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By thee Heav'n's shining Arch was spread;
By thee were Earth's Foundations laid,
And all the Charms of Men's Abode
Proclaim the wise, the gracious God.
Thy tender Hand restores our Breath,
When trembling on the verge of Death;
Gently it wipes away our Tears,
And lengthens Life to future Years.
These Lives are sacred to the Lord ;
Kindled by him, by him restor'd;
And, while our Hours renew their Race,
Still would we walk before his Face.
So when at length by him we're led
Thro' unknown Regions of the Dead,
With Joy triumphant hall we move
To Seats of nobler Life above.

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PSALM CXVI. Fifth Version.

OOK back, my Soul, with grateful Love,

On what thy God has done;
Praise him for his unnumber'd Gifts,

And praise him for his Son.
: How oft hath his indulgent Hand

My flowing Eye-Lids dry'd,
And rescu'd from impending Death,

When I in Danger cry'd !
3 When on the Bed of Death I lay,
With Sickness fore oppress’d,

1 How oft hath he assuag'd my Grief,

And lulld my Eyes to Reit!
Back from Destruction's yawning Pit

At his Command I came;
He fed th' expiring Lamp anew,

And rais'd its feeble Flame.
5 My broken Spirit he hath cheard,

? When torn with inward Grief;

it And, when Temptations press'd me fore,

Hath brought me fwift Relief.

Low in Bur GC


My Gr


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6 Sou! from everlasting Death

Is by his Mercy brought,
To tei in Zica's sacred Gates

The Wonders he hath wrought.
SI walk before his Face,

Se he this Life prolongs;
Tid Grace hall all its Work compleat,

and teach me heav'nly Songs.
PSALM CXVI. Sixth Version. Dodpridos

Rocrvers from Sickness..
Y God, thy Service well demands

The Remnant of my ;
Warwaschis deeting Breath renew'd,

Bai to reaew chy Praise ?
: Tine Arms of everlafing Love

Did this weak Frame (uitain,
Hea Life was hor'ring o'er the Grave;.

Ang Vature funk with Pain.
3 Trou, when the Pains of Death were felt,

Diät chare the Fears of Hell;
Acd teach any pale and quiv'ring Lips

Tar matchless Grace to tell.
4 Cainly I bow'd my fainting Head

Cair dear faithful Breait ;
Pensä sover my Father's Call-

To his eternal Ref.
sluo ty Hands, roy Saviour God,

DI my Soul refign,
Ia sa Dependence on that Truth,

Waich made Salvation mine.
6 Back fun che Borders of the Grave

As or Command I come:
Nor would I urge a {peedier Flight

To my celestial Home.
Where chou determin't mine Abode,

Tàere would I chose to be ;
For in the Preiènce Death is Life,

A Earth is Hear'a with chee.

In Life

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To the

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A Praise



PSALM CXVI. Seventh Version. Steele,

HE Lord preserves, with tender Care,

The Weak, the Humble, and Sincere ;
Low in the Dust my Hopes were laid,
But God-appear’d with timely Aid.
Thy Mercy, Lord, preserv'd my Breath,
And snatch'd my fainting Soul from Death,
Remov'd my Sorrows, dry'd my Tears,
And sav'd me from surrounding Snares.
Now will I walk before the Lord,
A living Witness to his Word;
With Faith and Pray’r I sought his Face,
My Griefs were great, and great his Grace.
What shall I render to the Lord ?
Or how his wond'rous Grace record ?
To him my grateful Voice I'll raise,
And pour Libations to his Praise.
His crouded Courts shall see me pay
The Vows of my distressful Day;
In Life and Death the Saints shall find
Their guardian God for ever kind.
Thy Servant, Lord, is wholly thine,
By Nature's Ties, and Bonds divine;
From deep Distress.and Sorrow free,
Anew I give myself to thee.
· To thee, with Sacrifice of Praise,
My Invocations I will raise ;
To thee my Vows shall warm ascend,

While Crowds the solemn Rites attend.
ŠO Salem, in thy sacred Courts,

Where Glory dwells and Joy resorts,
To Notes divine I'll tune the Song,
And Praise shall flow from ev'ry Tongue.

Universal Praise.
ET thy various Realms, O Earth,

L Praifes yield to Heav'n's high Lord;

Praise him all of human Birth,
And his wond'rous Aēts record.

2 See

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PSALM CXVII. Second Version. TATE. 1

TITH chearful Notes let all the Earth

To Heav'n their Voices raise:
Let all, inspir'd with godly Mirth,

Sing folemn Hymns of Praise.
2 God's tender Mercy knows no Bound;

His Truth shall ne'er decay:
Then let the willing Nations round,
Their grateful Tribute pay.
PSALM CXVII. Third Version. WATTS.
All ye Nations, praise the Lord

Each with a dif'rent Tongue;
In ev'ry Language learn his Word,

And let his Name be sung.
2 His Mercy reigns thro' ev'ry Land;

Proclaim his Grace abroad;
For ever firm his Truth shall stand ;


the faithful God.
PSALM CXVII. Fourth Version. WATTS. The
ROM all that dwell below the Skies

Let the Creator's Praise arise :
Let the Redeemer's Name be sung

Thro' ev'ry Land, by ev'ry Tongue.
2 Eternal are thy Mercies, Lord ;
Eternal Truth attends thy Word;

TH Thy Praise fhall found from Shore to Shore

7 Till Suns shall rise and set no more.

Di · PSALM CXVII. Fifth Version. Watts.


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T Shall wound throditant Lands ;

Great is thy Gràce, and sure thy Word;

Thy Truth for ever Itands.

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2 Far be thine Honor spread,

And long thy Praise endure,
Till morning-Light and Ev'ning-Shade

Shall be exchang'd no more.

Praise to God.
IFT your Voice, and thankful fing

Praises to your heav'nly King ;
For his Mercies far extend,

And his Bounty knows no End. 2 Israel, thy Creator bless,

And with joyous Tongue confess,
That his Mercies far extend,

And his Bounty knows no End.
3 Ye who make his Will your Care,

With affenting Voice declare,
That his Mercies far extend,

And his Bounty knows no End. 40, how safe the Man, whose Mind

Rests on Jacob's God reclin'd!
Safer far than they who trust

On the Help of breathing Duft. 5 Thee, the God inthron'd above,

Thee my Lips fhall fing, whose Love
To my Voice Attention gave,

Prompt to hear, and strong to fave. 6 Safe in Ifrael's Lord confide;

He is God, and none beside :
Thee, my God, in lengthen’d Lays,

Thee my raptur'd Lips shall praise. 7 Lift your Voice, and thankful fing

Praises to your heav'nly King ;
For his Mercies far extend,
And his Bounty knows no End.

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PSALM CXVIII. Second Version. Tåte.
Public Praise flowing from a liberal Catholic Spirit.
Praise the Lord, for he is good,
His Mercies ne'er decay:


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