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4 When us to seek thy glorious Face

Thou kindly doft advise : !

Thy glorious Face I'll always seek,”

My grateful Heart replies.
5 Then hide not thou thy Face, O Lord,

Do not my Pray'r reject :
My God and Saviour, leave not him

Thou didft so oft prote&t.
6 Tho' all my Friends and Kindred too

Their helpless Charge forsake,
Yet thou, whose Love excels them all,

Wilt Care and Pity take. + 7 I trusted that my future Life

Should with thy Love be crown'd,
Or else my fainting Soul had funk

With Sorrow compafs'd round.
22 8 God's Time with patient Faith expect,

Who will inspire thy Breast
With inward Strength : do thou thy Part,

And leave to him the reit.

T "

PSALM XXVII. Third Version. First Part Watts,

The Church is our Delight and Safety.
HE Lord of Glory is my Light,

And my Salvation too;
God is my Strength; nor will I fear

What mortal Men can do.
2 One Privilege niy Heart desires ;

O grant me an Abode
Among the Churches of thy Saints,

The Temples of my God!
3 There shall I offer my Requefts,

And see thy Beauty still,
Shall hear thy Messages of Love,

And there inquire thy Will.
4 When Troubles rise and Storms appear

There may his Children hide ;
God has a strong Pavilion where

He makes my Soul abide.

5 Now fall my

Head be lifted high
Above all Dangers round,
And Songs of Joy and Victory

Within thy Temple found.

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PSALM XXVII. - Third Version. Second Part.

Prayer and Hope.
OON as I heard my Father say, t

Ye Children Jeek my Grace,'
My Heart reply'd without Delay,

" I'll seek my Father's Face.
2 Let not thy Face be hid from me,

Nor frown my Soul away ;
God of my Life, I fly to thee

In a diítrelling Day.
3 Should Friends and Kindred near and dear

Leave me to Want or die,
My God would make my Life his Care,

And all my Need supply.
4. My fainting Flesh had dy'd with Grief

Had not my Soul believ'd
To see thy Grace provide Relief,

Nor was my Hope deceiv'd..
Wait on the Lord, ye trembling Saints

And keep your Courage up;
He'll raise your Spirit when it.faints,

And far exceed your Hope.

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PSA L M XXVII: Fourth Verfion. STEELE:

Those safe and happy who wait upon God.
HE Lord, my Saviour, is my Light ;-

What Terrors can my Soul affright?
While God my Strength, my Life is near,

What potent Arm. fhall make me fear?
2 Should num'rous Hofts besiege me round,

My stedfast Heart no.Fear shall wound:
Tho' War should rise in dread Array,
God is my Strength, my Hope, my Stay-
E 5



3 This only Boon my

Heart desires, For this my ardent Wish aspires, This will I seek with restless Care,

Till God attend my humble Pray’r: 4 In his own House to spend my Days,

My Life devoted to his Praise ;
There would my Soul his Beauties trace,

And learn the Wonders of his Grace. 5

When Troubles rise, my Guardian God
Will hide me safe in his Abode !
Firm as a Rock my Hope shall stand,

Sustain’d by his almighty Hand.
6 Thou sacred Spring of all my Joys,

Whene'er I raise my plaintive Voice,
O let thy sov'reign Mercy hear,

And answer all my humble Pray’r.
7 When thou with condescending Grace

Haft bid me seek thy smiling Face,
My Heart reply'd to thy kind word,

Thee will I seek, all-grácious Lord. 8. Should ev'ry earthly Friend depart,

And Nature leave a Parent's Heart;
My God, on whom my Hopes depend,
Will be

Father and


Friend. 9 Ye humble Souls, in ev'ry Strait.

On God with sacred Courage wait;
His Hand shall Life and Strength afford,
O ever wait upon the Lord..

The bumble Suppliant hoping in God.
OD, my Strength, to thee I

pray, Turn not thou thine Ear away ; Gracious to my Words attend,

While the suppliant Knee I bend.
2 Let me not those Judgments know,

Ne'er to feel that direful Blow,
By thy just Decrees aflign'd
To the Men of impious Mind.


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3. On thy long-experienc'd Aid,

See my Hope for ever stay’d;
While my Heart, with Joy poffeft,

Leaps within my throbbing Breaft.
4 Give me, Lord, thy Love to share,,

Feed me with a Shepherd's Care:
Save thy People from Distress,
And thy Patrimony bless.
PSALM XXIX. First Version. MERRÍCK..

Thunder and Lightening.
ING, ye Sons of Might, O sing

Praise to Heav'n's eternal King;
Pow'r and Strength to him assign,

Bow before his hallow'd Shrine.
2 Hark! his voice in Thunder breaks ;

Hush'd to Silence, while he speaks,
Ocean’s Waves from Pole to Pole

Hear the awful Accents roll: 3 See, as louder yet they rise,

Echoing through the vaulted Skies,,
Loftieft Cedars lie o'erthrown,

Cedars of steep Lebanon.
4 See, uprooted from its Seat,

Lebanon itself retreat ;
Trembling at the Threat divinez,

Sirion haftes its Flight to join.
5 Now the bursting Clouds give Way,

And the vivid Light'nings play,
And the Wilds by Man untrod

Hear, dismay'd, th' approaching Godo. 6 Proftrate on the facred Floor

Ifrael's Sons his Name adore,
While his Acts to ev'ry Tongue

Yield its Argument of Song.
7 He the swelling Surge commands ;:

Fix'd his Throne for ever stands;
He his People shall increase,
Arm with Strength, and bless with Peace..


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PSALM XXIX. Second Version. WATTS.
TIVE to the Lord, ye Sons of Fame,

Give to the Lord Renown and Pow'r,
Ascribe due Honors to his Name,

And his eternal Might adore.
2 The Lord proclaims his Pow'r aloud

Over the Ocean and the Land;
His Voice divides the wat'ry Cloud,

And Light'nings blaze at his Command.
3 To Lebanon he turns his Voice,

And lo, the stately Cedars break;
The Mountains tremble at the Noise,

The Valleys roar, the Defarts quake.
4 The Lord fits Sov'reign on the Flood,

The Thund'rer reigns for ever King ;
But makes his Church his bleft Abode,

Where we his awful Glories sing.
5 In gentler Language there the Lord

The Counsels of his Grace imparts;
Amid the raging Storm his Word
Speaks Peace and Courage to our Hearts.
PSALM XXIX. Third Version. Watts.

The immense, th’ amazing Height,

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of ,

Who treads the Worlds beneath his Feet,

And sways the Nations with his Nod!
2 He speaks; and lo, all Nature shakes,

Heav'n's everlasting Pillars bow;
He rends the Clouds with hideous Cracks

And shoots his fiery Arrows thro'.
3 Let Noise and Flame confound the Skies,

And drown the spacious Realms below,
Yet will we fing the Thund'rer's Praife,

And send our loud Hosannas thro'.
4 Celestial King, thy blazing Pow'r

Kindles our Hearts to flaming Joys,
We shout to hear thy Thunders roar,
And echo to our Father's Voice.



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