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5 God is my Portion and my Joy;

His Counsels are my Light:
He gives me kind Advice by Day,

And gentle Hints by Night.
6 My Soul would all her Thoughts approve

To his all-feeing Eye:
Not Death, nor Hell my Hope shall move,
1 While such a Friend is nigh.
PSALM XVI. Second Version. Second Part.

The Death and Resurrection of Christ.
Set the Lord before

my Face,
“ He bears my Courage up:
“ My Heart and Tongue their Joys exprefs,

My Flesh shall rest in Hope.
My Spirit, Lord, thou wilt not leave

« In Darkness or Despair;
“ Nor quit my Body to the Grave

To see Corruption there.
“ Thou wilt reveal the Path of Life,

" And raise me to thy Throne;
Thy Courts immortal Pleasure give,

Thy Presence Joys unknown.
4 Thus in the Name of Christ, the Lord,

The pious Pfalmift fung,
And Providence fulfils the Word

Of his Prophetic Tongue.
5 Jefus, the Lord, in Glory shines,

Tho' crucify'd and flain ;
Behold the Tomb its Prey resigns,

Behold he lives again.
6 When shall my Feet arise and stand,

On Heav'n's eternal Hills ?.
There fits the Son at God's Right-Hand,

And there the Father smiles,
PSALM XVI. Third Versioni First Part. WATTS.-

Good Works profit Men, not God.
RESERVE me, Lord, in Time of Need,

For Succour to thy Throne. I flee,

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But have no Merits there to plead;
My Goodness cannot reach to thee.
2 Oft have my Heart and Tongue confelt,

and how poor I am ;
My Praise can never make thee bleit,
Nor add new Glories to thy Name.
3 Yet, Lord, thy Saints on Earth may reap
Some Profit by the Good we do :
These are the Company I keep,
These are the choicest Friends I know.
4 Let others chuse the Sons of Mirth
To give a Relish to their Wine,
I love the Men of Heav'nly Birth
Whose Thoughts and Language are divine.
PSALM XVI. Third Version. Second Part.

Courage in Death, and Hope of the Resurrection.
I WHEN God is nigh, my Faith is strong;

His Arm is my almighty Prop:
Be glad, my Heart; rejoice my Tongue ;

The Dead in Christ all rest in Hope. 2 Tho' in the Dust I lay my Head,

Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave
Thy faithful Servants with the Dead,

Nor lose thy Children in the Grave. 3 The Saints shall thy first Call obey,

Shake off the Dust, and rise on high ;
Then shalt thou lead the wond'rous Way

Up to thy Throne above the Sky.
4 There Streams of endless Pleasure flow;
And full Discov'ries of thy Grace
(Which we but tasted here below)
Spread heav'nly Joys thro' all the Place.

An Evening Pfalm.
Lct my Pray'r by. thee be heard,
From undiffembling Lips prefer'd;

O let


' O

O fet my Doom from thee proceed,

And gracious mark the upright. Deed.. 2 Say, to thy all-discerning Eyes

If aught of Guilt within me rise;
If offer'd Violence and Wrong

Have urg'd to Sin my thoughtless Tongueix 3 Taught by thy Word my stedfast Mind.

Has each nefarious Path declin'd ;
O ftill my Guardian, still my Guide, ,

Forbid my way’ring Feet to slide.
4 To thee (for thou the Pray'r canft hear),,

To thee my suppliant Voice I rear ;
O treat me not with cold Disdain,

Nor let my Vows return in vain.
5. O thou, whose Hand th' Oppressor quells,..

And each invading Pow'r repels
From him whose Hopes on thee repose,.

To me thy wond'rous Grace disclose.. 6 (What Care the Papil of the Eye

Demands, that Care to me apply,
And keep, O keep me, King of Kingson

Beneath thy own almighty Wings.. 70! when, awaken'd by thy Care,

Thy Face I view, thy Image bear,
How shall my Breast with Transport glow,
What full Delight, my Heart o’erflow!

Second Version. WATTS.
The Sinner's Portion, and Saint's Hope..



My Faith, my Patience; and my Love : When Men of Spite against me join;

They are the Sword, the Hand is thine. 2 Their Hope and Portion lies below;

'Tis all the Happiness they know,
'Tis all they seek; they take their Shares,

And leave the rest among their Heirs.. 3 What Sinners value I refign;

Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine;

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PSALM XVII. Third Version.' STEELE.

The transforming Vision of God.
Y God, the Visits of thy Face

Afford superior Joy,
To all the flatt'ring World can give,

· Or mortal Hopes employ.
2 But Clouds and Darkness intervene,

My brightest Joys decline,
And Earth's gay Trifles oft ensnare

This wand'ring Heart of mine.
3 Lord, guide this wand'ring Heart to thee :

Unsatisfy'd I ftray:
Break thro' the Shades of Sense and Sing

With thine enliv’ning Ray.
40 let thy Beams resplendent shine,

And ev'ry Cloud remove;
Transform my Pow'rs, and fit my Soul
For happier Scenes above.

5 God reigns on high ; may I be cloath'd

With his divine Array ;
And when I close these Eyes in Death,

Awake to endless Day :
6 To endless Day! to perfect Life!

To Bliss without Alloy!
Where not the least faint Cloud Niall rise,

To intercept the Joy.

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7 To view, unveil'd, thy radiant Face,

Thou everlasting Fair! And chang'd to spotlefs Purity,

Thy glorious Likeness wear: 8 To feast, with ever new Delight,

On uncreated Good;
And drink full satisfying Draughts

Of Pleasure's facred Flood,
9 Bliss too big for mortal Thought!

It awes, and yet inspires :
Fain would my Soul, un fetter'd, rise

In more intense Desires.
10 Lord, raise my Faith, my Hope, my Heart,

To those transporting Joys; Then shall I scorn each litele Snare;

Which this vain World employs : 11 Then, tho' I fink in Death's cold Sleep,

I shall awake to Bliss, And in the Likeness of

Find endless Happiness. PSALM XVIII. First Version. First Part. MERRICK. A Description of Deity descending to execute Judgment

upon the Wicked. INCUMBENT on the bending Sky

The Lord descended from on high, And bade the Darkness of the Pole

Beneath his Feet tremendous roll.. 2 The Cherub to his Car he join’d,

And on the Wings of mightiest Wind,
As down to Earth his Journey lay,

Refiftless urg'd his rapid Way.
3 Thick-woven Clouds, around him clos'd,

His fecret Residence compos'd,
And Waters high-fufpended spread

Their dark Pavilion o'er his Head. 4 In vain reluctant to the Blaze

That previous pour'd its streaming Rays,
As on he moves, the Clouds retire,
Diffolv'd in Hail and rushing Fire :

my God,



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