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6 As distant as creating Pow'r

Has fix'd the East and Western Shore ;:
So far our num'rous Crimes remove,

At the sweet Voice of pard’ning Love.. 7 The tend'rest Yearning Nature knows,

A Father's Love, too faintly shows
The ever-kind, indulgent Care,
Which God's own happy Children share.

P A U • E.
8 God knows our Frame, surveys our Birth,

Compos’d of Dust, frail Sons of Earth;
Man like a fair, but short-liv'd Flow'r,

Springs up and blooms one smiling Hour. 9 But if a noxious Blaft arife,

Sudden its transient Glory flies;
Those Charms which made the Scenes fo gay,

Steal from the Sight and die away. 10 But Mercy with unchanging Rays

For ever shines, while Time decays ;
And Children's Children shall record

The Truth and Goodness of the Lord, 11 To those, who with delightful Awe,

Love and obey his sacred Law,
Whose Hearts with warm Devotion glow,

Whose Lives their grateful Duty show. 12. The Lord is King, his Hand alone

Has fix'd in Heav'n his radiant Throne;
He sends his fou'reign Laws abroad,

And Heav'n and Earth confess the God.
13 Immortal form'd by Pow'r divine,
Attending Angels round him shine,
Observant wait his sacred Will,

And his Commands with Joy fulfil.. 14 Ye heav'nly Hosts, adore the Lord,

Who form’d you to obey his Word ;..
Let everlasting Praises rise
Thro' the bright Armies of the Skies.

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While all his Works his Praise proclaim,
And Men and Angels bless his Name ;
O let my Heart, my Life, my Tongue,
Attend and join the blissful Song.
PSALM CIV. First Version.

The Power and Providence of God.
WAKE, my Soul, to Hymns of Praise;

To God the Song of Triumph raise ;
And let consenting Nations join

To bless with me the Name divine. 2 O cloth'd with Majesty divine,

What Pomp, what Glory, Lord, are thine !
Light forms thy Robe, and round thy Head

The Heav'ns their ample Curtain spread. 3 Thou know'st amid the fluid Space

The strong-compacted Beams to place,
That proof to wasting Ages lie,

the Chambers of the Sky. 4 Behold, aloft, the King of Kings,

Borne on the Wind's expanded Wings, (His Chariot by the Clouds supply'd,)

Through Heav'n's wide Realms triumphant ride, 5 Around him rang'd in awful State

Th' assembled Storms ministrant wait;
And Flames, attentive to fulfil

The Dictates of his mighty Will.
6 On firmeft Base uprear'd, the Earth

To him ascribes her wond'rous Birth;
He spake; and o’er each Mountain's Head

The Deep its wat’ry Mantle spread :
7 He fpake; and from the whelming Flood

Again their Fops emergent stood ;
And fast adown their bending Side

With refluent Stream the Currents glide : 8 Aw'd by his stern Rebuke they fly,

While Peals of Thunder rend the sky,
In mingled Tumult upward borne
Now to the Mountain's Height return;

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9 Now lodg'd within their peaceful Bed
Along the winding Vale are led,
And, taught their destin'd Bounds to know,

No more th' affrighted Earth o'erflow; 10 But obvious to her Use (their Course

By Nature's ever copious Source
Supply'd) refresh the hilly Plain,
And Life in all its Forms sustain

11 Here, stooping o'er the River's Brink,

T'he Herds and Flocks promiscuous drink ;-
There, 'mid the barren Desart nurs'd,

The wild Ass cools his burning Thirst: 12 While fast beside the murm’ring Spring

The feather'd Minstrels fit and sing,
And shelter'd in the Branches Thun

The Fervors of the mid-day Sun.
13 His Show’rs with Verdure crown the Hills;

The Earth with various Fruits he fills :
Preventive of their Wants, his Aid

Yields to the Brute the springing Blade ; 14 For Man, chief Object of his care, His Hands the foodful Herb

The glad’ning Wine, refreshing Oil,

And Bread that strings his Nerves for Toil.
15 By him with genial Moisture fed
The Trees their Shades luxuriant spread;
And weave their social Boughs, delign'd..

A Refuge for th' aerial Kind:
16 While on the Fir-Tree's fpiry Top

The vagrant Stork is seen to stop,
Where, cradled in their waving Nelt,

Her infant Brood in Safety reft.
17 See from the Hills the Goats depend,

Or bounding from the Cliff defcend :
The lefler Tribes, in furry Pride
Array'd, the Rock's dark Caverns hide:


18. Her

PA U s E.
18 Her Way by God prescribd, the Moon

Our Seasons marks, and knows her own;
And taught by him

the Orb of Day
Slopes in the West his parting Ray.
19 Now Night from Ocean's Bed ascends,

And o'er the Earth her Wings extends;
While favor'd by the friendly Gloom

The sylvan Race licentious roam:
20 The Lions chief with hideous Roar
From God their needful Food implore,
And eager for the wonted Prey

Along the echoing Desart ftray;
21 Till now, as Morn approaches nigh,

Back to their cavern'd Haunts they fly,
Where, fatiate with the nightly Fealt,

The lordly Savage finks to Reit. 22 His Care sufficient to the Day,

Man to his Labor takes his Way,
His Task at earliest Dawn begun,

And ended with the setting Sun. 23 Eternal Ruler of the Skies,

How various are thy Works, how wise !
How great thou art, what Tongue can frame
An equal Honor to thy Náme.

24 Not Earth alone beholds her Shores
Inrich'd from God's exhaustlefs Stores ;
Alike, throughout their liquid Reign,

Th’ extended Seas his Gifts contain:
25 Beneath, unnumber'd Reptiles swarm,
Of diff'rent Size, of diff'rent Form ;
Above, the Ships enormous glide,

Incumbent on the burthen's Tide; 26 And oft, the rolling Waves between,

The huge Leviathan is seen,
There, privileg’d by him to stray
And wanton o'er the wat’ry Way.

27 Thy Care, great God, fuftains them all;

As, urg'd by Hunger's furious Call,
Expectant of the known Supply,

To thee they lift the asking Eye,
28 And reap from thy extended Hand

Whate'er their various Wants demand :
How good thou art, what Tongue can frame
An equal Honor to thy Name.

29 By thee, O Lord, all Creatures live,
And from thy Hand all Good receive ;
But if thy Face thou turn away,

Their troubled Looks their Grief betray : 30 If thou the vital Air deny,

Behold them ficken, faint, and die ;
Duft to its kindred Dust returns,

And Earth her ruin’d Offspring mourns. 31 But soon thy Breath her Lofs fupplies;

She sees a new-born Race arise,
And, o'er her Regions scatter'd wide,

The Blessings of thy Hand divide. 32 Thy Glory, fearless of Decline,

Thy Glory, Lord, shall ever shine,
Thy Works in changeless Order lie,

And glad their great Creator's Eye.
33 Earth at thy Look fhall trembling stand,

Conscious of foy'reign Pow'r at Hand,
And, touch'd by thee, almighty Sire,

The cloud-top'd Hills in Smoke afpire. 34

To God in ceaseless Strains my Tongue
Shall meditate the grateful Song,
And, long as Breath informs my Frame,

The wonders of his Love proclaim;. 35 Affur'd that his paternal Ear

With full Regard my Voice will hear ;
His Acts its unexhausted Theme,

His Favor my Delight fupreme.
36 Awake, my Soul, to Hymns of Praise,

To God the song of Triumph raise,
And let confenting Nations join
To bless with me the Name divine.



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