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$ And to each who thee obeys
Love and lowlieft Rev'rence pays;
What he swears, with stedfast Will
To his Lofs he shall fulfil:
6 Nor by avaritious Loan

Make the poor Man's Bread his own ;
Nor can Bribes his Sentence guide

'Gainft the Guiltless to decide.
7 He who thus, with Heart unftain'd,

Treads the Path by thee ordain'd,
He, great God, shall own thy Care,
And thy constant Blelling share.

PSALM. XV. Second Verfion. Tate...'

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ORD, who's the happy Man that may

To thy blest Courts repair ?
And, while he bows before thy Throne,

Shall find Acceptance there?
2. 'Tis he, whose, ev'ry Thought and Deed.

By Rules of Virtue moves;
Whose gen'rous Tongue disdains to speak;

The Thing his Heart disproves.
3 Who never will a Slander forge,

His Neighbour's Fame to wound,
Nor hearken to a false Report,

By Malice whisper'd round.
4. Who Vice, when drest in Pomp and Pow's,

Can treat with just Neglect ;-
And Piety, tho'cloath'd in Rags,

Religiously respect.
5 Who to his plighted Vows and Truft:

Hath ever firmly stood ;
And, tho' he promise to his Lofss,

Still makes his Promise good.
i 6 Who seeks not by oppressive Ways

His Wealth to multiply ;
Whom no Rewards can ever bribe,,
The Guiltless to destroy.



7 The Man who, by his steady Course,

Hath Happiness insur'd,
When Earth's Foundations shake, shall stand,

By Providence secur’d.


PSA L M XV. Third Version. Watts..
HO shall ascend thy heav'nly Place,

Great God, and dwell before thy Face ?
The Man who minds Religion now,

And humbly walks with God below.
2 Whose Hands are pure, whose Heart is clean ;,

Whose Lips still speak the Thing they mean ::
No Slanders dwell upon his Tongue :

He hates to do his Neighbour Wrong. 3

Scarce will he truit an ill Report,
Nor vents it to his Neighbour's Hurt:
Sinners of State he can despise,

But Saints are honor'd in his Eyes. 4 Firm to his Word he ever stood,

And always makes his Promise good;
Nor dares to change the Thing he swears,

Whatever Pain or Loss he bears. 5 He never deals in bribing Gold,

And mourns that Justice should be sold:
While others gripe and grind the Poor,

Sweet Charity attends his Door.
6 He doth to all Men still the same

That he would hope or wish from them :
This is the Man thy Face shall sec,
And dwell for ever, Lord, with thee.



PSALM XV. Fourth Verfion. Watts..
HO shall inhabit in thy Hill,

O God of Holiness?
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell

So near his Throne of Grace ? 3 The Man who walks in pious Ways, And works with righteous Hands;


Who trusts his Maker's Promises,

And follows his Commands. 3 He speaks the Meaning of his Heart,

Nor slanders with his Tongue ; Will scarce believe an ill Report,

Nor do his Neighbour Wrong. 4 The wealthy Sinner he contemns,

Loves all who fear the Lord;
And tho' to his own Hurt he swears,

Still he performs his Word.
5 His Hands disdain a golden Bribe,

And never gripe the Poor.
This Man shall dwell with God on Earth,

And find his Heav'n secure.

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PSALM XV. Fifth Version. HO are the Men, the World among,

To whom immortal Joys belong ?

And who the chosen Race ?
Whofe Souls shall mount the blest Abode,
Shall live for ever with their God,

And view his smiling Face.
2 The Man, who, ʼmidst a scoffing Croud,
Dares to pursue the upward Road,

Where Virtue shoots her Ray;
Whose willing Heart, whose chearful Hands,
Join to perform his God's Commands,

And own his sacred Sway :
3 Whose Tongue, the Glory of his Frame,
Ne'er scatters Poisons on a Name;

For 'tis his constant Care,
Such is his Soul! to grave the Part,
He owes his Neighbour, on his Heart,

In Strokes divinely fair.
4 Though Sinners swell in Robes of Pride,
And boast their Thousands at their Side,

He can their Pomp despise ;
While the poor Saint, that fears the Lord,
Bends to his Name, and trusts his Word,

Is honor'd in his Eyes.


If once his Lips the Word have spoke,
The Word he never dares revoke ;

And obftinately good,
He varies not from what he swore,
Though Earth and Hell oppos'd their Pow'r,

And his Resolves withstood.. 6 By Fraud he never will augment The Plenties Providence has lent:

He pleads the guiltless Caufe, Though all the Lux’ry of the East Were brought to bribe him into Rest,

And hush th' impartial Laws.
7 This is the Soul, that, freed from Clay,
Shall climb to everlasting Day,

And dwell for ever there :
Who might behold all Nature break,
And hear its mighty Pillars crack,

And never yield to Fear.

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PSALM XVI. First Version. Firft Part. Merrick.. Confidence in God, and a proper Sense of our own Insignificance.

ATHER of All! my Soul defend ;

On thee my stedfast Hopes depend ; “ Thou, mightiest Lord, and none beside,

“ Thou art my God,” my Heart has cry'd.. 2 In vain, with grateful Zeal, I burn

Thy boundless Goodness to return;
In vain would Gifts by me beftow'd

Augment the Treasures of my God.. 3. Yet shall my Love on all descend,

Whose Souls to thy Decrees attend,
My Heart's Defire to each incline,

Whose Saint-like Virtue marks him thine.. 4 Thee, Lord, my Patrimony, Thee

T'he Portion of my Cup I fee :
In all my Acts, in each Intent,

Thee to my Soul my Thoughts present. 5 Thee let me bless, the faithful Guide,

Whose Counsels o'er my Life preside, ,


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Whose sure Defence my Gate has barr'd,

And planted on my Right a Guard. 6 Each Blessing by thy Care secur’d,

Life's choicest Gifts around me pour'd;
For this my Heart, for this my Tongue,
Shall meditate the joyful Song.
PSALM XVI. First Version. Second Part.

Hope in Death of a happy Refurreétion.
ORD, though (thy Will has thus ordain’d)

My Flesh to Death's dark Shades descend;
Yet Hope ev'n there, my constant Guest,

Shall smooth the Pillow of my Reft.
2 Tho' Death awhile reign o'er my Frame,

Thou from the Grave my Soul shalt claim ;
Thou'lt to my Eyes, in full Survey,

The op’ning Paths of Life display :
3 Those Paths that to thy Presence bear ;

For Plenitude of Blifs is there,
And Pleasures, Lord, unmix'd with Woe,

At thy Right-Hand for ever flow.
PSALM XVI. Second Verfion. First Part. Watts.

Support and Counsel from God without Merit.
AVE me, O Lord, from ev'ry Foc;

In thee my Trust I place,
Teo' all the Good that I can do

Can ne'er deserve thy Grace.
2 Yet if my God prolong my Breath,

The Saints may profit by't;
Tse Saists the Glory of the Earth,

The Men of my Delight.
; Le: Heathens to their Idols halte,

and worship Wood or Stone ; B:s my delightful Lot is caft

W sere the true God is known.
4 Hs Hand provides my constant Food,

He Alls my daily Cup;
Wsch am I pleas'd with present Good,

But more rejoice in Hope.


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