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2 Let Israel's Tribes, with Blessings crown'd,

Their God, their mighty Maker fing;
And Sion's Sons with Joy resound

The endless Glories of their King.
3 [His Name the measur'd Dance fhall guide,

And Joy and sacred Mirth inspire ;
His Name fhall o'er the Song

preside, And tune the sweet, the charming Lyres] 4 He bends complacent to your Praise,

Your God approves the bleit Employ;
The thankful Meek his Love will raife

To Crowns of everlasting Joy. so let the Saints aloud rejoice,

And Sounds of Glory fill the Song;
All Day let Rapture tone their voice,
And Night the blissfal Strain prolong.

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PSALM CXLIX. Fifth Verhan,

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Praise ye the Lord, prepare a new Song,

And let all his Saints in full Chorus join, , With Voices united she Anthem prolong,

And thew forth his Praises with Music divine. - Let Praise to the Lord who made us afcend,

Let each gratefal Heart be glad in its King,
For God whom we worship

our Songs will attend, And view with Complacesce che Ohring we bring 3 Be joyful, ye Saints, fustain'd by his Might,

And let your glad Songs awake with each Moring
For those who obey him are still his Delight,

His Hand with Salvation the Meek will adorn. 4 Then praise ye the Lord, prepare a glad Song,

And let all his Saints in full Chorus join,
With Voices united the Anthem prolong,
And shew forth his Praises with Music divine.


PSALM C.. First Version, MERRICK.

A Song of Praise


RAISE, O praise, the Nanc divine ;

Praise it at the hallow'd Shrine;
Let the Firmament on high
To its Maker's Praise reply :
Let his Acts, and Pow'r supreme,

To your Songs fuggest a Theme: 2 Be the Harp no longer mute;

Sound the Trumpet, touch the Lute;
Wake to Life each tuneful "String :
Bring the Pipe, the Timbrel bring;
Let the Organ in his Praise

Learn its loudest Note to raise;
3 And the Cymbal's varying Sound

From the vaulted Roof rebound;
All who vital Breath enjoy,
In his Praise that Breath employ,
And in one great Chorus join;
Praise, O praise the Name divine.

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PSALM CL. Second Verfion. TATE,

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Praise the Lord in that blefs'& Place,

From whence his Goodness largely Hows;
Praise him in Heav'n, where he his face

Unveil'd, in perfect Glory, fhows. 2. Praise him for all the mighty Acts

Which he in our Behalf has done ::
His Kindness. this Return exacts,

With which our Praise should equal tun. 3. Let all that vital Breath enjoy,

The Breath he does to them afford,
In just Returns of Praise employ;
Let ev'ry Creature praise the Lord.



'IHis Grace he there reveals

PSALM CL. Third Version. Watts.

N God's own House pronounce bis Praise,
To Heav'n your Joy and Wonder raise,

For there his Glory dwells.
2 Let all your sacred Paffions move,

While you rehearse his Deeds; But the great Work of saving Love

Your highest Praise exceeds.
3 All that have Motion, Life, and Breath,

Proclaim your Maker bleft;
Yet when my Voice expires in Death,

My Soul shall praise him beft.


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PSALM CL. Fourth Version. STEBLE.
RAISE ye the Lord; let Praise employ

In his own Courts, your Songs of Joy;
The spacious Firmament around

Shall echo back the joyful Sound.
2 Recount his works in Strains divine ;

His wond'rous Works how bright they shine ?
Praise him for his almighty Deeds,

Whose Greatness all your Praise exceeds. 3 [Awake the Trumpet's piercing Sound,

To spread your sacred Pleasures round;
While sweeter Music tunes the Lute,

The warbling Harp, and breathing Flute. 4 Ye Virgin Train with Joy advance

To praise him in the graceful Dance;
To praise awake each tuneful String,
And to the solemn Organ sing.
Let the loud Cymbal founding high,
To softer, deeper Notes reply;
Harmonious let the Concert rise,
And bear the Rapture to the Skies.]

6 Let all whom Life and Breath inspire,

Attend, and join the blissful Choir;
But chiefly you who know his Word,
Adore, and love, and praise the Lord,

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Pf. 9.

V. 4. 4th Stanza, L. 2, for Servant's, read Servants.
Ps. 27. V. 2. ift Stanza, L. 2, for a Period, insert a Comma.
Pf. 46. V. 4. 2d Stanza, L. 4, for thee, read their.

2d Stanza, L. 1,

dele our.

90. V..


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Fruitful Land, where Streams abound
A ,

ye who love the Lord rejoice
Almighty Father, gracious Lord
Almighty Maker of my Frame
Among the Affemblies of the Great
Among the Princes, earthly Gods
And will che great eternal God
A Race unbleft by God, who rear
Arife, my Soul! on Wings feraphic rise
Arise, ye People, clap the Hand
As pants the Hart for cooling Springs
As pants the Hart for cooling Streams
As press'd with Woe, to God I cry'd
As the good Shepherd gently leads
At God's Command the Morning Ray
At God's Command the wat'ry Deeps
At length by certain Proof 'eis plain
At length ye thoughtless Men your Wants
Awake, my Soul, awake my Tongue
Awake, my Soul, to Hymns of Praise
Awake to praife, my Soul, and fing,
Awake, ye Saints, to praise your King

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