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2 Where Streams of Love from God the Spring

Descend to ev'ry Soul,
And heav'nly Peace with balmy Wing

Shades and bedews the Whole :
3 'Tis pleasant as the Morning-Dews,

That fall on Sion's Hill,
Where God his mildelt Glory lhews,

And makes his Grace diftil.

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PSALM CXXXIII. Third Version. Watts.

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LEST are the Sons of Peace,

Whose Hearts and Hopes are one,
Whose kind Designs to serve and please
Thro' all their Actions run.

Blest is the pious House

Where Zeal and Friendship meet,
Their Songs of Praise, their mingled Vows
Make their Communion sweet.

hi 3 Thus on the heav'nly Hills

2 2 No The Saints: are bleit above,

(In Where Joy like Morning Dew distils

No And all the Air is Love.



W H°Kindred and Fricids agree,

' Each in their proper Station move,

And each fulfil their Part 1

With sympathising Heart,
In all the Cares of Life and Love!

Like fruitful Show'rs of Rain

That water all the Plain,
Descending from the neighb'ring Hills;

Such Streams of Pleasure roll :
Thro' ev'ry friendly Soul,

TH Where Love like heav'nly Dew diftils.




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PSALM CXXXIII. Fifth Version.
EHOLD with Joy the happy Scene ;

How pleasing is the Sight,
Where Brethren live in Love and Peace,

And all their Hearts unite!
2 Delightful, as the fining Snow

On lofty Hermon's Top;
Or pearly Dew on Zion's Hills,

When they with Fatness drop. ele 3 For there the Bleffing of the Lord

Rich Plenty doth bestow;
And Springs of living Water rise,

Which shall for ever flow..

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PSALM CXXXIII. Sixth Verfion. Steele.


When kindred Souls in Friendship join ;
Whose Joys and Cares united meet,

In Bands of Amity divine,
2 Not flow'ry Hermon e'er display'd,

(Impearl'd with Dew) a fairer Sight;
Nor Sion's beauteous Hills, array'd
In golden Beams of Morning Light.
'Tis here the Lord indulgent sheds
His kindest Gifts, a heav'nly Store ;
With Life immortal crowns their Heads,
When Earth’s frail Comforts please no more.



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Prayer and Praise.
E Servants of th' eternal King,

Your grateful Hymns triumphant fing:
Within his Temple’s sacred Frame

With lifted Hands his Praise proclaim,
2 And he, may he, whose Pow'r has made

The Earth, and Heav'n's wide Arch display'd,
From sacred Sion bid us prove
The Blesfings of his boundless Love.


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PSALM CXXXIV. Second Version. WATTs,

Daily and Nightly Devotion.
E who obey th' immortal King,
Attend his holy

Bow to the Glories of his Pow'r,

And bless his wond'rous Grace.
2 Lift up your Hands by Morning-Light,

And send your Souls on high;
Raise your admiring Thoughts by Night

Above the starry Sky.
3 The God of Zion chears our Hearts

With Rays of quick’ning Grace;
The God who spreads the Heav'ns abroad,

And rules the swelling Seas.

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God's Power and Providence.
E Servants of your God, his Fame

In Songs of highest Praise proclaim :
Ye who, on his Commands intent,
The Courts of Israel's Lord frequent.
Him praise, the everlasting King,
And Mercy's unexhausted Spring :
Haste, to his Name your Voices rear ;

What Name like his the Heart can chear? 3 Thy Greatness, Lord, my Thoughts attest,

With awful Gratitude impress'd,
Nor know, among the Seats divine,

A Pow'r that shall contend with thine : 4 O thou, whose all-dispofing Sway,

The Heav'ns, the Earth, and Seas obey ;
Whose Might through all Extent extends,

Sinks through all Depth, all Height transcends; 5 From Earth's low Margin to the Skies

Now bids the pregnant Vapors rise,
The Light’ning's pallid Sheet expands,
And glads with Show'rs the furrow'd Lands:

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6 Now

6 Now from thy Storehouse, built on high,

Permits th' imprison's Winds to fly,
And, guided by thy Will to sweep

The Surface of the foaming Deep.
7 Him praise, the everlasting King,

And Mercy's unexhausted Spring :
Haste, to his Name your Voices rear;
What Name like his the Heart can chear?

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PSALM CXXXV. Second Version. First Part. Tate.

Praise to God.
Praise the Lord with one Consent,

And magnify his Name;
Let all the Servants of the Lord

His highest Praise proclaim.
2 Praise him, all ye who in his House

Attend with constant Care,
All ye who to his sacred Courts

With Humble Zeal repair.
For this our truest Int'rest is,

Glad Hymns of Praise to fing;
And with loud Songs to bless his Name,

A most delightful Thing.
4 The Lord with unresisted Strength

Performs his sov'reign Will:
In Heav'n, and Earth, and wat'ry Stores,

That Earth's deep Caverns fill.
5 He raises Vapors from the Ground,

Which, pois’d in liquid Air,
Fall down at last in Show'rs, thro' which

His dreadful Light'nings glare !
6 That God is good, we often have

By glad Experience found;
And know how he with wond'rous Power

Above all Gods is crown'd.
7 O praise the Lord with one Consent,

And magnify his Name;
Let all the Servants of the Lord
His highest Praise proclaim.


"T"Wer all the Heathen Lande



3 The PSALM CXXXV. Second Version. Second Part.

Praise due to God, not to Idols.
HOSE Idols, whose false Worship spreads

47 O'er all the Heathen Lands,

HE And made of Silver and of Gold,

He The Work of human Hands. 2 They move not their fictitious Tongues,

; BleNor fee with polith'd Eyes ;

Their counterfeited Ears are deaf;

No Breath their Mouth fupplies,
As senseless as themselves are they
Who ail their skill apply

To make them, or, in dangʻrous Times,

On them for Aid rely.
4 Their juft Returns of Thanks to God
Let grateful Britons pay:

Let none of Britain's happy Sons
To bless the Lord delay.

5 Their Sense of his unbounded Love
Let pious Souls express;

And let all those who fear the Lord
His Name for ever bless.

3 HE
6 Let all with Thanks his wond'rous Works
Within his House proclaim,

LE Let them in Sion, where he dwells,

- Exalt his holy Name.

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PSALM CXXXV. Third Version.

The Church is God's Care.

While in his holy Courts ye wait,
Ye Saints, that to his House belong,

Or stand attending at his Gate.
2 Praise ye the Lord; the Lord is good;

To praise his Name is sweet Employ:
Ifrael he chose of old, and still
His Church is his peculiar Joy.

3 The

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