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6 O then that all the Earth with me

Would God for this his Goodness praise!
And for the mighty Works which he

Throughout the wond'ring World displays. 7 For he from Heav'n the fad Eftate

Of longing Souls with Pity views ;
To hungry Souls that pant for Mear,
His Goodness daily Food renews.


1 Some lie, with Darkness compass'd round,

In Death's uncomfortable Shade;
And with unwieldy Fetters bound,

By pressing Cares more heavy made: 2 Because God's Counsel they defy'd,

And lightly priz'd his holy Word;
With tħese' Alictions they were try'd,
They fell, and none could Help afford.
Then foon to God's indulgent Ear,
Did they their mournful Cry address;
Who graciously vouchfaf?d to hear,

And freed them from their deep Distress. 4 From dismal Dungeons, dark as Night,

And Shades as black as Death's Abode,
He brought them forth to chearful Light,

And welcome Liberty bestow'd.
5 O then that all the Earth with me,

Would God for this his Goodness praise ;
And for the mighty Works which he

Throughout the wond'ring World displays.. 6 For he with his almighty Hand

The Gates of Brass in Pieces broke;
Nor could the maffy Bars withstand,
Or temper'd Steel refift his Stroke.


The Sick. Remorseless Sinners, void of Sense;. Wich bold Transgrestions, God defy;

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And for their multiply'd Offence,

Opprest with fore Diseases lie.
2 Their Soul, a Prey to Pain and Fear,

Abhors to taste the choiceft Meats;
And they, by swift Degrees, draw near

To Death's in hospitable Gates.
3 Then strait to God's indulgent Ear

Do they their mournful Cry address;
Who graciously vouchsafes to hear,

And frees them from their deep Distress. 4 He all their fad Diftempers heals,

His Word both Health and Safety gives;
And when all human Succour fails,

From near Destruction them retrieves. 5 O then, that all the Earth with me,

Would God for this his Goodness praise,
And for the mighty Works which he
Throughout the wond'ring World displays.


3 They who in Ships, with Courage bold,

O'er swelling Waves their Trade pursue :
The Lord's amazing Works behold,

And in the Deep his Wonders view. 2 No sooner his Command is paft,.

But forth a dreadful Tempest flies,
Which sweeps the Sea with rapid Haften,

And makes the stormy Billows rise.
3. Sometimes the Ships, toss?d up to Heav'ng

On Tops of lofty Waves appear,
Then down the steep Abyss are driv'n,

While every Soul dissolves with Fear. 4 They reel and stagger to and fro,

Like Men with Fumes of Wine opprest :
Nor do the skilful Seamen know

Which Way to steer, what Course is best.. 5 Then strait to God's indulgent Ear,

They do their mournful Cry address;


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Who graciously vouchfafes to hear,

And frees them from their deep Distress. 6 He does the raging Storm appease,

And inakes the Billows calm and ftill:
With Joy they see their Fury cease,

And their intended Course fúlfil. 7

O then, that all the Earth with me
Would God for this his Goodness praise !
And for the mighty Works which he
Throughout the wond'ring World displays.


Public Communities.
I A fruitful Land, where Streams abound,

Justice divine, if People fin,
Will turn to dry and barren Ground,

To punish those who dwell therein.
2 The parch'd and defart Heath he makes:

To flow with Streams and springing Wells,
Which for his Lot the Hungry takes,

And in strong Cities fafely dwells..
3 He fows the Field, the Vineyard plants,

Which gratefully his Toil repay ;
Nor can, while God his Blessing grantsy.

His fruitful Seed or Stock decay. 4 But if by Sin he Heav'n provoke,

His Health and Substance fade away:
He feels th' Oppressor's galling Yoke,

And is of Grief the wretched Prey.
5 The Prince, who flights what God commands,

Expos'd to Scorn, mast quit his Throne;
And over wild and defart Lands,

Where no Path offers, stray alone:
6 While God, from all afflicting Cares,

Sets up the humble Man on high ;
And makes in Time his num'rous Heirs

With his encreasing Flocks to vie.
7 Then Sinners shall have nought to say,

The Just a decent Joy shall fhow :
The Wise these strange Events shall weigh,
And thence God's Goodness fully know.

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PSALM CVII. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.

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Ifrael led to Canaan, and Chriftians to Heaven.
VIVE Thanks to God : He reigns above,

Kind are his Thoughts, his Name is Love;
His Mercy Ages paft have known,

And Ages long to come shall own. 2 Let the Redeemed of the Lord

The Wonders of his Grace record; ili

Ifrael, the Nation whom he chose,

And rescu'd from their mighty Foes.
3. When God's almighty Arm had broke

Their Fetters and th' Egyptian Yoke,
They trac'd the Defart, wand'ring round,

A wild and solitary Ground.
4.There they could find no leading Road,
Nor City for a fix'd Abode ;
Nor Food, nor Fountain to assuage

Their burning Thirst, or Hunger's Rage.. 5: In their Distress to God they cry'd,

God was their Saviour and their Guide ; :
He led their March far wand'ring round;

'Twas the right Path to Canaan's Grounde 6 His Grace the fame, he's now our Guide, ,

By him are all our Wants. supply'd;.
He guards us with a pow'rful Hand,

And brings us to the heav'nly Land. 70 let us. then with Joy record

The Truth and Goodness of the Lord! :

his Works! how kind his Ways !
Let ev'ry Tongue pronounce his Praise.
PSALM CVII. . Third: Version. Second Part...

Correction for Sin, and Release by Prayer. .
ROM Age to Age exalt his Name,

God and his Grace are still the same : :
He fills the hungry Soul with Food,
And feeds the Poor with ev'ry Gooda.

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2 But if their Hearts rebel and rise:

Against the God who rules the Skies,
If they reject his heav'nly Word,

And flight the Counsels of the Lord;
3 He'll bring their Spirits to the Ground,

And no Deliv'rer shall be found ;
Laden with Grief they waste their Breath

In Darkness and the Shades of Death.
4 Then to the Lord they raise their Cries,

He makes the dawning Light arise,
And scatters all that dismal Shade

Which hung fo heavy round their Head. ş He cuts the Bars of Brass in two,

And lets the smiling Pris’ners thro':
Takes off the Load of Guilt and Grief,

And gives the lab’ring Soul Relief.. 6 O may the Sons of Men record.

The wond'rous Goodness of the Lord !
How great his Works! how kind his Ways !
Let ev'ry Tongue pronounce his Praise..

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PSALM CVIL Third VersionThird Parti,

Intemperance punished and pardoned.
AIN Man on foolish Pleasures bent

V Prepares for his own Punishments

What Pains, what loathsome Maladies.

From Luxury and Luft arise !
2 The Drunkard feels his Vitals waste,

Yet drowns his Health to please his Taltes.
Till all his active Pow’rs are lost,

And fainting Life draws near the Dufti 3 The Glutton groans, and loaths to eat;:

His Soul abhors delicious Meat:
Nature with heavy Loads opprest

Would yield to Death to be releas'd :: 4

Then how the frighted Sinners fly
To God for Help with earneft Cry!
He hears their Groans, prolongs their Breath,
And saves them from approaching Death.

5 No

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