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hee, lower Earth! the Hymn requires,
o answer to the jocund Sound:
e Dragons with enamellid Spires !

e Caverns of the vast Profound !
Se lambent Flames! ye Hail and Snow!
In humid Trails ye Vapors curld!
Ye Tempests! which obedient blow.

To pour his Judgments on the World:
i Ye Mountain-Steeps ! ye humbler Hills!
Ye Trees! which with delicious Food,
And gen’rous Juice, the Season fills:
Ye Cedars, Giants of the Wood:'.
12 Ye favage Beasts! who lone abide

In Forests ; ye of milder Kind:
Ye Reptiles, who' extended glide !

Ye plumy Tribes who mount the Wind :
13 Ye active Youth, in manly Prime!

Ye Virgins deck'd with blooming Grace!
Ye Elders, press’d by creeping Time!

the tender infant Race !
14 Your Voices raise with mix'd Acclaim,

To praise the universal Lord;
The fole, august, majestic Name,
O'er Earth and distant Heav'n ador'd.

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PSALM CXLVIII. Eleventh Version.
RAIS E to the God who arch'd the Sky,

Is the high Note that wakes my Tongue:
Praise to the God who reigns on high,

Shall be the Cadence of the Song.
2 Celestial Worlds, your Maker's Name

Resound through ev'ry shining Coaft:
Our God a greater Praife will claim,
Where he unfolds his Glories most.
3 Angels who his Commissions bear,


who wait around the Throne,
Next in the tuneful Work appear,
And send your lofty Honors down.

4 Stupendous



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4 Stupendous Globe of flaming Day,

Praise him in thy sublime Career,
He struck from Night thy peerlefs Ray,

Gave thee thy Path, and guides thee there. 5 Moon, milder Regent of the Night,

Our God expects his Praise from you;
If faint your Beams, yet they can write

In fainter Strokes his Praises too.
6 Ye starry Lamps, to whom 'tis giv'n

Night's fable Horrors to illume,
Praise him who hung you in his Heav'n,

With vivid Fires to gild the Gloom. 7 At once let Nature's ample Round

To God the vast Thanksgiving raise :
His high Perfection knows no Bound,
But fills th' Immensity of Space.

8 Oceans, with all th' enormous Race

Peopling your Wombs, his Name adore ;
Soft be the Note, if smooth your Face,

But founding, if your Billows roar. 9 Ye Dragons of ftupendous Size,

Can you your Maker's Praise forbear?
What Terror flashes in your Eyes,

Your Backs his scaly Liv'ry wear.
10 Light’nings, that round th’ Eternal play,

Thunders, that from his Arm are hurl'd,
The Grandeur of your God convey,

Blazing or bursting on the World. 11 Let rounded Hail, let fleecy Snow,

Publish their Maker's wide Renown:
Snows, you must waft it soft and slow,

While Hail in Tempeft bears it down. 12 Whirlwinds, that with impetuous Force

Fulfil Jehovah's high Commands,
Praise him in your unfetter'd Course,
And found his. Terrors through the Lands.

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Vapors, when you ascend the Skies,
Array'd in Beauties not your own,
On your gay Plumes let Praises rise,
And aid the Concert to the Throne..

Mountains, with everlasting Zeal * Proclaim


Maker's Name abroad :
- While Grove to Grove, and Hill to Hill,

In humble Echoes praise their God.
5 At once let Nature's ample Round
To God the vast Thanksgiving raise :
His high Perfection knows no Bound,
But fills th' Immenfity of Space.

6 Praise him, ye Trees, with Verdure crown'd,
Or hung with Fruits of golden Die ;
From the low Shrub that creeps the Ground,
To Cedars waving in the Sky.
7 Resound his Name, ye Beasts of Prey,
Through all your Dens, in awful Strains ;
And let the lowing Herds effay

His Honors, as they graze the Plains..
18 Ye Birds, in painted Plumage drest,

Tune to your God your lab'ring Throats :
Ry Reptiles be his Praise exprest,

Though rude and artless be their Notes.
19 Let Youth of ev'ry Sex and Rank,

Exulting in the Bloom of Life,
Their God for all his Blessings thank,

And join the loud harmonious Strife.
20 Hoary in Holiness the Sage

With grateful Songs should meet his Death ;
And Infants in their tender Age

Should lisp their God with joyful Breath,
21 From Clime to Clime, from Shore to Shore,

Be the almighty God ador'd:
He made the Nations by his Pow'r,
And sways them with his sov'reign Word.

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22 At once let Nature's ample Round

To God the vast Thanksgiving raise :
His high Perfection knows no Bound,
But fills th' Immensity of Space.




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PSALM CXLVIII. Twelfth Version. RoscommoS,

Azure Vaults! O chryftal Sky!

The World's transparent Canopy,
Break your long Silence, and let Mortals know

With what Contempt you look on Things below.
2 Wing'd Squadrons of the God of War,

Who conquer wherefoe'er you are,
Let echoing Anthems make his Praises known

On Earth his Footstool, as in Heav'n his Throne.

Great Eye of all, whose glorious Ray

Rules the bright Empire of the Day,
O praise his Name, without whose purer Light

Thou hadft been hid in an Abyss of Night.

Ye Moon and Planets, who dispense,
By God's Command, your

Resign to him, as your Creator due,

That Veneration which Men pay to you.

Fairest, as well as first, of Things,

From whom all Joy, all Beauty (prings,
O praise th' almighty Ruler of the Globe,

Who useth thee for his empyreal Robe.
6 Praise him, ye loud harmonious Spheres,

Whose sacred Stamp all Nature bears,
Who did all Forms from the rude Chaos draw,

And whose Command is universal Law,
7 Ye wat’ry Moantains of the Sky,

And you so far above our Eye,
Vast, ever-moving Orbs, exalt his Name,

Who gave its Being to your glorious Frame.
8 Exalt, O Jacob's facred Race,

The God of Gods, the God of Grace;
Who will above the Stars your Empire raise,
And with his Glory recompense your Praise.


9 Praise

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Praise him, ye Monsters of the Deep,

That in the Sea's vast Bosom sleep,
At whose Command the foaming Billows roar,

Yer know their Limits, tremble, and adore. *10 Ye Mists and Vapors, Hail and Snow,

And you who through the Concave blow,
Ye, fwift to execute his holy Word,

Whirlwinds and Tempest, praise th' Almighty Lord. " 1 Mountains, who to your Maker's View

Seem less than Mole-Hills do to you,
Remember how, when first Yehovah spoke,

All Heav'n was Fire, and Sinai hid in Smoke. 12 Praise him, sweet Offspring of the Ground,

With heav'nly Nectar yearly crown'd;
And ye tall Cedars, celebrate his Praise,

That in his Temple stately Columns raise. 13 Exalt, o Jacob's, facred Race,

The God of God's, the God of Grace;
Who will above the Stars your Empire raise,
And with his Glory recompense your Praise.

14 Ye feather'd Minstrels of the Spring,

Whose only, Care's to play and fing,
Fly through the World, and let your trembling Throat

Praise your Creator with the sweetest Note. . 15 Praise him each favage, furious Beaft,

That on his Bounty daily fealt;
And all ye tame Attendants of the Plow,

Your weary Knees to your Creator bow.
16 Praise him, old Monuments of Time;

O praise him ye in youthful Prime;
Praise him, who shine in Beauty's Excellence;

Exalt his Name, sweet Age of Innocence. 17 Yehovah's Name shall only last,

When Heav'n, and Earth, and all is part:
Nothing, great God, is to be found in thee,
But unconceivable Eternity,

18 Exalt

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