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5 No Med'cines could effect the Cure

So quick, so easy, or so sure :
The deadly. Sentence God repeals,

He sends his fov’reign Word and heals. 6 O may the Sons of men record

The wondrous Goodness of the Lord !
And let their thankful Off'rings prove:
How they adore their Maker's Love..

PSALM CVIP.. Third Version:

Fourth Part.

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Deliverance from Storms. and Shipwreck,
OULD you behold the Works of God,

His Wonders in the World abroad,
Go with the Mariners, and trace

The unknown Regions of the Seas.
2 They leave their native Shores behind,

And seize the Favor of the Wind;
Till God command, and Tempests rise

That heave the Ocean to the Skies. 3

Now to the Heav'ns they mount amain,
Now sink to dreadful Deeps again ;
What ftrange Affrights young Sailors feel,

And like a stagg’ring Drunkard reel!: 4 When Land is far, and Death is nigh,

In their Distress, to God they cry :
His Mercy hears the loud Address,

And sends Salvation in Distress. 5

He bids the Winds their Wrath assuage;
The furious Waves forget their Rage;
'Tis calm ; and Sailors smile to see

The Haven where they wish'd to be.. 6 O may the Sons of Men record

The wond'rous Goodness of the Lord!
Let them their thankful Off'rings bring;
And in the Church his Glory sing.



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PSALM CVII, Third Version. Fifth Part.

Nations punisbed, and restored on Repentance.
HEN God, provok'd with daring Crimes,
Scourges the Madness of the Times,

He turns their Fields to barren Sand,

And dries the Rivers from the Land. 2 His Word can raise the Springs again, And make the wither'd Mountains green,

E Send fhow'ry Blessings from the Skies;

And Harvests in the Defart rise.
3 They fow the Fields, and Trees they plant,

Whose yearly Fruit supplies their Want:
Their Race grows up from fruitful Stocks,

Their Wealth increases with their Flocks, 4. Thus they are blest ; but if they fin,

He lets some foreign Nation in,
A hostile Crew invades their Lands,
Their Princes die by barb'rous Hands.

65 5 Their captive Sons expos'd to Scorn

Wander unpity'd and forlorn :
The Country lies unfenc'd, untillid,

And Desolation spreads the field.
6 Yet if the humbled Nation mourns,.

7 Again his dreadful Hand he turns ; Again he makes their Cities thrive,

And bids a dying People live,
7. The Righteous with a joyful Sensein

Admire the Works of Providence ;
And Tongues of Sinners shall no more

Blaspheme the God whom Saints adore.. 8 How few with pious Care record

These wond'rous Dealings of the Lord ? :
But wife Observers still shall find
The Lord is holy, juft; and kind.
P S A L M CVII. Fourth Verfion, WATTS.

The Mariner's. Pfalm.
IT HY Works of Glory, mighty Lord,
Thy Wonders
in the Deeps


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The Sons of Courage shall record

Who trade in floating Ships. 2 At thy Command the Winds arise,

And swell the tow'ring Waves; The Men astonish?d mount the Skies

And sink in gaping Graves. 3 Again they climb the wat’ry Hills,

And plunge in Deeps again ; Each like a tott'ring Drunkard reels,

And finds his Courage vaina,
4. Frighted to hear the Tempest roar,

They pant with flutt?ring Breath,
And hopeless of the distant Shore:

Expect immediate Death.
5 Then to the Lord they raise their Cries ;

He hears the loud Request,
And orders Silence through the Skies,

And lays the Floods to reft,
6 Sailors rejoice to lose their Fears,

And see the Storm allay'd ::
Now to their Eyes the Port appears ;

There let their Vows be paid.
7 'Tis God who brings them safë to Land;:

Let thoughtless Mortals know
That Waves are under his Command,

And all the Winds that blow.
8. O that the Sons of Men would praise

The Goodness of the Lord !,
And those who see thy wond'rous Ways,.
Thy wond'rous Love record !.
PSALM CVII. Fifth Version. WATTS.

God's Dominion over the Sea.
OD of the Seas, thy thund'ring Voice

Makes all the roaring Waves rejoice!
And one soft Word of thy Command

Can, sink them filent.in the Sand. 2 If but a Moses wave thy Rod,

The Sea divides, and owns its God;
The stormy Floods their Maker knew,
And let his chosen Armies through.

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3 The

3 The scaly Flocks amidst the Sea

To thee, their Lord, a Tribute pay;
The meaneft Fith that swims the Flood

Leaps up, and means a Praise to God. 4 [The larger Monsters of the Deep

On thy Commands Attendance keep;
By thy Permifiion, sport and play,

And cleave along their foaming Way. 5

If God his Voice of Tempest rears,
Leviathan lies itill, and fears ;
Anon he lifts his Nostrils high,

And spouts the Ocean to the Sky.] 6 How is thy glorious Pow'r ador'd

Amidst these wat’ry Nations, Lord!
Yet the bold Men who trace the Seas,

Thoughtless forget their Maker's Praise. 7 Oh, for some Signal of thine Hand,

That Pow'r which form d both Sea and Land !
To manifeft, left such deny,
That there's a God who rules the Sky.

Praise to God for his wonderful Works.
E Sons of Men, with Joy record-

The various Wonders of the Lord ;:
And let his Pow's and Goodness found

Tribes the Earth around.. 2 Let the high Heav'ns your Songs invite,

Those spacious Fields of brilliant Light;
Where Sun, and Moon, and Planets roll,

And Stars that glow from Pole to Pole. 3 Sing Earth in verdant Robes array'd,

Its Herbs and Flow'rs, its Fruit and Shade;,
Peopled with Life of various Forms,

Fishes and Fowl, and Beasts and Worms.. 4. View the broad Sea's majestic Plains,

And think how wide its Maker reigns ;.
That Band remotest Nations joins,
And on each Wave his Goodness shines..


Thro' all your

5 Ye Sons of Men, with Joy record.

The various Wonders of the Lord ;
And let his Pow'r and Goodness found
Thro' all your Tribes the Earth around.


PSALM CVII. Seventh Version. ADDISON.. The Traveller's Pfalm, or preserving Goodness acknowledgede store 1 OW are thy Servants blest, O Lord !

sure is their Defence! Eternal Wisdom is their Guide,

Their Help Omnipotence.
2 In foreign Realms, and Lands remote,

Supported by thy Care ;
Through burning Climes I pass'd unhurt,

And breath'd in tainted Air.
3 Thy Mercy sweeten'd ev'ry Soil,

Made ev'ry Region please ;
The hoary frozen Hills it warm’d,

And smooth'd the boift'rous Seas. 4 Think, O my Soul, devoutly think,

How with affrighted Eyes,
Thou saw'st the wide extended Deep,

In all its Horrors rise!
5 Confusion dwelt in ev'ry Face,

And Fear in ev'ry Heart ;
When Waves on Waves, and Gulphs on Gulphs,

O’ercame the Pilot's Art.
6 Yet then from all my Griefs, O Lord,

Thy Mercy set me free;
While in the Confidence of Pray'r

My Soul took Hold on thee.
7 For though in dreadful Whirles we hung,

High on the broken Wave;
I knew thou wer't not flow to hear,

Nor impotent to save.
8 The Storm was laid, the Winds retir'd,

Obedient to thy Will;
The Sea that roard at thy Command,

At thy Command was Aill.

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