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That his kind Favors ever laft,

Let thankful Ifrael say. 2 Their Sense of his eternal Love

Let upright Souls express : And that it never fails, let all

Who fear the Lord confefs. 3 Far better 'tis to trust in God,

And have the Lord our Friend,
Than on the greatest human Pow'r

For Safety to depend.
4 Joy fills the Dwellings of the Juft,

Whom God will faye from Harm :
For wond'rous Things are brought to pass

By his almighty Arm.
5 God will not suffer such to fall,

But still prolongs their Days, That by declaring all his Works,

They may advănée his Praise.
6 This Day is God's, let all the Land",

Exalt their cheatful Voice':.
Lord, we beseech thee, bless us now,

And make us still rejoice.
Whoe'er approaches in God's Name,

Let all th. Affembly bless;
“ We, who belong to God's own House,

Will with him good Success." 8 God is the Lord, thro' whom we all

Both Light and Comfort find; He's nigh to those who on him call,

To Mercy e'er inclin’d. 90 then let all give Thanks to God,

Who still does gracious prove ;** And let the Tribute oftaur Praise

Be endless as his Love.


. Christ the Foundation of this purch. EHOLD the sure Foundation-Stone

Which God in Zion lays



To build our heav'nly Hopes upon,

And his eternal Praise.
2 Chosen of God, to Sinners dear,

And Saints revere the Name,
They trust their whole Salvation here,

Nor shall they suffer Shame.
3 The foolish Builders, Scribe and Priest

Reject it with Disdain ;
Yet on this Rock the Church shall rest,

And Envy rage in vain.
4 What tho’ the Gates of Hell with tood,

Yet must this Building rise :
'Tis thy own Work, almighty God,

And wond'rous in our Eyes.
PSALM CXVIII. Fourth Version. Watts.

An Hosanna for the Lord's Day.
O what a glorious Corner-Stone

The Jewish Builders did refuse ;
But God hath built his Church thereon

In Spight of Envy and the Jews.
2 Great God, the work is all divine,

The Joy and Wonder of our Eyes :
This is the Day that proves it thine,

The Day that saw our Saviour rise.
3 Sinners rejoice ; and Saints, be glad:

Hosanna, let his Name be blest;
A thousand Honors on his Head

With Peace and Light and Glory rest! 4 In God's own Name he comes to bring

Salvation to our dying Race;
Let the whole Church proclaim their King
And give to God unceasing Praife.



Praise for Recovery from Sickness.
OV'REIGN of Life, I own thy Hand

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And, while I smart beneath thy Rod,
Thy Presence I invoke.

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2 To thee in my Distress I cry'd,

And thou hast bow'd thine Ear;
Thy pow'rful Word my Life prolong’d,

And brought Salvation near.
3 Unfold, ye Gates of Righteousness,

That, with the pious Throng, I may record my folemn Vows,

And tune my grateful Song.
Praise to the Lord, whose gentle Hand

Renews our lab'ring Breath :
Praise to the Lord, who makes his Saints

Triumphant e'en in Death.
5 My God, in thine appointed Hour

Those heav'nly Gates display,
Where Pain and Sin, and Fear and Death

For ever flee away.
6 There, while the Nations of the Bless’d

With Raptures bow around, My Anthems to deliv'ring Grace

In sweeter Strains shall found.

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PSALM CXIX. First Version. Merrick

Holy Resolutions and Prayer for divine Aid.
OW bleit, who thee, great God, obey,

And stedfást walk th' all-perfect Way!
How biest, whose Hearts with Will intire

Thy Presence seek, almighty Sire. 2 My Feet thy Guidance own; my

Has each nefarious At declin'd:
My Steps conform'd to thy Decrees,

Nor Shame nor Dread my Soul shall seize. 3 Thy Voice has charg'd me to fulfil

The Dictates of thy heay’nly Will:
Such, Lord, thy Charge; and O may I

Attentive to the Talk apply.
4 Thy Precepts on my Mind impress'd

Shall swell with Joy my faithful Breaft,
Thy Justice prompt my Tongue to raise
The Song of Gratitude and Praise,

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God's Word the furef Guide of Youth, and the best Treasure.
1 How, early wise, fall Youth, O say,

In Innocence direct its way?
Thy Word its Steps, to thee refign’d,

The ever faithful Guide shall find,
2 Hail, best Instructor! Thee my Thought

With full Defire, great God, has fought:
O let me not, by Error's Sway

Impelld, from thy Direction stray.
3 Thy Precept, in my Breast conceald,

From Sin's Assault my Heart shall Thield;
Bleft is thy Name, eternal Lord !

O write within my Mind thy Word ;

That Word, whose Rules from Day to Day
My Lips with grateful Zeal display:
These, my best Wealth, my treasur'd Store,

I keep, and view them o'er and o’er:
5 Thy Dictates ftill, my conftant Joy,

My Soul's Attention shall employ ;
Nor aught shall from my sight withdraw
Thy Path, or from my Thought thy Law,

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Imploring divine Guidance.
I Thy Mercy let thy Servant see,

Grant me to live conform’d to thee,
And let my Soul, each Mift away,

The Wonders of thy Law survey.
2 Behold me, absent from my Home,

Thro’ Life's wild Maze a Pilgrim roam,
Nor thou to my desiring Eye
Thy Word's directing Beams deny.

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3 With

3 With ardent Zeal, with strong Desire,

My Thoughts to thy Decrees aspire;
My Life, thy Will its fix'd Pursuit,

Shall each opprobrious Tongue refute,
4 Thy Laws my ev'ry Thought controul,

While, fill'd with sacred Joy, my Soul
Its ever faithful Friends in these
And Inmates of its Counsel fees,

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Hope in divine Mercy.
1 Low in the Dust my soul is laid;

O reach me, Lord, thy promis’d Aid;
Thou, as my Heart its Guilt avow'd,

Thy pitying Ear, great God, halt bow'd;
2 O let me, lesson'd in thy Way,

The Wonders of thy Grace survey :
While on my Soul, that melts with Woe,

That Grace its Succours shall bestow,
3 (Such Hope thy Word has bid me form ;)

Let me, with holy Transport warm,
And privileg'd thy Law to learn,

From Falsehood's Path abhorrent turn.
4 Truth, Lord, my steady Thoughts purfue,

Thy Judgments fix'd before my View
In full Display: Exempt from Shame

O give me thou by thele to frame
5 My Course; and mark with what Delight,

(As onward these my Steps invite)
Its Bands by thee dissolv'd, my Soul
Anticipates the distant Goal.

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Imploring divine Inftruction.
1 Teach me, O teach me, Lord, thy Way ;

So to my Life's remotest Day,
By thy unerring Precepts led,
My willing Feet thy Paths shall tread.

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