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4 His Justice next employs the heav'nly String,
And hymning Angels tremble while they fing;

The Lord is just and holy, then
O weep ye thoughtless Sons of Men:
For who can from his Justice fly,

Or fun the Pow'r of God most high?
Yet shall the Sigh, or penitential Groan,

With blest Acceptance rife, and reach the sacred Throne. 5 Hear this, ye pious but dejected Minds, Whom Error darkens, or whom Weakness binds :

Lift from the Dust your mournful Eye,
And know the Lord your Help is nigh;
These Sorrows from your Breasts shall roll,

And Comfort bless the humble Soul ;
Let chearful Hope in ev'ry Bofom spring,

For boundless Mercy dwells with Heav'n's immortal King. 6 Come let us then with mingled Voices raise A Song of joyful and of grateful Praise;

With ardent Love our Hearts should glow
And Heav'n's sweet Work begin below,
And strive with those around his Throne

To praise the great Almighty One.
Th’ Almighty hears, and gives us Leave to call

On him, the Judge, the Guide, and sacred Lord of all. 7 All ye

who bend beneath the Stroke of Time,
And ye whose Cheeks confess their healthy Prime,

Your Maker and Preserver praise,
For early and for Length of Days ;
The pious and the grateful Song,

Shall lisp upon the Infant's Tongue,
While heav'nly Mercy foothes the Mourner's Care,
And bids the Saint rejoice, the Sinner not despair.


PSA L M CXLVI. First Version. MERRICK.
Praise to God, and Confidence in him recommended.
RAISE, praise thy God, my Soul; his Name

To Life's last Date my Thanks Thall claim,
And, long as I exist, my Lyre
Shall wake to sing th' eternal Sire.

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2 O seek not, with Presumption vain,

Your Hope on Princes to sustain,
Nor Trust, when threat'ning Ills invade,

The strengthlefs Prop of human Aid.
3 His Breath refign'd, on Earth's low Bed

Behold the Mortal reft his Head;
Nor farther shall his Thoughts extend,

But with him to the Grave descend.
4 Bleft, who their Help in thee alone,

The God to Jacob's Offspring known,
Have found, and to the Hand divine,

In each Distress their Care resign.
s That Hand that form’d the Heav'ns and Earth,

And call'd the wat'ry Deep to Birth,
With all that in the ample Round

Of Nature's utmost Reign is found.
6 'Tis God's, the injur'd Cause to right,

And crush the Arm of lawless Might;
With Bread the Hungry to sustain,

And loose the wretched Captive's Chain ;
7 The Blind restore, the Weak uprear,

And to the Souls that own his Fear
His Mercies each revolving Day,

In endless Series to display.
8 'Tis his, the Orphan's Breast to chear,

And wipe the mournful Widow's Tear;
But from his Laws who dare to stray,

Shall reap the Error of their Way. 9 Sion, in thy God confide,

And know how fix'd his Reign, how wide :
O'er subject Worlds his juft Command
To endless Age confirm'd Mall stand.
PSALM CXLVI. Second Version. TATE.
Praise the Lord, and thou, my

For ever bless his Name:
His wond'rous Love, while Life shall laft,

My constant Praise fhall claim.

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On Kings, the greatest Sons of Men,

Let none for Aid rely ;
They cannot save in dang'rous Times,

Nor timely Help apply.
Depriv'd of Breath, to Duft they turn,

And there neglected lie;
And all their Thoughts and vain Designs

Together with them die.
Then happy he, who Jacob's. God

For his Protector takes ;
Who still, with well-plac'd Hope, the Lord

His constant Refuge makes.
5 The Lord, who made both Heav'n and Earth,

And all that they contain,
Will never quit his stedfast Truth,

Nor make his Promise vain.
6 The Poor opprefs'd, from all their Wrongs,

Are eas'd by his Decree;
He gives the Hungry needful Food,

And sets the Pris'ners free.
7 The Strangers he preserves from Harm,

The Orphans kindly treats,
Defends the Widow, and the Wiles

Of wicked Men defeats.
8 The God, who doth in Sion dwell,

Is our eternal King :
From Age to Age his Reign endures,

Let all his Praises sing.



PSALM CXLVI. Third Version, WATTS.
RAISE ye the Lord, my Heart shall join

In Work so pleasant, fo divine,
Now while the Flesh is mine Abode,

And when my Soul ascends to God.
2 Praise shall employ my nobleft Pow'rs

While Immortality endures :
My Days of Praise shall ne'er be paft,
While Life and Thought and Being last.

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3 Why should I make a Man my Trust?

Princes must die and turn to Dust;
Their Breath departs, their Pomp and Pow'r,

And Thoughts all vanish in an Hour.
4 Happy the Man whose Hopes rely

On Ifrael's God : He made the Sky,
And Earth and Seas with all their Train,
And none shall find his Promise vain.
5 His Truth for ever stands secure:

He saves th' Oppreft, he feeds the Poor;
He sends the lab'ring Conscience Peace,

And grants the Pris’ner sweet Release.
Ú The Lord hath Eyes to give the Blind;

The Lord supports the sinking Mind:
He helps the Stranger in Distress,

The Widow and the Fatherless.

He loves liis Saints; he knows them well;
His Love their joyful Lips shall tell
Thy God, o Zion, ever reigns ;
Praise him in everlasting Strains,

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PSALM CXLVI. Fourth Version. WATTS,
"'LL praise my Maker with my Breath;

And when my Voice is lost in Death,
Praise Tall employ my nobler Pow'rs:
My Days of Praise thail ne'er be past
While Life and Thought and Being last,

Or Immortality endures. 2 (Why should I make a Man


Princes must die, and turn to Dust;

Vain is the Help of Flesh and Blood;
Their Breath departs, their Pomp and Pow'r
And Thoughts all vanish in an Hour,

Nor can they make their Promise good.]
3 Happy the Man whose Hopes rely
On Israel's God: He made the sky,

And Earth and Seas with all their Train:
His Truth for ever itands secure;
He saves th’ Oppreft, he feeds the Poor,
And none shall find his Promise vain,

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4 The Lord hath Eyes to give the Blind;
The Lord supports the finking Mind.;.

He sends the lab’ring Conscience Peace:.
He helps the Stranger in Distress,
The Widow and the Fatherless,

And grants the Pris’ner: sweet Release.. 5 He loves his Saints; he knows them well, His Love their joyful Lips shall tell:

Thy God, o Zion, ever reigns : Let ev'ry Tongue, let ev'ry Age, In this exalted Work engage;

Praise him in everlasting Strains.
6 I'll praise him while he lends me Breath,
And when my Voice is lost in Death

Praise shall employ my nobler Pow'rs :
My Days of Praise fhall ne'er be past
While Life, and Thought, and Being laft,

Or Immortality endures.

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PSALM CXLVI. Fifth Version. Steele.

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E Sons of Zion, praise the Lord,

Come tune your Songs in sweet Accords
Awake, my Soul, awake and join

The sacred Hymn, in Notes divine.. 2 The Praises of my God, my King,

(While I have Life or Breath to fing)
Shall fill my Heart, and tune my Tongue,

'Till Heav'n improve the blissful Song.
3 No more in Princes vainly trust,
: Frail Sons of Earth ; Man is but Duft!

With all his Pride, with all his Pow'r,

The helpless Creature of an Hour.
4 He breathes, he thinks, but ah, he dies

No more the potent, or the wife ;
The Scheme his Morning Thoughts begun,

Sinks down before the setting Sun.
5 Happy the Man, whose Hopes divine.

On Ifrael's Guardian God recline !


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