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Let Nature raise
From ev'ry Tongue,
A gen’ral Song

Of grateful Praise. 3 Ye num'rous fleecy Flocks,

Far-fpreading o'er the Plain,
With gentle, artless Voice
Aflift the humble Strain :

To give you Food,
He bids the Field
Its Verdure yield;

Extensive Good.
4 Ye Herds of larger Size,

Who feed in Meads below,
Resound your Maker's Praise
In each responsive Low:

You wait his Hand;
The Herbage grows,
The Riv'let flows,

At his Command.
5 Ye feather'd Warblers come,

And bring your sweetest Lays,
And tune the sprightly Song
To your Creator's Praise :

His Work you are, ;
He tun'd your

And you rejoice

Beneath his Care.
6 Ye Trees, which form the Shade,

Or bend the loaded Bough
With Fruits of various Kinds,
Your Maker's Bounty shew :

From him you rose,
Your vernal Suits,
And Autumn Fruits,

His Hand bestows. 7 Ye lovely, verdane Fields,

In all your green Array,
Though filent, spcak his Praise,
Who makes you bright and gay :



While we in you,
With future Bread
Profusely spread,

His Goodness view.
8 Ye Flow'rs, which blooming thew

A thousand beauteous Dyes,
Your sweetest Odors breathe,
A fragrant Sacrifice,

To him, whose Word
Gave all your Bloom,
And sweet Perfume;
All-bounteous Lord !

PAUS E. 9 Ye Rivers, as you how,

Convey your Maker's Name,
(Where'er you winding rove)
On ev'ry Silver Stream :

Your cooling Flood,
His Hand ordains
To bless the Plains;

Great Spring of Good!
10 Ye Winds, that take the World
With Tempests on your Wing,
Or breathe in gentler Gales,
To waft the smiling Spring;

Proclaim abroad,
(As you fulfil
His lov'reign Will)

The pow'rful God.
u Ye Clouds, or fraught with Show'rs,

Or ting'd with beauteous Dyes,
That pour your Bleffing's down,
Or charm our gazing Eyes ;

His Goodness speak,
His Praise declare,
As through the Air

You thine or break.
1. Thou Source of Light and Heat,

Bright Sov’reign of the Day,
Difpenfing Blessings round,
With all-diffusive Ray;


From Morn to Night,
With evry Beam,
Record his Name,

Who made thee bright. 13 Fair Regent of the Night,

With all thy starry Train,
Which rise in fhining Hofts,
To gild the azure Plain ;

With countless Rays
Declare his Name,
Prolong the Theme,

Reflect his Praise.
14 Let ev'ry Creature join
To celebrate his Name,
And all their various Pow'rs
Aflift th' exalted Theme.

Let Nature raise
From ev'ry Tongue,
A gen'ral Song

Of grateful. Praise,
15 But oh! from Human Tongues
Should nobler Praises flow;
And ev'ry thankful Heart,
With warm Devotion glow :

Your Voices raise,
Ye highly bleft
Above the rest ;

Declare his Praise. 16 Alift me, gracious God,

My Heart, my Voice inspire ;
Then shall I grateful join
The universal Choir :

Thy Grace can raise,
My Heart, my Tongue,
And tune my Song
To lively Praise.

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Firft Version. MERRICK.

Praise God, all bis Saints.
ING to our God the new-form'd Lay;

Afsembling join your thankful Tongues,

And hallow with his Praise your Songs. 2 0 Ifrael, let thy Maker's Name,

With joyous Zeal thy Breaft inflame,
And Sion's Sons exulting fing

The Mercies of their heav'nly King.
3 [Range in the Dance the sacred Band,

And urge the Minstrel's well-taught Hand
Its Touch with varying Force applied,

The reins of Harmony to guide
4 While with the loud resounding Lyre

The Timbrels in his Praise confpire;
With what Delight, great God, bebold

Thine Eyes, the People of thy Fold!]
5 Thy Strength, the Souls of human Frame

Their ever-present Aid proclaim;
With Blessings crown'd, and rapt in Joy,

Let all whom thy Decrees employ
6 Thy Name exalt with thankful Mind,

Nor cease, when on their Beds reclin'd,
The filent Midnight's liftning Ear
With Songs of loudest Mirth to chear.


PSALM CXLIX. Second Version. Tatk.
Praise ye the Lord, prepare your glad Voice,

His Praise in the great Affembly to fing;
In God the Creator let Israel rejoice,

And Children of Sion be glad in their King. 2 Let them his great Name extol with their Might;

Join both Heart and Voice his Praise to express; Who always takes Pleasure his Saints to delight, And with his Salvation the Humble to bless.


s With Glory adorn'd, his people shall fing

To God, who their Heads with Safety does shield::
To Honor and Triumph his Saints hall he bring;
His Saints to him therefore all Praises should yield.
PSALM CXLIX. Third Version. WATTS.
LL ye who love the Lord rejoice,

And let
Amid the Church with chearful Voice

His later Wonders shew.
2: The Jews, the People of his Grace,

Shall their Redeemer sing ;
And Gentile Nations join the Praise
While Zion owns her King.

1 3 The Lord takes Pleasure in the Just,

Whom Sinners treat with Scorn:
The Meek who lie despis'd in Duft

Salvation shall adorn.
4 Saints should be joyful in their King

E’en on a dying Bed ;
Soon shall they all in Glory sing,

For God shall raise the Dead.
5 Then his high Praise shall fill their Tongues,

Their Hands perform his Word ;
And Judgment shall attend their Songs,

The Judgment of the Lord..
6 Then Chrift his Judgment-Seat afcends,

And bids the World appear,
Rewards await his faithful Friends

Who humbly lov'd him here,

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PSALM CXLIX. Fourth Version. STEELE.
NOME praise the Lord, ye tuneful Bands,

Ye Saints assembled in his Name;
New Streams of Joy your God demands,
New Mercies all your Praises claim.


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