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Then shall my Soul! O! gracious God!

(While Angels join the Lay ;) Admitted to the blest Abode,

Its endless Anthems pay.
7 Through Heav'n, howe'er remote the Bound,

Thy matchless Love proclaim,
And join the Choir of Saints, that found

Redeemer's Name.


God's Perfeétions and Providence celebrated.
HEE will I bless, my God and King,

Nor cease thy wondrous Acts to sing:
From earliest Morn to latest Eve

Thy Praises on my Tongue shall live; 2 Great is our God: in vain our Praise

His Excellence in equal Lays
Would celebrate ; in vain the Mind

Its Height, its Depth, essays to find. 3 Age to succeeding Age thy Might Shall

speak, thy Works, bleft Lord, recite, My Tongue thy Glory shall proclaim,

The faithful Witness of thy Fame,
4 Bid Contemplation's in most Thought

Survey the Wonders thou haft wrought,
And with afsenting Myriads join
To bless the Majesty divine.
5 Thy dreaded Pow'r shall each rehearse,

Thy Greatness shall my thankful Verse
Inspire, thy Righteousnefs and Love

Our Hearts inflame, our Songs improve. 6 Thy Mercies on the Sons of Earth,

On all whom thou hast call'd to Birth,
Far as Creation's Bounds extend,

Thy Mercies, heav'nly Lord, descend.
7 Thy Saints to thee in Hymns impart

The Transports of a grateful Heart,
The Splendors of thy Kingdom cell,
Delighted on thy Wonders dwella

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8 Thee good and kind shall Mortals own,

To Anger flow, to Pity prone;
One Chorus of perpetual Praise
To thee thy various Works hall-raise.

9 From thee, great God, while ev'ry Eye

Expectant waits the with'd Supply,
Their Bread proportion'd to the Day,

Thy op'ning Hands to each convey.
10 Thy Throne thall Nature's Wreck survive,

Thy Pow'r through endless Ages live;
Thy Promife Truth eternal guides,

And Mercy o'er thy A&t prelides.
11 Who ak thine Aid with Heart fincere,

Thee ever gracious, erer near
Shall own; their Pray’r in each Distress

To thee, thy Servants, Lord, address. 12 The Feet whose Steps to lapse incline

With faithful Care che Arm divine
Shall prop; the Spirit bow'd with Woe

God's all-supporting Aid fhall know.
13 Long as I breathe, my grateful Tongue
To thee thall meditate the Song;
From Man's whóle Race thy hallow'd Name
Shall Thanks and endless Honor claim.

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CXLV. Second Verfion. TATE:

THEhy endicis Praise proclaim;

HEE I will bless, my God and King,

This Tribute daily I will bring,

And ever bless thy Name.
2 Thou, Lord, beyond Compare art great,

And highly to be prais'd;
Thy Majesty, with boundless Height,

Above our Knowledge rais'd.

3 Renown'd

Renown’d for mighty Acts, thy Fame

To future Times extends ;
From Age to Age thy glorious Name

Successively descends.
While I thy Glory and Renown,

And wond'rous Works express ;
The World with me thy Might shall own,

And thy great Pow'r confess.
: The Praise that to thy Love belongs,

They shall with Joy proclaim ;
Thy Truth of all their grateful Songs

Shall be the constant Theme.
5 The Lord is good ; fresh Acts of Grace

His Pity still supplies ;
His Justice moves with slowest Pace;

His willing Mercy flies.
7 Thy Love thro' Earth extends its Fame,

To all thy Works express’d; These shew thy Praise, while thy great Name

Is by thy Servants bless”dl.
8 They, with the glorious Prospect fir’d,

Shall of thy Kingdom speak;
And thy great Pow'r, by all admir'd,

Their lofty Subject make.
9 Thy stedfast Throne from Changes free,

Shall stand for ever fait ;
Thy boundless Sway no End shall see,
But Time ite1f outlaft.

10 The Lord does those support who fall,

And makes the Proftrate rise;
For his kind Aid all Creatures call,

Who timely Food supplies.
n Whate’er their various Wants require,

With open Hand he gives; And so fulfils the just Defire

Of ev'ry Thing that lives. 12 How holy is the Lord, how just ! How righteous all his Ways!

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How nigh to him, who with firm Trust

For his Adistance prays!
13 He grants the full Desires of those

Who him with Fear adore;
And will their Troubles foon compofe,

When they his Aid implore.
14 The Lord preserves all those with Care,

Whom grateful Love employs;
But Sinners, who his Justice dare,

In Justice he destroys.
15 My Time to come, in Praises spent,

Shall still advance his Fame,
And all Mankind with one Consent

For ever bless his Name.

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PSALM CXLV, Third Version. WATTS.

The Greatness and Goodness of God.
Y God, my King, thy various Praise

Shall fill the Remnant of my Days ;
Thy Grace employ my humble Tongue

Till Death and Glory raise the Song. 2 The Wings of ev'ry Hour shall bear

Some thankful Tribute to thine Ear;
And ev'ry setting Sun fhall see

New Works of Duty done for thee.
3 Thy Truth and Justice I'll proclaim;

Thy Bounty flows, an endless Stream;
Thy Mercy (wift; thine Anger flow

But dreadful to the stubborn Foe.
4 Thy Works with sov'reign Glory shine,

And speak thy Majesty divine :
Let Britain round her Shores proclaim.

The Sound and Honor of thy Name. 5

Let diftant Times and Nations raise
The long Succession of thy Praise;
And unborn Ages make my Song
The Joy and Labor of their Tongue.

6 Bu

skur la 5 But who can speak thy wond'rous Deeds ?

Thy Greatness all our Thoughts exceeds;
Vast and unsearchable thy Ways,
Vast and immortal be thy Praise.

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PSALM CXLV. Fourth Version. First Part. WATTS.

ONG as I live I'll bless thy Name,

My King, my God of Love;
My Work and Joy shall be the same

In the bright World above.
2 Great is the Lord, his Pow'r unknown,
And let his Praise be

great :
I'll fing the Honors of thy Throne,

Thy Works of Grace repeat.
3 Thy Grace shall dwell upon my Tongue;

And while my Lips rejoice,
The Men who hear my facred Song

Shall join their chearful Voice.
Fathers to Sons shall teach thy Name,

And Children learn thy Ways;.
Ages to come thy Truth proclaim,

And Nations found thy Praise. 5.Thy glorious Deeds of antient Date

Shall thro' the World be known;
Thine Arm of Pow'r, thy heav'nly State

With public Splendor shown.
6 The World is manag'd by thy Hands,

Thy Saints are rul'd by Love;
And thine eternal Kingdom stands

Tho' Rocks and Hills remove.

Fourth Version. Second Part.

The Goodness of God.
WEET is the Mem'ry of thy Grace,

My God, my heav'nly King;
Let Age to Age thy Righteousness

In Sounds of Glory sing.
2 God reigns on high, but not confines
His Goodness to the Skies;




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