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: Be strong, be stedfast: So your

Mind From him its full Support shall find, Ye Saints that in his Care confide, Nor own nor ak a Help beside.

PSALM XXXI. Secord Version: " Tate. i Resignation to and Dependence upon 'divine Providence. ,

(For thou preserv’dst me from my Youth)

I willingly resign.
All vain Designs I hate,

Of those who trust in Lies;
And still my Soul in ev'ry State,

To God for Succour Aies.
3 Thou art my stedfast Trust,

I on thy Help repose :
That thou, my God, art good and jut,

My Soul with Comfort knows. 4 Whate'er Events betide,

Thy Wisdom times them all:
Then, Lord, thy Servants safely hide,

On thee alone I call.
5 The Brightness of thy Face

To me, O Lord, disclose :
And as thy Mercies still increase,

I dread no future Woes.
6 How great thy Mercies are,

To such as fear thy Name !
Which thou, for those who trust thy Care,

Doft to the World proclaim.
7 Thou keep'it them in thy Sight,

From proud Oppressors free:
From Tongues that do in Strife delight,

They are preserv'd by thee.
O all ye Saints, the Lord

With fervent Love pursue,
Who to the Just will Help afford

And give the Proud their Due.

9 Ye

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Ye who on God rely,

Courageously proceed :
For he will still your Hearts supply

With Strength in Time of Need.
PSALM XXXI. Third Version: Warts.

Deliverance from Death.
INTO chine Hand, O God of Truth,

My Spirit I commit;
Thou haft redeem'd my Soul from Death,

And sav'd me from the Pit.
2 The Passions of my Hope and Fear

Maintain'd a doubtful Strife,
While Sorrow, Pain and Sin confpirid:

To take
3 My Times are in thine Hand, I cry’d;

'Tho? I draw near the Duft ;"
Thou art the Refuge where I hide,

The God in whom I trust.
4 O Lord, now make thy gracious Face

Upon thy Servant shine,
And save me for thy Mercy's Sake,

For I'm entirely thine.
5 Thy Goodness how divinely free!

How wond'rous is thy Grace,
To those who fear thy Majesty,

And trust thy Promises !

away my Life.


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The Goodness which God bath wrought and laid up for

bis People.
UR Souls with pleasing Wonder view

The Bounties of thy Grace ;
How much bestow'd ; how much reserv'd

For those who seek thy Face ?
2 Thy lib'ral Hand with worldly Bliss

Oft makes their Cup run o'er ;
And in the Cov'nant of thy Love

They find diviner Store.

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3 But O! what Treasures yet unknown

Are lodg'd in Worlds to come!
If these th' Enjoyments of the Way,

How happy is their Home?
4 And what shall mortal Worms reply?

Or how such Goodness own?
But 'tis our Joy that, Lord, to thee,

Thy Servants Hearts are known.
-5 Thine Eyes shall read those grateful Thoughts

No Language can express :
Yet, when our liveliest Thanks we pay,

Our Debts do molt increafe.
6 Since Time's too short, all-gracious God,

To utter half thy Praise,
Loud to the Honor of thy Name

Eternal Hymns we'll raise.

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PSALM XXXI. Fifth Version. STEELE,

Confidence in God.
ORD, in thy great, thy glorious Name

I place my Hope, my only Trust;
Save me from Sorrow, Guilt and Shame,

Thou ever-gracious, ever-juft.
2 Thou art my Rock, thy Name alone

The Fortress where my Hopes retreat;
O make thy Pow'r and Mercy known,

To Safety guide my wand'ring Feet.
3 To thy kind Hand, O gracious Lord,

My Soul I chearfully refign;
My Saviour God, I trust thy Word,

For Truth, immortal Truth, is thine, 4

I hate their Works, I hate their ways,
Who follow Vanity and Lies;
But to the Lord my Hopes I raise,

And trust his Pow'r who built the Skies. 5

What endless Bliss, O bounteous Lord,
(Immensely great, divinely free!)
Haft thou reserv'd for their Reward,
Who fear thy Name, and trust in thee ?

6 Bleft

6 Bleft be the Lord, for ever blest, Whose Mercy bids my

Fears remove; The sacred Walls which guard my Rest,

Are his almighty Pow'r and Love.
7 Ye humble Souls, who seek his Face,

Let sacred Courage fill your Heart;
Hope in the Lord, and trust his Grace,
And he shall heav'nly Strength impart.

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PSALM XXXII. First Version. First Part. MERRICK.

The Happiness of those whose Sins are forgiven.
OW bleft the Man, whose conscious Grief

From Thee; great God, has found Relief;
Whose Guilt thy boundless Love has veild,

His Fears compos'd, his Weakness heal'd; 2 To whom th’ Offences of his Hand

No longer now imputed stand,
Who learns thy Precepts to revere,

Whose Heart is pure, whose Tongue sincere. 3 My humbled Soul its Sins shall own :

Behold me bow before thy Throne,
To thee my inmoft Guilt disclose,

And in thy Bosom pour my Woes. 4. But lo! while yet my Hands I rear,

The Voice of Mercy to my Ear
Descends, and whilp'ring Peace within

Confirms the Pardon of my Sin. 5 For this shall all who thee adore,

E’er yet the Day of Grace be o'er,
To thee with stedfast Hope repair,

To Thee prefer th’unwearied Pray’r: 6 So, when AMiction's Tempests rise,

And heave the Billows to the Skies,
They, safe in thee, the Storm shall brave,

And distant view the madding Wave. 7

When various Griefs my Soul surround,
In thee my sure Retreat is found;
Thy wish'd Salvation meets my Eyes,
And Songs of Triumph rcund me rise.


PSALM XXXII. - First Version. Second Part.

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Peace and Joy the natural Consequence of a rational manly

Conduct. C

OME from thy God, Instruction learn;

While, prompt from Error's Path to turn Thy Feet, thy ev'ry Step he scan,

Let Reason's Use bespeak thee Man; 2 Nor imitate the Steed and Mule,

Whose brutal Mouth, averse to rule,
To guard thee from their Rage, must feel

The forceful Rein, and curbing Steel. 3 What Pangs the impious Tribe await,

While Hope and Joy his Heart dilate,
Who trusts in thee, O King of Kings,

And Mercy round him spreads her Wings!
4 Ye Saints, exulting lift your Voice,

Ye pure of Mind, in him rejoice,
Whose Presence on the Soul impress’d
With heav'nly Transport fills the Breast.


PSALM XXXII. Second Version. TATE.

The Blessedness of true Penitents.
E's blest, whose Sins have Pardon gain’d

No more in Judgment to appear;
Whose Guilt Remission has obtain'd,

And whose Repentance is fincere. 2 True Penitents with God succeed,

Who seek him while he may be found,
His fov’reign Grace in Time of Need

Shall them encompass all around 3 In his Instruction then confide,

You who would Truth's safe Path descry;
Your Progress he'll securely guide,

And keep you in his watchful Eye.
4 Submit yourselves to Wisdom's Rule,

Like Men who Reason have attain'd:
Not like th’ungovern’d Horse and Male,
Whose Fury must be curb’d and rein'd.

5 Sorrows

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