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3 Remember what thy Mercy did

For Jacob's Race, thy chosen Seed;
And with the fame Salvation bless

The meaņest Suppliant of thy Grace. 4 O may I see thy Tribes rejoice,

And aid their Triumphs with my Voice!
This is my Glory, Lord, to be
Join'd to thy Saints, and near to thee.


God's providential Dealings in various Instances recorded.

Ifrael led through the Wilderness to Canaan.
O God above from all below

Let Hymns of Praise ascend;
Whose Blessings unexhaufted flow,

Whose Mercy knows no End. 2 But chief by those his Name be blest,

To whom his Aid he gave : Whom he beheld by Foes oppress’d,

And reach'd his Arm to save.
3 To Eaft, to West, to South, to North,

Condemn'd a while to roam,
His Hand in Pity brought them forth,

And call'd the Wand'rers Home. 4 Behold them o'er the Defart stray,

A helpless, hopeless Train :
Some City, where their Steps to itay,

They seek, but seek in vain.
5 Ah! what shall chear their fainting Mind, .

Or what their Woes assuage,
To Thirft's afflictive Pain confign'd,

And Famine's fiercest Rage ?
6 Distress'd to God they make their Pray'r:

He guides, direct, their Feet ; And, fafe in his protecting Care, They reach their destin'd Seat.

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7 O then that all would bless his Name,

Whose Mercy thus they prove,
And pleas'd from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love.
8 That Love, whose Gifts with thankful Breast

The Sons of Want divide,
And find their ev'ry Grief redress'd,
Their ev'ry With supply'd.


Captives Released. i How just the Doom to those assign’d,

Who, frantic, durst withstand The Counsels of th' almighty Mind,

And spurn his just Command. 2 These erst he bade th' Avenger's Hand

In Death's dark Shades detain; And added to the Iron Band

Affliction's heavier Chain.
3. O'erwhelm'd with deepest Woe they lie,

And sinking to the Grave:
No pitying Ear attends their Cry;

No Hand is nigh to save.
Distress'd, to God they make their Pray'r;

He, instant, near them stands, Difpels the Gloom of black Despair,

And breaks their stubborn Bands. 50 then that all would bless his Name,

Whofe Mercy thus they prove,
And pleas'd from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love :
6 That Love, which oft its Succour gives,

The Captive's Woes to heal,
The Gates of Brass in sunder cleaves,
And bursts the Bars of Steel.


Intemperance chastised and reformed. i Beneath his Terrors bid to groan,

Behold th' intemp'rate Band
The Fruits of Folly reap, and own
The Justice of his Hand.

2 Estrang'd


2 Estrang'd from Food, their languid Soul

The needful Meal foregoes : Life feels its Current faintly roll,

And haftens to its Close.
3 Distress’d, to God they make their Pray'r;

And Nature, joyous, sees
His Word her ruin's Strength repair,

Her fierceft Tortures ease.
4 O then that all would bless his Name,

Whose Mercy thus they prove,
And pleas'd from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love :
5 That Realms of various Tongue would sing

His Aets in frequent Lays,
And yield to Heav'n's eternal King
The Sacrifice of Praise.

Mariners preserved from Shipwreck.
i Who o'er the Waves from Shore to Shore

The Gifts of Commerce bear, The Wonders of the Deep explore,

And own that God is there,
2 By these his Works are seen ; his Ways

By these are understood :
He speaks the Word; the Storm obeys,

And rising lifts the Flood.
3 Now high as Heav'n the Bark ascends,

Now leeks the Depth below :
Each Heart beneath the Terror bends,

And melts with inward Woe.
4 As gorg'd with Wine, in wild Amaze

They reel from Side to Side:
Nor Hope survives, their Souls to raise,

Nor Reason wakes to guide.
5 Distress’d, to God they make their Pray'r;

Obedient to his Will,
The Storms that rag'd, their Rage forbear,

The Seas that roar'd are still.

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6 Each

6 Each Grief, each Fear, at once refign’d,

They see their Labor o'er ;
Then led by him their Haven find,

And touch the wish'd-for Shore.
7 O then that all would blefs his Name,

Whose Mercy thus they prove,
And pleas’d from Age to Age proclaim

The Wonders of his Love.
8 That Salem in her facred Shrine

His Praise with thankful Tongue Would utter ; while her Elders join To swell the feftal Song.

PART V. Sinful Nations dispersed, and on Repentance re-established, I God bids; and lo a burning Waste,

Where roll’d the Floods before : And, touch'd by the descending Blast,

The Springs are seen no more,
2 Sad Witness of fome dire Offence,

Behold the fertile Soil
No more its wonted Gifts difpenfc,

But mock the Tiller's Toil.
3 He bids; and o'er the Defart wide

The liquid Lake is spread:
New Springs the thirsty Earth divide,

And murm’ring lift the Head.
4 There Myriads, late with Hunger wan,

By him assembled, meet;
There pleas'd the future City plan,

And fix their sure Retreat.
And now they fow the foodful Grain,

The tender Vine they rear ;
Now waves the Harvest o'er the Plain,

And Plenty crowns the Year.
6 Bleft in his Care, the Sires with Joy

A num'rous Race behold;
Nor dares Disease their Herds annoy,

Or waste the peopled Fold.

7 Anon,


7 Anon, if, sunk with heaviest Woe,

They feel Oppression's Pow'r; If civil Rage, or conqʼring Foe,

Their boasted Strength devour ;
8 His Hand affords the wilh'd Release;

Collects their scatter'd Train;
And bids them like the Flocks increase,

That fill the verdant Plain.
9 Such Truths his Servants shall attest,

And, joyful, wake the Song ;
While Shame the Impious Thall investe

And chain their speechless Tongue..
Lo His Works attentive while it fees,

The Heav'n-instructed Mind
Shall own how equal his Decreesy,
His Providence how kind.
PSALM CVII. Second Verfion. TĀTE:.

God's providential Goodness towards bewildered Travellers.

O God your grateful Voices raise,

Who does your daily Patron prove;
And let your never-ceasing Praise.

Attend on his eternal Love..
2 Let those give Thanks whom he from Bands:

Of proud oppreffing Foes releas'd;
And brought them back from distant Lands,

From North and South, and West and East. 3

Thro’lonely desart Ways they went,
Nor could a peopled City find;
Till quite with Thirst and Hunger spent,

Their fainting Souls with them were pin'd. 4 Then soon to God's indulgent Ear

Did they their mournful Cry address;
Who graciously vouchsaf'd to hear,

And freed them from their deep Distress.

From crooked Paths he led them forth,
And in the certain Way did guide,
To wealthy Towns of great Resort,
Where all their Wants were well supply'd.

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