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For God to all his Saints
His holy Will imparts;
And will his gracious Cov'nant write

In their obedient Hearts. 3

He those in Virtue guides

Who his Direction seek;
And in his sacred Paths will lead

The Humble and the Meek.
Thro' all the Ways of God

Both Truth and Mercy shine,
To those who, with religious Hearts,

To his bleft Will incline.
5 Let all my righteous Deeds

To full Perfection rise;
Because my firm and constant Hope

On thee, O God, relies.
PSALM XXV., Third Verfion. First Part. WATTS.

Waiting for Pardon and Direction,
ROM the first dawning Light

Till the dark Evening rise
For thy Salvation, Lord, I wait

With ever-longing Eyes. .
Remember all thy Grace,

And lead me in thy Truth;
Forgive the Sins of riper Days
And Follies of


Youth. -3

The Lord is just and kind,

The Meek Mall learn his Ways, And ev'ry humble Sinner find

The Methods of his Grace. 4 For his own Goodness Sake He saves


Soul from Shame;
He pardons, tho' my Guilt be great,

Thro' my Redeemer's Name.
PSALM XXV.. Third Version. Second Part.- WATTS.

The Meek and Humble divinely instructed.
HERE shall the Man be found

Who fears t'offend his God,
Who loves the Gospel's joyful Sound,
And trembles at the Rod?

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The Man of conscious Integrity addressing bis God.

E thou my Judge: thy searching Eyes


On thee my stedfast Soul relies,

Nor fear of Lapse shall own.
2 O search me still; my Heart, my

With strictest View survey:
Thy Love, great God, my Hope sustains,

Thy Truth directs my Way.
3 The House of Guile, and Seat of Lies,

With ftudious Care I Thun :
From Crouds that impious Deeds devise

My Steps abhorrent run.
4 In Innocence I wash my Hands,

Thy Altar compass round,
And grateful lead the sacred Bands,

Whose Hymns thy Acts resound.
5 How oft, instinct with Warmth divine,

Thy Threshold have I trod !
How lov'd the Courts whose Walls inshrine
The Glory of my

6 O let me not those Judgments Share,

Which wait the guilty Tribe,

Whose 6

Whose wicked Hands each Mischief dare,

And grasp the offer'd Bribe ::


while thus I tread
The Path by thee prepar'd,
Thy Beams of Mercy on my Head,

And round me plant a Guard. 8 Thou, Lord, my Steps hast fix'd arighty

And pleas'd shalt hear my Tongue With Ifrael's thankful Sons unito

To form the joyful Song.


PSALM XXVI. Second Version. TATE.

The Prayer and Resolution of a good Man.
UDGE me, O Lord, for I the Paths

Of Righteousness have trod ;
I cannot fail, who all my Trust

Repose on thee, my God. 2 Search thou my Heart, whose Innocence

Will shine the more 'tis tryd; For I have kept thy Grace in View,

And made thy Truth my Guide. 3 I never for Companions took

The Idle or Prophane :
No Hypocrite with all his Arts,

Could e'er my Friendship gain.
A I fhun the bufy plotting Crew,

Who make distracted Times : Avoid their wicked Company,

For I deteft their Crimes. 5 I'll wash my Hands in Innocence, And bring a Heart so

pure : That when thy Altar I approach,

My Welcome shall fecure.
6 My Thanks I'll publish there, and tell

How thy Renown excels :
That Seat affords me moft Delight,
In which thine Honor dwells.

E 3

7 Lord,

To hurt whom thou hast own'd thy Care ?

ان کی من


Strength of my Life! What Arm shall dare 78 PSA L M XXVI, XXVII. 7 Lord, I will walk in Paths of Truth,

And Innocence pursue : Protect me therefore, and to me

Thy Mercies, fill renew.
8 In spight of all assaulting Foes

I still maintain my Ground:
And shall survive among thy Saints,
Thy Praises to refound.

PSALM XXVI. Third Version. WATTS.

Self Examination.
FUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my Ways,

And try my Reins, and try my Heart,
My Faith upon thy Promise stays,

Nor from thy Law my Feet depart. 2 I hate to walk, I hate to fit

With Men of Vanity and Lies;
The Scoffer and the Hypocrite

To Efteem shall never rise.
3 I'll wash my Hands in Innocence,

Thine holy Altar I'll approach ;
Thy Mercy is my fure Defence,

I'll not deserve nor fear Reproach. 4 I love thy Habitation, Lord,

The Temple where thine Honors dwell;
There shall I hear thịne holy Word,

And there thy Works of Wonder tell. 5

Let not my Soul be join'd at laft
With Men of Treachery and Blood,
Since I my Days on Earth have past
Among the Saints and near my God..

Safely in God.
HOU, Lord, my Safety, Thou my Light,

What Danger shall my Soul affright?


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2 One Wish, with holy Transport warm,

My Heart has form’d, and yet shall form ;
One Gift I ask; that to my End

Fair Sion's Dome I may attend; 3 There joyful find a fure Abode,

And view the Beauty of my God;
For he within his hallow'd Shrine
My secret Refuge shall aflign.
“ Seek ye my face with duteous Care,
“ And frequent to my Throne repair,"
Thus to my Heart I hear thee speak;

Thy Face, my Heart replies, I seek : 5 Nor thou to my defiring Eye

Thy Presence, heav'nly Lord, deny:
O let me on thy Aid reclin'd,

Thee ftill my great Salvation find.
6 Instruct me, Lord, thy Path to know,

And, if with secret Art fome Foe
My doubting Steps would turn aside,
Be thou my Guardian and


7 With patient Hope,' with Mind fedate,

On Ifrael's God expectant wait ;,
Be strong, be stedfast: So thy Heart
Shall feel his Grace its Aid impart.
PSALM XXVII. Second Version. Tate.

Delight in God's Houfe, and confidence in bim.
TITHIN the House of God to dwell

His wond'rous Beauty there to view,

And of his Will inquire.
2 For there may I with Comfort rest,

In Times of deep Distress :
And safe as on a Rock abide

In that secure Recess.
3 Continue, Lord, to hear my Voice,

Whene'er to thee I cry ;
In Mercy my Complaints receive,
Nor my Request deny.

E 4

W'I earnestly desire.

4 When

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