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PSALM CXXI. Fourth Version. WATTS, 1 O Heav'n I lift my waiting Eyes, There all

my Hopes are laid: The Lord, who built the Earth and Skies

Is my perpetual Aid:
2 Their Feet shall never flide to fall,

Whom he designs to keep;
His Ear attends the softest Call,

His Eyes can never sleep.
He will sustain our weakest Pow'rs

With his almighty Arm,
And watch our most unguarded Hours

Against surprising Harm. 4 Ifrael rejoice and rest secure,

Thy Keeper is the Lord;
His wakeful Eyes employ his Pow'r

For thine eternal Guard.
Nor scorching Sun, nor fickly Moon

Shall have his Leave to smite ;
He shields thy Head from burning Noon,

From blasting Damps at Night.
6 He guards thy Soul, he keeps thy Breath

Where thickest Dangers come;
Go and return, secure from Death,

Till God command thee Home.

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PSALM CXXI. Fifth Verlion. WATTS.
PWARD I lift miné Eyes,

From God is all my Aid ;
The God that built the Skies,
And Earth and Nature made;

God is the Tow's
To whichi fly;
His Grace is nigh

In ev'ry Hour.
2 My Feet shall never slide

And fall in fatal Snares,
Since God


Guard and Guide
Defends me from my



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Those wakeful Eyes
That never sleep
Shall Ifrael keep

When Dangers rise.
No burning Heats by Day,
Nor Blafts of Evening-Air
Shall take


If God be with me there :

Thou art my Sun,
And thou my Shade,
To guard my Head

By Night or Noon. 4

Haft thou not giv’n thy Word
To save my Soul from Death?
And I can trust my LORD
To keep my mortal Breath :

Nor fear to die,
Till from on high,

Thou call me Home
Zeal for God's Houfe, and Delight in his Worship.

HE joyful Morn, my God, is come,

That calls me to thy honor'd Dome
Thy Presence to adore :
My Feet the Summons Mall attend,
With willing Steps thy Courts ascend;

And tread the hallow'd Floor. 2 Hither from Judah's utmost End,

The Heav'n-protected Tribes afcend;

Their Off'rings hither bring:
Here, eager to attest their Joy,
In Hymns of Praise their Tongues employ,

And hail th' immortal King,
3 Be Peace implor'd by each on thee,
O Sion, while with bended Knee

To Jacob's God we pray :
How bless'd, who calls himself thy Friend !
Success his Labor shall attend,
And Safety guard his Way.



4 O may's thou, free from hostile Fear,
Nor the loud Voice of Tumult hear,

Nor War's wild Waltes deplore:
May Plenty nigh thee take her Stand,
And in thy Courts, with lavish Hand,

Distribute all her Store.
5 Seat of my friends and Brethren, hailt
How can my 'Tongue, O Sion, fail

To bless thy loy'r Abode ?
How cease the Zeal chat in me glows,
Thy Good to seek, whose Walls inclose

The Mansions of God?




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PSALM CXXII. Second Verfion. WATTS.

to Going to Church I LOW did my Heart rejoice to hear

My Friends devoutly say,
In Zion let us all appear,

And keep the folemn Day!" 2 I love her Gates, I love the Road;

The Church adorn'd with Grace Stands like a Palace built for God

Ta lhew his milder Face.
3 Peace be within this sacred Place,

And Joy a constant Guest !
With holy Gifts and heav'nly Grace

Be her Attendants bleit! 4 My Soul Mall

pray for Zion still,
While Life or Breath remains ;
There my best Friends, my Kindred dwell,

There God my Saviour reigns..
PSALM CXXII. Third Version. Watts..

OW pleas'd and bleft was I

To hear the People cry, Come, let us seek our God To-Day;.

Yes, with a chearful Zeal

We haste to Zion's Hill,
And there our Vows and Honors pay.

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2 Zion's

Val or there my Friends and Kindred dwell;

Zion, thrice happy Place,
Si Adorn'd with wond'rous Grace,
IS And Walls of Strength embrace thee round;

In thee our Tribes appear

praise, and hear
The sacred Gospel's joyful Sound.

May Peace attend thy Gate,

And Joy within thee wait 5,0.12,3 To bless the Soul of ev'ry Guest !

The Man who seeks thy Peace, za BE. And wishes thine Encrease,

A thousand Blessings on him reft !

My Tongue repeats her Vows,
Peace to this facred House !

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And since my glorious God

Makes thee his bleft Abode,
My Soul shall ever love thee well..

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Grace Grad


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PSALM CXXIV. First Version. Merrick.
Praise for Deliverance from an invading Enemy.
AD God abandon'd from his Care

Our Cause, when adverse Hosts to war
Uprose; had. God, may Israel say,
Our Cause abandon’d; in the Day
When o'er the Plain their Troops were pour’d,
We'd been by hostile Rage devour’d.
Down we had funk; and o'er our Head
The swelling Floods their Waves had spread;
Down we had sunk, but blest be God,
Whose Arm the timely Help bestow'd,
And, each Invader chas'd away,

Snatch'd from their Jaws th’expected Prey.
See! as the Bird with sudden Spring

mounts upon the Wing,
Just rescu'd from the Fowler's Art,
So triumph we, with thankful Heart;
And, fav'd by his preventing Care,
Shake from our Feet the broken Snare.-

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S 5.

4 When

4 When Woes, when Dangers round us rife,

On him alone our Strength relies ;
Whose Hand thy Center fix'd, O Earth,
And gave th' enduring Heav'n's their Birth;
Who reigns supreme o'er ev'ry Land,
And has all Nature at Command.

' 'H

PSALM CXXIV. Second Version. TATE.

Praise for public Deliverance.
A D not the Lord, may Ifrael say,

Been pleas'd to interpose;
Had he not then espous'd our Cause

When Men against us rose;
2 Their Wrath had swallow'd us alive,

And rag'd without Controul;
Their Spite and Pride's united Floods

Had quite o'erwhelm’d our Soul. 3 But prais'd be our eternal Lord,

Who rescu'd us that Day,
Nor to their cruel Hands gave up

Our threaten'd Lives a Prey. 4 Our Soul is like a Bird escap'd

Out of the Fowler's Net;
The Snare is broke, their Hopes are cross’d,

And we at Freedom set.
5 Secure in his Almighty Name

Our Confidence remains,
Who, as he made both Heav'n and Earth,

of both fole Monarch reigns.

AD not the Lord, may Ifrael fay,

Had not the Lord maintain'd our Side, When Men, to make our Lives a Prey,

Rofe like the Swelling of the Tide.
2 The swelling Tide had stopt our Breath,

So fiercely did the Waters roll,
We had been swallow'd deep in Death ;
Proud Waters had o'erwhelm'd our Soul.

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