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405 [ My longing Eyes look out

For thy enliv'ning Ray,

eager than the Morning Watch
To meet the op'ning Day.
Let mourning Souls on God,

With chearful Hope rely;
For Penitence can ne'er be vain,

Nor hated Sin destroy.
Tho' great our Crimes appear,

And fill our Hearts with Pain;
His pard’ning Love dispels our fear.,

And cleanses ev'ry Stain.

PSALM CXXX. Sixth Version. STEELE.
ORD, should'st thou call me to thy Face,

And mark, with Eye severe,
My num'rous Faults, what Hope of Grace

My mournful Thoughts could cheer? 2 But fov'reign Mercy dwells with thee,

Hope dawns amid my Fears; 4 Divine Forgiveness, large and free,

Shall stay my flowing Tears.
3 On God alone my Soul would wait,

His facred Word my Stay ;
His facred Word can Light create,

And turn my Night to Day.
4 As those who wait with longing Eyes,

To see the chearful Morn; So shall my ardent Wishes rise,

Till thou, my God, return.
Let contrite Sinners on the Lord,

With humble Hope recline;
For Pow'r and Mercy, in his Word,

With boundless Glory shine.
6 Unnumber'd though their Sins appear,

And fill their Hearts with Pain; His faving Love dispels their Fcar, And cleanses ev'ry Stain.



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PSALM CXXX. Seventh Verfion.
UT of the Deep of sad Distress

The gloomy Mazes of Despair,
To Heav'n I raise my warm Address-
Deign, O my God! to hear my Pray'r.
o let thine Éar indulge my Grief!

O let thy Mercy bring Relief.
2 Should'It thou, O God, minutely fcan

Our Faults, and as severely chide,
No mortal Seed of sinful Man
Could such a Scrutiny abide;
But Mercy shines in all thy Ways;

Bright Theme of universal Praise !
3 With longing Eyes I seek the Lord,

Before his Throne my Soul attends,
Firmly on his eternal Word
My Hope is fix'd, my Faith depends.
Before the Dawn my Soul shall rise

In Contemplation to the Skies.

Yet contrite Minds on God rely;
In Season he his Grace imparts :
He'll send Redemption from on high,
And soothe your penitential Hearts :
For Mercy shines in all his Ways,
Bright Theme of universal Praise.

Humility, Meekness, Contentment, and Refignation.

HINE Eyes in me nor lofty Mind,

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Nor Earth's vain Pomp attracts my View,

Nor Honor's Prize my Thoughts pursue. 2 Behold me of Affections mild,

Rehold me humble as the Child,
That meek and silent finks to Rest,

Wean'd from the tender Parent's Breast. 3 O, fonder than the Parent, see

Thy Maker, Ifrael, cherish thee;
To'latest Times on him depend,
Thy Guide, thy Guardian, and thy Friend.

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407 Watts.


PSALM CXXXI. Second Version.
S there Ambition in


Heart? Search, gracious God, and fee; Or do I act a haughty Part?

Lord, I appeal to thee.
2 I charge my Thoughts, be humble still,

And all my Carriage mild,
Content, my Father, with thy Will,

And lowly as a Child.
3 The patient Soul, the humble Mind

Shall have a large Reward : Let Saints in Sorrow lie resign'd,

And trust a faithful Lord,


PSALM CXXXI. Third Version.


and sacred Lord of all, Of Life the only Spring, Creator of unnumber'd Worlds,

Immensely glorious King; 2 Drive from the Confines of my Heart,

Impenitence and Pride : Nor let me in erroneous Paths

With thoughtless Sinners glide. 3 Whate'er thine all-discerning Eye

Sees for thy Creature fit,
I'll bless the Good, and to the III

Contentedly submit.
4 With humane Pleasure let me view

The Profp'rous and the Great;
Malignant Envy let me fly,

With odious Self-Conceit.
Let not Despair nor fell Revenge
Be to my Bosom known

O give me Tears for other's Woe

And Patience for my own. 6 Feed me with necessary Food,

I ask not Wealth nor Fame :
But give me Eyes to view thy Works,

And Sense to praise thy Name.

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First Version. WATTS. 4 Ani At the Settlement of a Church, cr the Ordination of a Minife

He God of Israel chose the Hill

Of Zion for his antient Reft;
And Zion is his Dwelling still,

His Church is with his Presence blest.
2 Here will I fix my gracious Throne,

And reign for ever, faith the Lord;
Here hall my Pow'r and Love be known,
And Blessings shall attend my Word.

Bleu 3 Here will I meet the hungry Poor,

And fill their Souls with living Bread.;
Sinners that wait before my

With sweet Provision shall be fed.
4 Girded with Truth, and cloth'd with Grace,

My Priests, my Ministers shall thine;
Not Aaron, in his costly Dress,

Made an Appearance fo divine.

The Saints, unable to contain
Their inward Joys, shall shout and fing;
The God of Mercy here shall reign,
And Zion triumph in her King.

13 For PSALM CXXXII. Second Version. WATTS.

A Churcb established.
O Sleep, nor Slumber to his Eyes

The Pfalmift would afford,
Till he had found below the Skies

A Dwelling for the Lord.
2 The Lord in Zion plac'd his Name,

His Ark was settled there ;
To Zion the whole Nation came

To worship thrice a Year.

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But we have no such Lengths to go,

Nor wander far abroad;
Where'er thy Saints assemble now,

There is a House for God.
Arise, O King of Grace, arise,

And enter to thy Rest:
Lo thy Church waits with longing Eyes

Thus to be own'd and blest.
Enter with all thy glorious Train,

Thy Spirit and thy Word;
All that the Ark did once contain

Could no such Grace afford.
i Here, mighty God, accept our Vows,

Here let thy Praise be, spread;
Bless the Provisions of thy House,

And fill thy Poor with Bread.

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row vast must their Advantage be!

their Pleasure
Who live like Brethren, and consent

In Offices of Love!
2 'Tis like refreshing Dew, which does

On Hermon's Top distil ;
Or like the early Drops, that fall

On Sion's fruitful Hill,
3 For Sion is the chosen Seat,

Where the almighty King,
The promis'd Blefling has ordain'd,

And Life's eternal Spring.

PSALM CXXXIII. Second Version.



O, what an entertaining Sight

Are Brethren who agree, Brethren whose chearful Hearts unite

In Bands of Piety!


2 Where

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