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PSALM CXXXVI. Fifth Version. Watts.
I IVE to our God immortal Praise ;

Mercy and Truth are all his Ways:
Wonders of Grace to God belong,

Repeat his Mercies in your Song.
2 Give to the Lord of Lords Renown,

The King of Kings with Glory crown :
His Mercies ever hall endure

When Lords and Kings are known no more.
3 He built the Earth, he spread the Sky,

And fixt the starry Lights on high :
Wonders of Grace to God belong,

Repeat his Mercies in your Song.

He fills the Sun with Morning-Light,
He bids the Moon direct the Night:
His Mercies ever shall endure

When Suns and Moons shall shine no more.
5 He sent his Son with Pow'r to save

From Guilt and Darkness and the Grave :
Wonders of Grace to God belong,

Repeat his Mercies in your Song.
6 Thro’ this vain World he guides our Feet,

And leads us to his heav'nly Seat :
His Mercies ever shall endure
When this vain World shall be no more.

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OUSE of our God, with chearful Anthems ring,

While all our Lips and Hearts his Praises ling:
? he op'ning Year his Ġraces shall proclaim,
And all its Days be vocal with his Name.
The Lord is good, his Mercy never-ending ;
His Blessings in perpetual Show'rs descending.

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The Heav'n of Heav'ns he with his Bounty fills : - Ye Seraphs bright on ever-blooming Hills,

His Honors found; you to whom Good alone,

Unmingled, ever-growing has been known.
Thro' your immortal Life, with Love increasing,

Proclaim your Maker's Goodness never-ceasing. 3 Thou Earth, enlighten'd by his Rays divine,

Pregnant with Grafs, and Corn, and Oil, and Wine,
Crown'd with his Goodness, let thy Nations meet,

And lay their Crowns at his paternal Feet:
With grateful Love that lib'ral Hand confeffing,
Which thro' each Heart diffuseth ev'ry Blessing.

Zion enrich'd with his distinguish'd Grace,
Blest with the Rays of his all-glorious Face,
Zion, Jehovah's Portion, and Delight,

Grav’n on his Hands, and hourly in his Sight,
In facred Strains exalt that Grace excelling,

Which makes thy humble Hill his chosen Dwelling. 5 His Mercy never ends; the Dawn, the Shade

Still fee new Bounties thro' new Scenes display'd:
Succeeding Ages bless this fure Abode,

And Children lean upon their Father's God.
The active Soul, thro' its immense Duration,

Drinks from this Source immortal Consolation. 6 Burst into Praise, my Soul; all Nature join ;

Angels and Men in Harmony combine:
While human Years are measur'd by the Sun,

And while Eternity its Course shall run,
His Goodness, in perpetual Show's descending,
Exalt in Songs, and Raptures never-ending.


PSALM CXXXVI. Seventh Version. MILTON,

ET us with a joyful Mind

Praise the Lord, for he is kind:
For his Mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.
2 Let us found his Name abroad,
For of Gods he is the God:

For his, &c.

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3 Who by Wisdom did create
ThHeav'ns on high, and all their State:

For his, &c.
4 And the solid Earth ordain
How to rise above the Main :

For his, &c.
5 Who by his commanding Might,
Fill’d the new-made World with Light:

For his, &c.
6 Who ordain'd the glorious Sun,
All the Day his Course to run:

For his, &c.
7 And the Moon to shine by Night,
Mid her spangled Sisters bright.

For his, &c.
8 All his Creatures God does feed,
His full Hand supplies their Need :

For his, &c.

Let us therefore warble forth
His high Majesty and Worth:

For his, &c.
10 He his Mansion hath on high,
'Bove the Reach of mortal Eye:

And his Mercies shall endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

PSALM CXXXVI. Eighth Version.
RAISE ye, the Lord, the universal King,

His Truth and Pow'r and his Salvation fing;
Him God of Gods, him Lord of Lords proclaim,

Let it be known he ever reigns supreme.
2 What mighty Deeds have by his Pow'r been done!

Amazing Wonders by his Pow'r alone : He by his Wisdom fpread abroad the Sky,

And hung out all the starry Lamps on high. 3

He bade the Seas divide from folid Land,
And made the Earth above the Waters stand:
He form’d the Sun to bless the Day with Light,
The Moon to chear the gloomy Face of Night.

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+ He for his People needful Food provides,
Guards all their Blessings, all their Steps he guides:
Thro' Snares and Dangers safely leads them on
To Bliss immortal, and his heav'nly Throne.

PSALM CXXXVIII. First Version. Merrick.

Confidence in God, and his Perfections celebrated.
N low Prostration, tow'rd thy Shrine,

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And thankful teach the rapt'rous Lay
Thy Faith and Mercy to display,
Whose Sanctity all Height transcends ;

Whose Word eternal Truth attends;
2 Whole Pow'r, while thee my Pray'r address’d,

Has fill'd with heav'n-born Strength my Breast ;
Earth's Lords, by thy Instructions led,
With Ifrael's Sons thy 'ath shall tread,
And, joyous, as they march along,

Thy Glory chaunt in grateful Song: 3 Thee Nature's only Lord atteft,

Of boundless Excellence poffefs'd,
Inthron'd above the loftieft Sky,
Yet wont the Humble to descry,
And, from thy distant Seat, deride

The frantic Boasts of human Pride.
4 Should threat’ning Dangers raise rny Fear,

Thy quick’ning Grace my Heart shall chear':
What Bliss thy Promise bids me Share,
Haste, Lord, to yield; nor from thy Care
(O ever faithful, wise and good)
The Creature of thy Hands exclude.

PSALM CXXXVIII. Second Version. Tate. Praise for Mercies received, and humble Confidence in God's

continued Goodness.
7ITH our whole Heart, our God and King,

Thy Praise we will proclaim ;
Before thee, Lord, with Joy will fing,

And bless thy holy Name.
2 We'll worship at thy sacred Seat,
And, with thy Love inspir’d,





The Praises of thy Truth repeat,

O'er all thy Works admir'd.
3 Thou graciously inclin'd'At thine Ear,

When we to thee did cry;
And when our Soul was press’d with Fear,

Did'at inward Strength fupply.
4. We all thy wond'rous Ways, O Lord,

With chearful Songs shall bless;
And all thy glorious Aets record,

Thy awful Pow'r confefs.
5 For God, altho' inthron'd on high,

Does thence the Poor respect;
The Proud, far off, however high

Beholds with just Neglect.
6. Tho' we with Troubles be oppress'd,

He will all Ills disarm, 4 - Relieve his People when distress’d,

And keep us fafc from Harm.
7 The Lord, whose Mercies ever last,

Shall fix our happy State ;
And, mindful of his Favors paft,

Shall his own Works compleat.


PSALM CXXXVIII. Third Version. Watts.

Restoring and preserving Grace.
ITH all my Pow'rs of Heart and Tongue

I'll praise my Maker in my Song:
While holy Zeal directs my Eyes

To thy fair Temple in the Skies.
2 I'll fing thy Truth and Mercy, Lord,

I'll fing the Wonders of thy Word;
Not all thy Works and Names below

So much thy Pow'r and Glory show.
3 The God of Heav'n maintains his State,

Frowns on the Proud, and scorns the Great ;
But from his Throne descends to see

The Sons of humble Poverty.
4 (Amid a thousand Snares I stand
+ Upheld and guarded by thy Hand;


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