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He gives the grazing Ox his Meat,

He hears the Ravens cry ;.
But Man who tastes his finest Wheat:

Should raise his Honors high.
His steady Counsels change the Face.

Of the declining Year;
He bids the Sun cut short his Race,.

And wintry Days, appear.
i His hoary Frost, his fleecy Snow

Descend and cloath the Ground;-
The liquid Streams forbear to flow,

In icy Fetters bound.
5. When from his dreadful Stores on highs

He pours the rattling Hail,
The Man who dares this God defy

Shall find his Courage fail.
7. He fends his Word and melts the Snows.

The Fields no longer mourn ;
He calls the warmer Gales to blow,

And bids the Spring returne
8 The changing Wind, the Aying Cloud

Obey his mighty Word:
With Songs and Honors founding loud.

Praise ye the sov?reign Lord.
PSALM CXLVII. Third Version. First Part. Watts..
The divine Nature, Providence and Grace..

the Lord: 'Tis good to raise Our Hearts and Voices in his Praise : His Nature and his Works invite

To make this Duty our Delight.. 2 The Lord builds up Jerusalem,

And gathers Nations to his. Name:
His Mercy melts the stubborn Soul,

And makes the broken Spirit whole.
3. He form’d the Stars, those heav'nly, Flames,

He counts their Numbers, calls their Names:
His Wisdom's vast, and knows no Bound,
A Deep where all our Thoughts are drown’d,



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4 Great is our Lord, and great his Might;

And all his Glories infinite :
He crowns the Meek, rewards the Juft,

And treads the Wicked to the Duft.
5 Sing to the Lord, exalt him high,

Who spreads his Cloud all round the Sky;.
There he prepares the fruitful Rain,

Nor lets the Drops descend in vain.
6 He makes the Grass the Hills adorn,

And cloaths the smiling Fields with Corn ;.
The Beasts with Food his Hands supply,

And the young Ravens when they cry.
7 What is the Creatures Skill or Force,

The sprightly Man, the warlike Horse,
The nimble Wit, the active Limb?

All are too mean Delights for him.
8 (But Saints are lovely in his Sight; 113

He views his Children with Delight:
He sees their Hope, he knows their Fear;
And looks and loves his Image there.



PSALM CXLVII. Third Version. Second Parte


Summer and Winter,

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And make his Honors known abroad;:
He bid the Ocean round thee Aow;

Not Bars of Brass could guard thee fo. 2 Thy Children are secure and bleft;

Thy Shores have Peace, thy Cities Reft: :
He feeds thy Sons with fineft Wheat,

And adds his Blessing to their Meat. 3 Thy changing Seasons he ordains,

Thine early and thy later Rains;
His Flakes of Snow like Wool he sends,,
And thus the springing Corn defends.
With hoary Frost he strows the Ground;
His Hail descends with clatering Sound:
Where is the Man fo vainly bold
Who dares defy his dreadful Cold?

The Th


7 Pra



He bids the southern Breezes blow,
The Ice dissolves, the Waters flow:
But he hath nobler Works and Ways
: To call the Britons to his Praise.
ZE To all the Isle his Laws are shown,

His Gospel thro' the Nation known;
Wonders of Grace to God belong,
Repeat his Mercies in your Song.



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PSALM CXLVII. Fourth Version. STELE.

The Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year.
ING to the Lord, let Praise inspire

The grateful Voice, the tuneful Lyre ;
In Strains of Joy, proclaim abroad
The endless Glories of our God.
: He counts the Hosts of starry Flames,
Knows all their Natures and their Names:
Great is our God! His wond'rous Pow'r
And boundless Wisdom we adore.
He veils the Sky with treasur'd Show'rs,
On Earth the plenteous Blessing pours;
The Mountains smile in lively Green,

And fairer blooms the flow'ry Scene.
4 His bounteous Hand, (great Spring of Good !)

Provides the Brute Creation Food;
He feeds the Ravens when they cry;

All Nature lives beneath his Eye. 5 In Nature what can him delight,

Most lovely in its Maker's Sight?
Not active Strength his Favor moves,

Nor comely Form he best approves. 6 Dear to the Lord, for ever dear,

The Heart where he implants his Fear;
The Souls, who on his Grace rely,
These, these are lovely in his Eye.


the Lord : Oh blissful Theme, To sing the Honors of his Name!

7 Praise

'Tis Pleasure, 'tis divine Delight,

And Praise is lovely in his Sight.
8 He speaks! and swiftly from the Skies

To Earth the fov'reign Mandate flies ;
Observant Nature hears his Word,

And bows obedient to her Lord.
9 Now thick descending Flakes of Snow,

O'er Earth, a fleecy Mantle throw;
Now glitt'ring Froit, o'er all the Plains,

Extends its universal Chains.
10 At his fierce Storms of icy Hail,

The shiv'ring Pow'rs of Nature fail;
Before his Cold, what Life can stand,

Unshelter'd by his guardian Hand?
11 He speaks! The Ice and Snow obey,

And Nature's Fetters melt away;
Now vernal Gales foft rising blow,

And murmuring Waters gently flow.
12 But nobler Works his Grace record,

To Ifrael he reveals his Word;
What Realm, through Earth's extended Coalts,

His Care, like thine, O Judab, boafts.
13 Sing to the Lord, let Praise inspire

The grateful Voice, the tuneful Lyre ;
In Strains of Joy, proclaim abroad
The endless Glories of our God.

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PSALM CXLVIII. First Version. Merrick.

Universal Praise to God.
E blest Inhabitants of Heav'n,
To God be all


Praises giv'n;
O praise him from the Realms that lie

Above the Reach of mortal Eye.
2 Him praise, ye Angels of his Train,

Him all whom Heav'n's vaft Hosts contain;
Praise him, thou Sun, that round the Pole
With reitless Course art seen to roll,

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And thou, O. Moon, whose sharpen'd Horns

A Luftre not their own adorns;
bus Praise him, ye Stars: His Praise repeat,

Thou Heav'n of Heav'ns, his awful Seat,
And you, ye Floods, that, heap'd on high,
Press with your Weight th' extended Sky.
Let these to God their Voices rear,
Who bade them be, and strait they were :
Who bids them ftand; and stand they shall;
Nor aught the Mandate shall recal,
That, fix'd by his Almighty Mind,
To endless Age their Date asiign'd.
Let not the Heav'n God's Praise confirie;
O all of Earth the Chorus join :
Ye Whales, ye Deeps, in Praise conspire,
Snow, Vapor, Hail, and bick’ring Fire,
And ev'ry Wind, and ev'ry Storm,
That duteous his Behefts perform ;
Ye lesser Hills, ye Mountains high,
Ye Trees, whose Fruits Man's Food supply,
| Ye Cedars, whose expanded Shade
Nor Storms nor Ages teach to fade,
Ye Beasts, that range th' uncultur'd Soil,
Or patient lend to Man your Toil:
Praise him, each Bird that wings the Air,
Each Reptile, nurtur’d by his Care ;
Ye Kings and Nations of the Earth ;

O praise him all of princely Birth :
10 And ye, whose Doom, as Justice guides,

The long-contefted Cause decides;
Ye youthful Bands and Virgin Choir,

Each lisping Babe, and hoary Sire;
11 Wake to his Name your grateful Songs;

To him alone all Praise belongs ;
His Glory Earth's wide Bounds o'erflows,
Nor highest Heav'n its Limit knows.

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