviii.
Praise to God for his wonderful Works, cvü. 6.
The Wisdom of God in his Works, cxi. -- 3.
Praise to God, the Author of our Being, cxxxix. 9:
Thanks for Creation and Preservation, cxxxix. 10. JI.
Man wonderfully and divinely made, cxxxix. 1. pt. 2.

3. pt. 2. 4• pt. z.
The peculiar Goodness of God to Mankind, viii, cvii. 8.,
God's Goodness in our Creation and Support, cxxxix. 2.
God our Creator and Preserver, cxxxvi.
Thanks to God for his bounteous Provision, civ. 8.
The Bounty of Providence, lxv. 3. pt. 3.
The Providence of God over all his Creatures, xxxvi. 1.

3: The Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year, Ixv. 5.

7. lxxiv. 2. cxlvii.
The Fertility of the Earth owing to divine Providence,

Ixv. I. pt. 2:
The Blessings of Rain; lxv. 2. 4. pt. 3.
Divine Governance over Earth, Air, and Sea, Ixv. 2.

pt. 3. 4 pt. 2. CXXXV. I. 2.
God's Dominion over the Sea, cvii. 5:
Storms and Tempests obey his Word, xxix.
All Nations invok'd to praise their Creator, c.
Thanks for divine Bleffings and Protection, lxviii. 3: pt. 2.

lxxi. 3;

God our Preserver, cxxi.
God our Shepherd, xxiii.
God the Guide and Protector of his Servants, xxv. 1. pt. 2.

2. lxviii. 2. 3. xcii. I.
God's providential Dealings recorded in various Instances,

cvii. Praise for Deliverance from Sickness, xxx. cxvi. cxviii. 5.

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The Excellence of Scripture, xix. I. pt. 2. 5. pt. 2. 6. 8.

9. xlvi. 3. cxix. 1. pt. 12. pt. 18. 3. pt. 7. pt. 8.
The Glory and Success of the Gospel, xix. 3. lxxxix 4.

pt. 3. Thanks for the Knowledge of God, xcvi. 4. xcviii. 3.

xcix. 2. pt. 2: God's Word the furest Guide of Youth, cxix. 1. pt. 2.

3. pt. 4. 4. pt. I. God's Law a Light to the Soul, cxix. 1. pt, 14. pt. 15.

pt. 17: Delight in Scripture, .cxix. 3. pt. s. pt. 6 God's Name the Encouragement of our Faith, ix. 4. God's Goodness in the Mission of Christ, viii. 4. 5. xcvi. 3.

cxi. 3. pt. 2 The Kingdom of Christ foretold, ij. 1. 2. cx. 1. The Bledings of Christ's Kingdom, lxxii. 2. ex. 2. The Covenant made with Christ, lxxxix. 3. 4. CX. 2. pt. 2. The Mission and Death of Christ, xl. 2. pr. 2. Christ's Obedience and Death, Ixix. 2. 3. Chrift's Death, Resurrection, and Ascention, ii. 3. 4. 5.

xvi. 2. pt. 2. xxii. 3• Chrift's Alcenfion, xxiv. 4. pt. 2. Christ the Foundation of his Church, cxvii. 3. 4.

Chriít appointed to judge the World, 1. 1. 2. 5. Jews and Gentiles united in the Chriftian Church, lxxxvij. I. xlvii. i. 3. xcviii.

3. pt. 1. Israel conducted to Capaan, and Christians to Heaven, lxvi.

lxxvii. cvü. God the Protector of his Church and People, xlvi. 3.

xlvii. 3. lxxxvi. 3. cv. 3. cxxv. cxxxv, 3.
The Church God's Garden, xcii. 3.
God magnified by those who love his Salvation, xl. 3.
God speaking Peace to his

People, lxxxv. 4.
Rejoicing in the Ways of God, xcviii. 2. cxi. 2. cxxxviii. 6.
Rejoicing in the Promises, Ixxxix. 4. cxi. 1. cxvi. 4.

cxxxyiil. 4. Praise to God, and Communion with Saints, cvi. 1. 3. Praise to God the Refuge and Confidence of his people,

xxii. 1. 2. cxv. 1. pt. 2. cxlvi. - Praise for Mercies received, and Confidence in God's continued Goodness, cxxxviii. cxxxix. 1. 1. cxlvi. 7.


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