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Ś Thus fall thy Son our Saviour come,

And Light'nings round his Chariot play ;
Ye Light’nings, Ay to make him Room,
Ye glorious Storms, prepare his Way.
PSALM XXIX. Fourth Version. TOLLET.
N God's own House the loftiest Praises fing

And own the Lord, of Majesty the Spring; With Rev’rence pure his sacred Name adore ; When Dangers nigh, his pow'rful Aid implore, For Strength deriv'd from him your Homage own;

And proftrate fall before his awful Throne.
2 His sov'reign Voice restrains the swelling Floods;

He rolls his Thunder through the sable Clouds;
His Pow'r to Bounds confines the raging Sea,
And Nature's Laws his dreaded Voice obey,
His awful Voice commands; and all around

The stately Cedars tremble at the Sound. 3 Th' Almighty speaks, the parted Clouds give Way,

And through the Breach the ruddy Light’nings play;
The Hills affrighted leap, the Mountains quake,
All Beasts of gentler, and of fiercer Make,
The desart Region, and each wild Abode ;

Creation trembles at the Voice of God. 4 The Coverts shine, detected by the Blaze,

And God's high Temple echoes with his Praise ;
The Lord, for ever King, though Tempests rave,
Enthron'd resides above the roaring Wave :
Be thou in War thy People's dread Defence ;
In Peace the Blessings of calm Peace dispense.


PSALM XXX. Firft Version. Merrick.

Sickness and Sorrow removed.
S, press'd with Woe, to God I cried,

His Hand its healing Pow'r applied,
And, while increasing Languors gave
The signal to th' expecting Grave
This mortal Fabric to receive,
Revers’d the Doom, and bade me live.



2 Ye faithful Sons of Israel's Name,

Your Maker's Sanctity proclaim,
And, while his Mercies on your Breast
In sweet Memorial stand impress’d,
To him in joyful Accents raise

The Song of Gratitude and Praise. 3 How prompt his Favor to dispense

Its life-imparting Influence;
Grief for a Night, obtrusive Guest,
Beneath our Roof perchance may resten
But Joy, with the returning Day,
Shall wipe each transient Tear away..

4 As pleas'd I cast my Eyes around,

And view'd my Life with Blessings crown'd
(While, safe in thy protecting Hand,
High on the Rock I took my Stand,),
In Confidence of Soul I said,

“ What Ils shall e'er my Peace invade?". 5

But, instant, thou thy Face hadit turn'd,
And proftrate on the Earth I mourn'd:
I mourn'd, and, O my Guard, my Guidez,
(With humbler Spirit thus I cried,)
Shall aught of Profit, if the Ground

My Blood absorb, to thee redound ?: 6 Or, vocal in thy Praise the Dust

Proclaim thy Counsels wise and just,,
And wake thy wond'rous Acts to tell
Amid Corruption's dreary Cell ?
Thy Aid, my God, in Pity lend,

And gracious to my Plaints attend.. 7 Again the Face of Joy I wear ;

Thou'st been indulgent to my Pray's,
For this, my Heart with Zeal shall burn,..
My Tongue the Bands of Silence spurn,
And pleas'd, through Life, in grateful Verse
Thy Love, eternal Lord, rehearse.



PSALM XXX. Second Version. TATE.


OW I in prosp'rous Days presum'd,

No sudden Change I fear'd, While in my Sun-fhine of Success

No'low'ring Cloud appear'd:
2 But soon I found thy Favor, Lord,

My Welfare's only Trust,
For when thou hid'st thy Face, I saw

My Glory laid in Duit.
3 Then, as I vainly had presum'd,

My Error I confess’d,
And thus with supplicating Voice,

Thy Mercy's Throne address’d.
4“ Whát Profit is there in my Blood,

“ Congeal'd by Death's cold Night “ Can filent Alhes speak thy Praise,

Thy wond'rous Truth recite ? “ Hear me, O Lord, in Mercy hear,

" Thy wonted Aid extend; Do thou send Help, on whom alone

“ I can for Help depend.” 6 'Tis done! Thou hast my mournful Scene

To Songs and Triumph turn'd Invested me in Robes of Joy,

Who late in Sackcloth mourn'd. 7 Exalted thus, I'll gladly sing

Thy Praise in grateful Verse: And as thy Favors endless are,

Thy endless Praise rehearse. ! PSALM XXX. Third Version. Firft Part. Watts.

Will extol thee, Lord, on high,

At thy Command Diseases fly.; Who but a God can speak, and save

From the dark Borders of the Grave ? 2 Sing to the Lord, ye Saints of his,

And tell how large his Goodness is
Let all your Pow'rs rejoice and bless
While you record his Holiness.




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3 3. His Anger but a Moment stays;

His Love is Life and Length of Days ;
Tho' Grief and Tears the Night employ,
The Morning-Star restores the Joy.
PSALM XXX. Third Version. Second Part.
PIRM was my Health, my Day was bright,

And I presum'd t'would ne'er be Night;
Fondly I said within my Heart,
" Pleasure and Peace fhall ne'er depart.
But I forgot thine Arm was strong
Which made my Mountain stand so long;
Soon as thy Face began to hide,
"My Health was gone, my Comforts died.
3. I cry'd aloud to thee, my God;
" What can'ft thou profit by my

Blood ? Deep in the Dust can I declare “ Thy Truth, or fing thy Goodness there? “ Hear me, O God of Grace, I said, “ And bring me from among the Dead;' Thy Word rebuk'd the Pains I felt,

Thy pardoning Love remov'd my Guilt. 5 My Tongue, the Glory of my Frame,

Shall nè'er be filent of thy Name;
Thy Praise fhall found through Earth and Heav'n
For Sickness heal'd, and Sins forgiv'n.
PSALM XXX. Fourth Version. Steele.
HEE, Lord, my thankful Soul would bless,
Thee all my

Pow'rs'adore ;
Thy Hand has rais'd me from Distress,

May all thy Grace implore. 2 O Lord, my God, oppress'd with Grief,

To thee I breath'd my Cry; Thy Mercy brought divine Relief,

And wip'd my tearful Eye. 3 Thy Mercy chas'd the Shades of Death,

And snatch'd me from the Grave; O may thy Praife employ that Breath

Which Mercy deigns to fave.



4 Come

4 Come, Oye Saints, your Voices raise

To God in grateful Songs;
And let the Mem’ry of his Grace,

Infpire your Hearts and Tongues.
5 His Frown, what Mortal can sustain ?

But soon his Anger dies ; His life-restoring Smile again

Returns, and Sorrow flies. 6 Her deepest Gloom, when Sorrow Spreads,

And Light and Hope depart, His Smile celestial Morning sheds, And Joy revives the Heart.

PA vs E.
7 Bencath my God's protecting Arm

How did my Soul rejoice!
And fondly hop'd no future Harm

Should ever shock my Joys.
8 Lord, 'twas thy Favor fix'd my

Thy shining Face withdrew,
And 'Troubles fill'd my anxious Breat,

And pain'd my Soul anew.
9 Again to thee, O gracious God,

Í rais'd my mournful Eyes ;
To thee I spread my Woes abroad,

With supplicating Cries.
10 What Glory can my Death afford?

In the dark Grave confin'd,
Shall senseless Duft adoré the Lord,

Or call thy Truth to Mind ?
11 Hear, O my God, in Mercy hear,

Attend my plaintive Cry;
Be thou, my gracious Helper, near,

And bid my Sorrows fly.
12 Again I hear thy Voice divine,

New Joys exulting bound;
My Robes of Mourning I resign,

And Gladness. girds me round.


13 Then

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