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Fire, Hail, and Snow,
And misty Air,
And Winds that, where

He bids them, blow.
By Hills and Mountains all,
In grateful Confort join'd;
By Cedars stately tall,
And Trees for Fruit design'd:

By ev'ry Beast,
And creeping Thing,
And Fowi of Wing,

His Name be blest. 6 Let all of royal Birth,

With those of humble Frame,
And Judges of the Earth,
His matchless Praise proclaim.

In this Design
Let Youth with Maids,
And hoary Heads

With Children join. 7 United Zeal be shown,

His wond'rous Fame to raise,
Whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless Praise.

Earth's utmost Ends
His Pow'r obey :
His glorious Sway
The Sky transcends.

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PSALM CXLVIII. Fourth Version. Watts.
E Tribes of Adam, join

With Heav'n, and Earth, and Seas,
And offer Notes divine

your Creator's Praise.
Ye holy Throng
Of Angels bright
In Worlds of Light
Begin the Song.

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2 Thou Sun with dazzling Rays,

And Moon that rules the Night,
Shine to your Maker's Praise,
With Stars of glitt'ring Light.

His Pow'r declare,
Ye Floods on high,
And Clouds that fly

In liquid Air.
3 The shining Worlds above

In glorious Order stand,
Or in swift Courses move
By his supreme Command.

He spake the Word,
And all their Frame
From Nothing came

To praise the Lord. ..
4 He mov'd their mighty Wheels

In unknown Ages past,
And each his Word fulfils
While Time and Nature last.

In diff'rent Ways
His Works proclaim
His wond'rous Name,
And speak his Praise..

5 Let all the earth-born Race,

And Monsters of the Deep,
The Fish that cleave the Seas,
Or in their Boson sleep,

From Sea and Shore
Their Tribute pay,
And still display

Their Maker's Pow'r.
6 Ye Vapors, Hail, and Snow,

Praise ye th' almighty Lord,
And stormy Winds that blow
To execute his Word.

When Light'nings shine,
Or Thunders roar,
Let Earth adore
His Hand divine,



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Ye Mountains near the Skies,
With lofty Cedars there,
And Trees of humbler Size
That Fruit in Plenty bear,

Beasts wild and tame,
Birds, Flies, and Worms,
In various Forms

Exalt his Name.
Ye Kings and Judges fear
The Lord, the sov’reign King;
And while


rule us here, His heav'nly Honors fing :

Nor let the Dream
Of Pow'r and State
Make you forget

His Pow'r supreme.
Virgins and Youths engage
To found his Praise divine,
While Infancy and Age
Their feebler Voices join ;

Wide as he reigns
His Name be fung
By ev'ry Tongue

In endless Strains.
10 Let all the Nations fear
The God who rules above,
He brings his People near,
And makes them taste his Love :

While Earth and Sky
Attempt his Praise
His Saints shall raise

His Honors high.
PSALM CXLVIII. Fifth Version.; Watts.

OUD Hallelujahs to the Lord

From ev'ry World where Creatures dwell: Let Heav'n begin the folemn Word,

And ev'ry Note with Rapture swell. 2 The Lord ! how absolute he reigns !

Angelic Hosts his Praise declare,
Sing of his Love in heav'nly Strains,
And tell how great his Glories are.


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3 High

3 High on a Throne his Glories dwell,

An awful Throne of hining Bliss:
Fly thro' the World, O Sun, and tell

How dark thy Beams compar'd to his. 4 Awake, ye Tempests, and his Fame

In Sounds of solemn Praise declare ;
Let the sweet Whisper of his Name

Fill ev'ry gencler Breeze of Air.
5 Let Clouds and Winds and Waves agree

To join their Praise with blazing Fire;
While the firm Earth and rolling Sea

In this eternal Song conspire.
6 Ye flow'ry Plains, proclaim his Skill;

Vallies lie low before his Eye;
And let his Praise from ev'ry Hill

Rise tuneful to the neighb'ring Sky. 7 Ye stubborn Oaks, and fately Pines,

Bend your high Branches and adore :
Praise him, ye Beasts, in diff'rent Strains ;

The Lamb must bleat, the Lion roar.
8 Birds, ye must make his Praise your Themes

Nature demands a Song from you:
While the dumb Fih, that cut the Stream
Leap up, and mean his Praises too,

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9 Mortals, can you refrain your Tongue,

When Nature all around you fings?
O for a Shout from Old and Young,

From humble Swains, and lofty Kings! jo Wide as his vast Dominion lies

Make the Creator's Name be known ;
Loud as his Thunder shout his Praise,

And found it lofty as his Throne. u Jehovah, 'tis a glorious Word,

O may it dwell on ev'ry Tongue !
But Saints who best have known the Lord
Are bound to raise the noblest Song.

[2 Speak

of the Wonders of his Love dless Grace with Joy record : all below and all above, Hallelujahs to the Lord.


ALM CXLVIII. Sixth Version. Watts.
ET ev'ry Creature join

To praise th' eternal God;
heav'nly Hosts, the Song begin
And found his Name abroad.
Thou Sun with golden

And Moon with paler Rays,
e ftarry Lights, ye twinkling Flames,
Shine to your Maker's Praise.
He built thofe Worlds above,

And fixt their wond'rous Frame;
By his Command they stand or move,

And ever speak his Name.
Ye Vapors, when ye rise,

Or fall in Show'rs of Snow,
Ye Thunders murm'ring round the Skies,

His Pow'r and Glory show.
5 Wind, Hail, and flashing Fire,

Agree to praise the Lord,
When ye in dreadful Storms conspire

To execute his Word.
6 By all his Works above

His Honors be expreft ;
But Saints who taste his faving Love

Should sing his Praises best. 1


Let Earth and Ocean know

They owe their Maker Praise;.
Praise him ye wat’ry Worlds below,

And Monsters of the Seas.
8 From Mountains near the Sky

Let his high Praise resound,
From humble Shrubs and. Cedars high,

And Vales and Fields around.

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