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First Version. Second Part.

Peace and Joy the natural Consequence of a rational manly

OME from thy God, Instruction learn;

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Thy Feet, thy ev'ry Step he scan,

Let Reason's Use bespeak thee Man; 2 Nor imitate the Steed and Mule,

Whose brutal Mouth, averse to rule,
To guard thee from their Rage, must feel

The forceful Rein, and curbing Steel. 3 What Pangs the impious Tribe await,

While Hope and Joy his Heart dilate,
Who trusts in thee, o King of Kings,

And Mercy round him spreads her Wings! 4 Ye Saints, exulting lift your Voice,

Ye pure of Mind, in him rejoice,
Whose Presence on the Soul impress’d
With heav'nly Transport fills the Breast.



PSALM XXXII. Second Version. TATE,

The Blefedness of true Penitents.
E's bleft, whose Sins have Pardon gain'd

No more in Judgment to appear ;
Whole Guilt Remiflion has obtain'd,

And whose Repentance is fincere. 2 True Penitents with God succeed,

Who seek him while he may be found,
His fov’reign Grace in Time of Need

Shall them encompass all around 3 In his Instruction then confide,

You who would Truth's safe Path descry;
Your Progress he'll securely guide,

And keep you in his watchful Eye.
4 Submit yourselves to Wisdom's Rule,

Like Men who Reason have attain'd:
Not like th’ungovern’d Horse and Male,
Whose Fury must be curb’d and rein'd.

5 Sorrows


Sorrows on Sorrows multiply'd,
The harden’d Sinner shall confound,
But those who in God's Truth confide,

The choicest Blessings shall surround.
6 His Saints who have perform'd his Laws,

Their Life in Triumphs shall employ:
Let them (as they alone have Cause)
In grateful Raptures thout for Joy.

PSALM XXXII. Third Version. First Part. Watts,

LEST is the Man, for ever bleft,

Whose Guilt is pardon'd by his God, Whose Sins with Sorrow are confess’d,

Who firmly walks the heav'nly Road. 2 Bleft is the Man to whom the Lord

Imputes not his Iniquities,
He pleads no Merit of Reward,

His lowly Soul on Grace relies.
3 From Guile his Heart and Lips are free,

His humble Joy, his holy Fear
With deep Repentance well agree,

And join to prove his Faith sincere.
4 How glorious is that boundless Grace

Which freely pardons all his Sin!
While the bright Beams of Holiness
Thro' his whole Life appear and shine.

PSALM XXXII. Third Version. Second Part.



HILE I keep Silence and conceal

My heavy Guilt within my Heart, What Torments doth my Conscience feel!

What Agonies of inward Smart ! 2 I spread my Sins before the Lord,

And all my secret Faults confess
Thy Gospel speaks a pard'ning Word,
Thine holy Spirit feals the Grace.

Fierce Fire lay burning in my Breast,

Thyʻpard’ning Grace forgave my Faults,

When like a raging Flood


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For this shall ev'ry humble Soul
Make swift Addresses to thy Seat;
When Floods of huge Temptations roll,
There shall they find a bleft Retreat.
How safe beneath thy Wings I lie,
When Days grow dark, and Storms appear
And when I walk, thy watchful Eye
Shall guide me safe from ev'ry Snare.

PSALM XXXII. Fourth Version.
APPY the Man to whom his God

No more imputes his Sin,
Whose Hope is built upon his Word,

Who Peace enjoys within.
Happy beyond. Expression he,

Whose Debts are all discharg'd;
And from the guilty Bondage free

He feels his Soul enlarg'd.
His Spirit hates Deceit and Lies,

His Words are all fincere;
He guards his Heart, he guards his Eyess

To keep his Conscience clear.
While I my inward Guilt supprest,
No Quiet could I find;

Sharp Arrows pierc'd my Mind,
Then I confess'd my troubled Thoughtsy

My secret Sins reveal'd ;
Thy Grace


Pardon seal'd.
This shall invite thy Saints to pray ;
Temptations rise, our Strength and Stay
Is a forgiving God.

Fifth Version. WATTS.

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Divinely bleft,

Whose Sins are cover'd o'er!

to whom the Lord Imputes their Guilt no more!


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They mourn their Follies past,
And keep their Hearts with Care;
Their Lips and Lives without Deceit

Shall prove their Faith fincere.

While 1 conceal'd my Guilt,

I felt the felt'ring Wound,
Till I confess’d my Sins to thee,

And ready Pardon found.

Let Sinners learn to pray,

Let Saints keep near the Throne; 133 + Our Help in Times of deep Distress

Is found in God alone.


PSALM XXXIII. First Verfion. First Part. MERRICK

Creation and Providence.
E Saints (to you the Talk belongs,

And Praise fíts comely on your Tongues ;)
O sing, in Accents loud and strong,

To God, some new-invented Song.
2 His Words eternal Truth has seal'd;

His Promises in Aet fulfill'd
Shall bid the Earth's wide Confines know

The Gifts that from his Bounty flow.
3 His Word yon azure Vault outspread,

E’er Time the Seasons onward led;
Form’d by his Breath the starry Hoft

Their unextinguish'd Lustre boaft.
4 Thy Maker's Name, O Earth, revere ;

And let thy Sons with holy Fear
To him in low Prostration bend,

And duteous his Decrees attend.
5 Thy Counsel, from Controul secure,

Thy Counsel only shall endure;
Thy Thoughts to Time's remoteft Bound,

With sure Effect, great God, be crown'd.
6 How blest the People who have known

Thee, Lord, their God, and thee alone;-
The Flock thy Heritage declar'd,
And Objects of thy fix'd Regard !



First Version. Second Part.


Creatures vain, and God all-suficient.
IDE o'er the Sons of Earth his Eye,

The Pow'r eternal from on high
Extends through Life, their Steps pursues,

Each A&t, each Thought, attentive views. 2 In vain with conscious Pride the Steed

Vaunts in the Fight his Strength and Speed;
In vain the Warrior bold and young

His Arm with active Vigor strung:
3 Nor this shall promise from the Sword
Himself to save, nor that his Lord.
Think not ye Kings, his Aid resign'd,
In well-arm’d-Holts your Help to find.
4 Hail, fure Protector of the Juft!

Of him who builds on thee his Trust;
Thy Hand with Food his Life sustains,

When Drought infests the blasted Plains.
5 Our Souls by thee, their Help and Shield,

With patient Hope have stood upheld;
Thy facred Name our Trust, each Mind

From thee shall Joy perpetual find. 6 That Joy to our desiring Heart

O let thy Mercy e'er impart;
And give thy Servants, Lord, to see
How just the Hope that rests on thee.


PSALM XXXIII. Second Version. TATE.

The Works of Creation and Providence.
ET all the Just to God with Joy,

Their chearful Voices raise,
For well the Righteous it becomes

To sing glad Songs of Praise.
2 Let all your sacred Passions, movid,

In joyful Consort meet;
And chearful Songs of loud Applause

The Harmony compleat.

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3 For

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