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3 Diffufing Life, his Influence spreads,

And Health and Plenty smile around;
And fruitful Fields, and verdant Meads

Are with a thousand Blessings crown'd. 4. Almighty Goodness, Pow'r divine

The Fields and verdant Meads display;
And bless the Hand, which made them shine,

With various Charms profusely gay.
5 For Man and Beast, here, daily Food

In wide diffufive Plenty grows;
And there, for Drink, the crystal Flood,

In Streams sweet winding, gently flows.
6 By cooling Streams, and soft'ning Show'rs,

The vegetable Race are fed ;
And Trees, and Plants, and Herbs, and Flow'rs,

Their Maker's Bounty smiling spread. 7 The flow'ry Tribes, all blooming, rise

Above the weak Attempts of Art ;
Their bright, inimitable Dyes

Speak sweet Conviction to the Heart. 8 Ye curious Minds, who roam abroad,

And trace Creation's Wonders o'er,
Confess the Footsteps of the God,
And bow before him, and adore.


PSALM CIV. Eighth Version. BARBAULT.
Thanks to God for his bounteous Provision.

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For the Love that crowns our Days ;
Bounteous Source of ev'ry Joy,

Let thy Praise our Tongues employ; 2 For the Blessings of the Field,

For the Stores the Gardens yield;
For the Vine's exalted Juice,

For the gen'rous Olive's Use; 3

Flocks that whiten all the Plain,
Yellow Sheaves of ripen'd Grain;
Clouds that drop their fate’ning Dews,
Suns that temp'rate Warmth diffuse ;

All that spring with bounteous Hand
Scatters o'er the smiling Land;
All that lib’ral Autumn pours
From her rich o’erflowing Stores.
These to thee, great God, we owe;
Source whence all our Blessings flow;
And for these, our Souls shall raise
Grateful Vows and folemn Praise.

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PSALM CV. First Version. MERRICK.

A Song of Praise.
OME, celebrate your God and King;

Awake the Song, awake the String;
His Pow'r invoke ; his Praise proclaim ;
E And, faithful Heralds to his Fame,

Aloud declare, through ev'ry Land,
The Wonders of his mighty Hand.
2 let his Name your Thought employ;

His Name, fit Theme of highest Joy:
Such Joy may each for ever share,
Whose Steps to Salem's Fane repair:
O frequent seek that bleft Abode,
O seek the Face of Jacob's God.
3. Behold the Love to Ifrael shown,

Tat we, great God, thy Pow'r might own,
Thecach with stedfast Heart fulfil

ictates of thy mighty Will,
Awake the Song, awake the String,
And thankful praife th' immortal King.

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PSALM CV. Second Version. Tate.

God the proper Object of Prayer and Praife.


. Thanks, and bless the Lord,

, Acquaint the Nations with his Deeds,

His matchless Deeds proclaim. 2 Sing to his Praise in lofty Hymns,

His wondrous Works rehearse ;
Make them the Theme of your Discourse,

The Subject of your Verse.

3 Rejoice

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s Rejoice in his almighty Name,

Alone to be ador'd;
And let your Hearts o'erflow with Joy,

Who humbly seek the Lord.
4 Seck ye the Lord, his saving Strength

Devoutly still implore;
And, fince he's ever present, seek

His Face for evermore.

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PSALM CV. Third Version. WATTS.

God's Condua and Protection of his Church.
VIVE Thanks to God, invoke his Name,

And tell the World his Grace;
Sound thro' the Earth his Deeds of Fame,

That all may seek his Face.
2 His Cov'nant, which he kept in Mind

For num'rous Ages pait,
To num’rous Ages yet behind

In equal Force shall laft.
3 He fwore to Abraham and his Seed,

And made the Blefing fure: Gentiles the antient Promise read,

And find his Truth endure, 4 " Thy Seed shall make all Nations bleft,"

Said the almighty Voice, ! And Canaan's Land shall be their Reft,

“ The Type of heav'nly Joys.
« Touch mine Anointed, and my Arm

* Shall soon redress the Wrong;
" The Man who does my Servants Harm

“ Shall know their God is strong." 6 Then let the World forbear its Rage,

Nor put the Church in Fear;
Ifrael must live thro' ev'ry Age,

And be th' Almighty's Care.
PSALM CV. Fourth Version. STEELE.

Strength and Safety in God alone.
ERMIT me, Lord, to seek thy Face,

Obedient to thy Call,



To seek the Presence of thy Grace,

My Strength, my Life, my All. 2 All I can with is thine to give's

My God, I ask thy Love, That greatest Bliss I can receive,

That Bliss of Heav'n above. 3 To Heav'n my restless Heart aspiress:

O for a quick’ning Ray, T'invigorate my faint Desires,

And cheer the tiresome Way. 4 My Guardian, my almighty Friend, 13 On thee


Soul would rest; On thee alone my Hopes depend,

Be near, and I am blest.

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P S A L M CVI. First Version. MERRICK

Praise to God, and Communion with Saints. 'L

ET Songs of Joy to God ascend,

Whose Love nor Limit knows, nor End; But what Tongue in equal Lay

His Acts can speak, his Praise display? 2 O ftill our Father, still our Friend,

To all our Wants, great God, attend :
Thrice happy, who with stedfast Will

The Dictates of thy Law fulfil!
! 3 With these, thy chosen Flock, allign'd

May we our Lot for ever find :
O grant us, Lord, with these to prove
The Pow'r of thy redeeming Love:
4 And, while thy Mercy on our Heads

The Fulness of its Blessing sheds,
With them th' accepted Hymn to sing

To thee, our Saviour and our King. 5 thankful hail th' almighty Lord,

The God by Jacob's Sons ador'd:
His Fame, ere Time its Course began,
O'er Heav'n's wide Region echoing ran,

6 To him through endless Ages raise

One Song of oft-repeated Praise ;
And let consenting Nations join
To bless with us the Pow'r divine.

PSALM CVI. Second Verfion. TATE.

The final Prosperity of the Rigbteous.

O Render Thanks to God above,

The Fountain of eternal Love :
Whose Mercy firm thro' Ages paft

Has ftood and shall for ever latt.
2 Who can his mighty Deeds express,

Not only vast but numberless ?
What mortal Eloquence can raise

His Tribute of immortal Praise !
3 Happy are they, and only they,

Who from thy Judgments never stray;
Who know what's right, nor only so,

But always practise what they know.
4 Be this my Happiness to see

Thy Saints in full Prosperity!
That I the joyful Choir may join,

And count thy People's Triumph mine!
5 Let Israel's God be ever bleft,

His Name eternally confeft:
Let all his Saints with full Accord,
Exalt their Voice to praise the Lord.

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PSALM CVI. Third Version. WATTS.

Praise to God, and Communion with Saints,
TO God the Great, the Ever-blest,

Let Songs of Honor be addrest:
His Mercy firm for ever stands;

Give him the Thanks his Love demands.
2 Who knows the Wonders of thy Ways ?

Who shall fulfil thy boundless Praise ?
Blest are the Souls that fear thee still,
And pay their Duty to thy Will,

3 Remember

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