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· He thunders, and all Nature mourns;
The Rock to standing Pools he turns ;
Flints spring with Fountains at his Word,
And Fires and Seas confess the Lord..

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SALM CXV. First Version. First Part. MERRICK.

The extreme Folly of Idol Worship. 1 HY' should the Heathen Tribes demand,


's now the God of Israel's Land ?” In Heav'n our God has fix'd his Throne, That Lord whose Will and Act are one. : Not.such the Gods whom ye adore, That, once a. Mass of fapeless Ore, Now crown'd with furtive Honors stand,

The Creatures of the Artist's Hand;. 3. Of Sense-belying Parts poffefs'd,

In useless Imag-ry express’d; [Of Mouth, but not for Speech design'd;

Of Ears and Eyes, yet deaf and blind : 4. Whofe Nostrils, as along the Fane

It breathes, the Incense greets in vain ;
Whose Feet, whose Hands ne'er aught essay'd,

Whose Throat has never Sound convey'd :

Unvisited by Wisdom's Ray
Their Breast, nor less insensate they,
Who made their mimic Forms, or, made,

With fruitless Pray’r invoke their Aid. 6 Ye happier Sons of Israel's Line,

Conducted by the Light divine,
On God


firm Reliance build ; Him own your Refuge, him your Shield.

PSALM CXV. First Version. Second Part. Praise to God the Refuge and Confidence of the Righteous, a E Souls with


Devotion warm,
Whose Lives to his Decrees conform,
On God your firm Reliance build ;
Him own your Refuge, him your Shield.

2 Behold:


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2 Behold his Beams around us shine :

He, Jacob, he shall bless thy Line,
From him whose Hand the Scepter guides,

To him who in the Cot resides, 3

To you, to yours, till Time shall end,
His Love its Blessings shall extend,
Heirs of the changeless Promise giv'n

By him who form the Earth and Heav'n : 4 That Heav'n, within whose awful Bound

Himself, with brightest Glory crown'd,
His Seat has rear'd; while Adam's Sons

The Earth (his Gift) its Tenants owns.
5 Not those whom Death has fnatch'd away

The Debt of hallow'd Praise shall pay,
Or wake his Wonders to disclose,

But filent in the Dust repose :
6 'Tis Ours, who still those Wonders view,

The grateful Labor to pursue ;
Nor ever hall our Lips decline
To crown with Hymns the Name divine.
PSALM CXV. Second Version. TATE,

Idolatry reproved.
ORD, not to us, we claim no Share,

But to thy sacred Name,
Give Glory for thy Mercy's Sake,

And Truth's eternal Fame.
2 Why should the Heathen cry, where's now

The God whom we adore ?
Convince 'em that in Heav'n thou art,

And uncontroul'd thy Pow'r.
3 Their Gods but Gold and Silver are,

The Works of mortal Hands:
With speechless Mouth and fightless Eyes

The molten Idol stands.
* The Pageant hath both Ears and Nose,

But neither hears nor smells;
Its Hands and Feet nor feel nor move ;

No Life within it dwells.


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5 Such

$ Such senseless Stocks they are, that we

Can nothing like 'em find;
But those who on their Help rely,

And them for Gods design'd.
6 Ifrael, make the Lord your Trust,

Who is your Help and Shield ;
Both high and low truit him alone,

Who only Help can yield.
7 Let all who truly fear the Lord,

On him they fear rely;
Who them in Danger can defend,

And all their Wants supply.
8 On them, and on their Heirs, he will

Increase of Blessings bring; ->

Thrice happy they, who Fav'rites are

Of this almighty King.
9 Heav'n's highest Orb of Glory, he

His Empire's Seat design'd;

gave this lower Globe of Earth

A Portion to Mankind.
10 They who in Death and Silence sleep,

To him no Praise afford:
But we will bless for evermore

Our ever living Lord.

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OT to ourselves, who are but Dust,

Not to ourselves is Glory due;
Eternal God, thou only Just,
Thou only Gracious, Wife, and True.
Shine forth in all thy glorious Name;
Why should a Heathen's haughty Tongue
Insult us, and to raise our Shame

Say, ".Where's the God you've feru'd so long ?" 3 The God we serve maintains his Throne

Above the Clouds, beyond the Skies,
'Thro' all the Earth his Will is done,
He knows our Pains, he hears our Criesi

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They have no Speech, nor Thought, nor Pow'r, nor Love;

4 But the vain Idols they adore

Are senselefs Shapes of Stone and Wood ;
At beft a Mass of glitt'ring Ore,
A filver Saint, or golden God.


The 5 [With Eyes and Ears they carve their Head,

WE Deaf are their Ears, their Eyes are blind; In vain are costly Off'rings made,

And Vows are scatter'd in the Wind. 6 Their Feet were never made to move,

Nor Hands to save when Mortals pray.
Mortals who pay.chem Fear or Love

Seem to be blind and deaf as they.] 7 0 Ifrael, make the Lord thy Hope,

Thy Help, thy Refuge, and thy Reft;
The Lord thall build thy Ruins up,

And bless the People and the Priest.
S The Dead no more can speak thy Praise,

They dwell in Silence and the Grave,
But we shall live to fing thy Grace,
And tell the World thy Pow'r to save.

PSALM CXV, Fourth Version, WATTS.

OT to our Names, thou only Just and True,

Not to our Names, Great God, is Glory due;
Thy Pow'r and Grace, thy Truth and Justice claim
Immortal Honors to thy sov’reign Name.
Shine thro' the Earth from Heav’n thy bleft Abode,
Nor let the Heathens say, “ And wbere's

your 2 Heav'n is thine higher Court: There stands thy Throne,

And thro' the lower Worlds thy Will is done:
Our God fram'd all this Earth, these Heav'ns he spread

, But Fools adore the Gods their Hands have made: The kneeling Crowd with Looks devout behold Their Silver Saviours, and their Saints of Gold. 3 [Vain are those artful Shapes of Eyes and Ears ;

The molten Image neither fees nor hears :
Their Hands are helpless, nor their Feet can move,

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Yet fottish Mortals make their long Complaints * To their deaf Idols, and their moveless Saints.

The Rich have Statues well adorn'd with Gold;
The Poor content with, Gods of coarser Mould,
With Tools of Iron carve the senseless Stock,
Lopt from a Tree, or broken from. a Rock:
People and Priet drive on the solemn Trade...

And trust the Gods which Saws and Hammers made..] i Be Heav'n and Earth amaz'd!. 'Tis hard to say

Which is more stupid, or their Gods, or they.
O.Ifrael, trust the Lord; he hears and fees,
He knows thy Sorrows, and restores thy Peace:
His Worship does a thousand Comforts yield,

He is thy Help, and he thy Heav'nly Shield.. 6 O Britain, trust the Lord: Thy Foes in vain

Attempt thy Ruin, and oppose his Reign;
Had they prevaild, Darkness had clos’d

our Days;
And Death and Silence had forbid his Praise :
But we are fav’d, and live : Let Songs arise,
And Britain bless the God who built the Skies.

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PSALM CXVI. Firft Version,

First Part. MERRICK
Praise for Deliverance from Death.
i LOW glows with grateful Love my Breast !

For God the Voice of my Request
Accepts, and, while my Hands I rear,
Bows to my Plaint the willing Ear;.
For this, to Life's extremelt Hour

My Lips to him the Pray'r shall pour.
2 While Death its Snares around me threw,

The Grave its Horrors to my View
Presenting, press’d with heaviest Grief,
From thee, great God, I fought Relief:
“O save me, heav'nly Sire, I cry'd,

And turn th' impending Stroke afide.”. 3 Thou, mightiest Father, thou wert nigh;.

To save my Soul from Death, mine Eye
From Tears, to guard from Lapse my Feet,
And bid me in this earthly Seat


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