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Lair And by my warm Petitions prove

When I behold them press’d with Grief,
I'll cry to Heav'n for their Relief;

ve How much I prize their faithful Love..


And to my

Let not my

PSALM CXLI. Third Version.. D'ENHAM
ORD, when I cry, make Haste to hear,

Voice incline thine Ear:
So shall my Pray’r like Incense rise,

My high-rais'd Hands as Sacrifice.
2 Lord, set upon my Mouth a Guard,
And let its double Door be barr'd':

Heart to Sin incline, 11 Nor let


Hand in Mischief join.
3 The Sinner's Pleasures I'll not share ;

The just Man's Strokes I'll meekly bear :
Though sharply he my Sins reprove,

I'll take it as a Mark of Love :
4 This, like a precious Ointment shed,

Will never bruife but heal my Head :
And if I find him in Distress,
To thee I'll pray for his Release.

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PSALM CXLI. Fourth Version,

A Morning Pfalm.
o thee, let my first Off’rings rise, to

Whose Şun creates the Day,
Swift as his glad’ning Influence flies,

And spotless as his Ray,
2 This Day thy fav’ring Hand be nigh!

So oft vouchsaf'd before !
Still may it lead, protect, fupply!

And I that Hand adore !
If Bliss thy Providence impart,

For which resign’d I pray;
Give me to feel the grateful Heart !
And without Guilt be gay!

4 A Aliation


4 Asistion should thy Love intend,

As Vice or Folly's Care;
Patient, to gain that gracious End,

May I the Means endure!
Thus, from my fix'd, or varying Fate,

Some Virtue let me gain !
Tra Hear'n, por high, nor low Eftate,

When sent, may send in vain, 6 Be this, and er ry future Day

Sam uzier than the past !
The Lite's Improvement to survey

Nar well suitain my last.

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? Deliverance from Trouble and Sorrow.

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Addres; to him my Heart its Care
Snie, and to his Ear disclose
tras Recital a?l it Woes;
Taire Fres, gear God, with steady View

noegh Soma's Gloom my Steps pursue. : I tara'à me, anulous, on the Right,

1 sara'd, and round me cait my Sight
With fruiueis Search ; no Friend was nigh,
Th'expedied Succoer to supply,
With lenient Torgee my Griefs to chear,

Or pitying drop the social Tear.
; Forlom of Help, thee, mightieft Lord,

My Soul with humble Truit implor'd;
la thee, all-bounteous God, I cryd,
In thee alone my Hopes refide;
While Lite along my Veins shall stream,
Its Portion thou and Blits fupreme.
Do thou my Prison Doors unbar;
So ihall my Tongue thy Love declare
In Hymns of Praise, while, joy'd in me
Th' È rent of pious Hope to fee,
The Souls that own thy juit Command
With thankful Wonder round me stand.


PSALM CXLIII. First Version..


A Prayer for Mercy, Guidance, and Protection..



HINE Ear, my God, propitious lend;

O ever juit and true, extend
Thy Pity, while to thee I pray,
Nor scrutinize with strict Survey
Thy Servant's Acts; for who, O. who,,

Shall pure of Guilt approach thy View ? 2 Although I feel my Strength depart,

No wild Amazement fills my Heart; fu. But, backward borne to Periods past,

Thy Mercies, Lord, my Thoughts have trac’d;
And in my Breast recorded stand

The Wonders of thy mighty Hand. 3 Aloft my suppliant Hands I spread ;

Nor more the Glebe, its Moisture fled,
Longs the descending Show'r to see,
Than thirsts my weary'd Soul for thee:
O let the Hour that wakes the Day

Thy Mercy to my Ear convey.
4. While (for on thee my Hope depends)

In fervent Thought my Mind ascends,
Expectant, tow'rd thy heav'nly Seat,
Train to the Paths of Truth


Feet :
To thee, my Refuge, Lord, I fly ;)

Repel the Ills that wait me nigh. 5 O give me, by thy Spirit led,

Auspicious Guide, the Land to tread
Where Righteousness has fix'd her Throne;
Thy Mercy, long to Ifrael known,
True to thy Name, to me impart,
And quicken with thy Grace my Heart.

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PSALM CXLIII. Second Verfion. TATE.


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ORD, hear my Pray’r, and to my Cry
Thy wonted

Audience lend;
In thy accustom'd Faith and Truth

A gracious Answer send.
2 Nor at thy strict Tribunal bring

Thy Servant to be try'd;
For in thy Sight no living Man

Can e'er be justify’d.
3 I call to Mind the Days of old,

And Wonders thou haft wrought: My former Dangers and Escapes

Employ my musing Thought.
4 To thee my Hands in humble Pray'r

I fervently stretch out;
My Soul for thy Refreshment thirsts,

Like Land oppress’d with Drought.. 5 Thy Kindness early let me hear,

Whose Trust on thee depends ; Teach me the Way where I should go,

My Soul to thee ascends.
6 Thou art my God, thy righteous Will

Instruct me to obey;
Let thy good Spirit lead and keep

My Soul in thy right way.


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Y righteous Judge, my gracious God,

Hear when I spread my Hands abroad And cry for Succour from thy Throne,

O make thy Truth and Mercy known. 2 Let Judgment not against me pass;

Behold thy Servant pleads thy Grace:


Should Justice call us to thy Bar,
No Man alive is guiltless there.
Teach me to do thy holy Will,

And lead me to thy heav'nly Hill ;
Let the good Spirit of thy Love

Conduct me to thy Courts above.
+ Then shall my Soul no more complain,

Temptations then shall rage
And Flesh, that was my Foe before,.
Shall never vex my Spirit more

in vain ;


Fourth Version. STEELER



My humble fupplicating Moan; In Mercy answer all my Pray’r,

And make thy Truth and Goodness known.. 2 And O let Mercy still be nigh;

Should awful Justice frown severe,
Before the Terrors of thy Eye,

What trembling Mortal can appear? 3 I call to Mind the former Days;

Thy ancient Works declare thy Name,
Thy Truth, thy Goodness, and thy Grace ;

And chese, O Lord, are still the saine. 4 To thee I stretch my suppliant Hands,

To thee my longing Soul aspires ;
As chearing Show'rs to thirsty Lands,

Come, Lord, and fill these strong Defires. 5 Speak to my Heart; the gloomy Night

Shall vanish, and sweet Morning break;
In thee I trust, my Guide, my Light;

Teach me the Way my Feet should take.. 6 Teach me to do thy sacred Will ;

Thou art my God, my Hope, my Stay;
Let thy good Spirit lead me still,
And point the safe, the upright Way.


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