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(Who can with sacred Transport say,
+ This God is mine, my Help, my Stay.
6 Heav'n, Earth, and Sea declare his Name;

He built and fill’d their spacious Frame;
But o'er Creation's fairest Lines

His stedfast Truth unchanging shines.
7 His Justice favors those who mourn,

Beneath the proud Oppressor's Scorn ;
The hungry Poor his Hand sustains,

And breaks the wretched Captive's Chains.
8 To fightless Eyes, long clos'd in Night,

His Touch restores the Joys of Light;
Poor Mourners rais'd confess his Care,

He loves the Humble and Sincere.
9 If wand'ring Strangers friendless roam,

Divine Protection is their Home;
The Lord relieves the Widow's Cares,

And dries the weeping Orphan's Tears..
10 But Judgment waits the impious Race

Who hate his Laws, and scorn his Grace;
Their Ways to sure Destruction tend,

And all their Hopes in Ruin end.
si The Lord hall reign for ever King,

And Age to Age his Glory fing;
Thy God, o happy Zion, reigns,
Relound his Praise in joyful Strains.

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Praise to God through the whole of our Existence.

of my Life, throall Days


G My graceful

Power's shall found thy Praile;

Th E

The Song Thall wake with op'ning Light,

And warble to the filent Night.
2 When anxious Cares would break


+ And Griefs would tear my throbbing Breast,

Thy tuneful Praises rais'd on high
Shall check the Murmur and the Sigh.
When Death o'er Nature shall prevail,
And all its Pow'rs of Language fail,

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Joy thro' my swimming Eyes shall break,

And mean the Thanks I cannot speak. kap But O! when that last Conflict's o'er,

And I am chain'd to Flesh no more,
With what glad Accents shall I rise,

To join the Music of the Skies! 5

Soon shall I learn th' exalted Strains 7

Which echo o'er the heav'nly Plains ;

And emulate, with Joy unknown,
Post The glowing Seraphs round thy Throne;
6 With them the chearful Tribute bring

To thee, of Good th' unfailing Spring;
A Work so sweet, a Theme so high,
Demands, and crowns Eternity.

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A Song of Praise.
NDULGENT Father! how divine !

How bright thy Bounties are !
Through Nature's ample Round they shine,

Thy Goodness to declare.
2 But in the nobler Work of Grace,

What sweeter Mercy smiles,
In my benign Redeemer's Face,
• And ev'ry Fear beguiles.
3 Such Wonders, Lord! while I survey,

To thee my Thanks Thall rise,
When Morning ushers in the Day,

Or Ev'ning veils the Skies.
4 When glimm'ring Life resigns its Flame,

Thy Praise shall tune my Breath ;
The sweet Remembrance of thy Name

Shall gild the Shades of Death.
5 But oh! how bleft my Song shall rise,

When freed from feeble Clay,
And all thy Glories meet mine Eyes,

In one eternal Day!

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6 Not Seraphs, who resound thy Name

Through yon etherial Plains,
Shall glow with a diviner Flame,

Or raise sublimer Strains.


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PSALM CXLVI. Eighth Version. Rowe.
REPARE the Voice, and tune the joyful Lyre,

And let the glorious Theme my Soul inspire:
To thee, my God, I fing; thy mighty Name

With heav'nly Rapture thall my Soul inflame.
2 My tuneful Homage shall like Incense rise,

And glad the Air, and reach th' approving Skies;
While Life and Breath remain, the sacred Song

Shall fill my Breast, and dwell upon my Tongue.
3 As some fair Structure, whose firm Bafis lies

On Strength of Rocks, the threat'ning Winds defies;
So ftedfastly niy Hopes on Heav'n are placid,

Nor Earth, nor Hell, my Confidence can blaft.
4. Let others ftill for human Help attend,

And on the Flatt’ries of the Great depend;
Relentless Death shall mock their airy Trust,

And lay their boasted Confidence in Duit..
5 As the fantastic Visions of the Night,

Before the op'ning Morning take their Fight ;
So perish all the Boasts of Men, their Pride,

And vain Designs, the laughing Skies deride.
6 'Tis he alone securely guarded lives,

To whom the mighty God Protection gives,
The mighty God, who made the stedfast Earth,

And gave the Springs, that swell the Ocean, Birth;
7 Who formd the Stars, and spread the circling Skies,
And bade the Sun in all his Glory rise :

Rez No Breach of Faithfulness his Honor stains,

0 With Day and Night his Word unchang’d remains :

an 8 On human Woes he looks with pitying Eyes, To help th' oppress’d, and answer all their Cries;

190 His Throne from Changes stands for ever free, And his Dominion shall no Period fee.

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PSALM CXLVII. First Version. Merrick.
The Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year.

Bless Jehovah : Sweet the Joy,

When Taks like this the Voice employ; To him our higheit Thanks belong,

And Praise fits comely on our Tongue.
: 'Tis he, who builds fair Salem's Walls,

And Ifrael's exild Sons recalls;
Yields to the contrite Heart Relief,

And binds its Wounds, and soothes its Grief; 3 Assigns the starry Flock their Names,

(As, scatter'd wide, their vivid Flames Adorn the bright ethereal Plain)

And numbers with his Eye their Train. 4 Great is our God: beyond all Bound

His Pow'r, beyond all Search is found
His Knowledge ; in his Arm the Meek

With sure Success their Aid shall seek ; 5 That Arm, whose unresisted Stroke

On each who dares his Pow'r provoke,
With swift Descent its Aim shall guide,

And level to the Duft their Pride.
6 Let ev'ry Tongue, let ev'ry Chord,

Exalt the Name of Jacob's Lord,
Whose Hand with Clouds the Heav'n obscures ;

On Earth the genial Moisture pours ; 7 Bids the


Herb its Mantle spread, Luxuriant, o'er the Mountain's Head : With lib’ral Care th' unconscious Beast

Sustains, and stills the Raven's Nest,
8 When urg'd by Want her clam'rous Brood

Request from him their wonted Food.
O come your thankful Voices join,
And bleis the Majesty divine.

PAUSE. 90 Solyma, his lov'd Abode,

Him praise, unceasing! Bless thy God,
Who crowns with Peace thy happy Plain;
Calls from thy Glebe the purest Grain ;

10 Whore



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10 Whofe Word, from Heav'n in fwift Career

Corvey'd, fuggefts to Nature's Ear
The Laws that regulate her Frame,

And gives her ev'ry Act its Aim.
11 Flak'd by his Art, the woolly Snow

Falls silent on the Ground below;
Ву him the Frost, as Afhes hoar,

Lies sprinkled Earth’s wide Surface o'er:
12 In harden'd Fragments through the Air,

While Man its Rigors shuns to bear,
His Hail descends; in icy Chains

His Hand the gliding Stream detains,
13 Till, at his Word, the instructed Wind
With friendly Breath the Wave unbind,
And bid it, onward borne, again

With liquid Lapse its Course maintain.
14 Such is the God, and such his Might,

Whose Precepts Ifrael's Love invite,
And to its Tribes in full Display

His Life-directing Truths convey.
15 What Realm, through Earth's extended Coalts,
His Care, like thine, O Judah, boasts,
Or, taught, as thou, his Fear to own,

The Dictates of his Will has known?
16 O come your thankful Voices join,

And bless the Majesty divine;
To him your highest Thanks belong,
And Praise fits comely on your Tongue.
PSALM CXLVII. Second Verfion. WATTS.

ITH Songs and Honors founding loud

Address the Lord on high:
Over the Heav'ns he spreads his Cloud,

And Waters veil the Sky.
2 He sends his Show'rs of Blessing down

To chear the Plains below;
He makes the Grass the Mountains crown,
And Corn in Vallies grow,

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