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5 Let every Creature join to bless

The mighty Lord; and thou, my Heart,
With grateful .Joy thy Thanks express,
And in this Confort bear thy Part.
PSALM CIII. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.
Praise to God

for his Goodness. tu LESS, O my Soul, the living God,

Call Home thy Thoughts that rove abroad,
Let all the Pow'rs within me join
In Work and Worship so divine.
:2 Bless, O my Soul, the God of Grace;

His Favors claim thy highest Praise :
Nor let the Wonders he hath wrought
Be loft in Silence and forgot?

The Vices of the Mind he heals,
And cures the Pains that Nature feels;
Redeems the Soul from Guilt, and saves
Our wasting Life from threat'ning Graves.
4 Our Youth decay'd his Pow'r repairs ;

His Mercy crowns our growing Years :
He satisfies oor Mouth with Good,

And fills our Hopes with heav'nly Food,

He sees th' Oppressor and th' Oppreft,
And often gives the Suff'rers Reft:
But will his Justice more display,

In the last great rewarding Day.
6 [His Pow'r he shew'd by Mofes Hands,

And gave to Ifrael his Commands;
But sent his Truth and Mercy down

To all the Nations by his Son.
:7 Let the whole Earth his Pow'r confess,

Let the whole Earth adore his Grace;
The Gentile with the Jew shall join
In Work and Worship fo divine.]
PSALM CHI, Third Version. Second Part.

God's tender Mercy.
HE Lord, how wond'rous are his Ways!
*How firm his Trnth! how large his Grace !




He takes his Mercy for his Throne,

And thence he makes his Glories known. 2 Not half so high his Pow'r hath spread

The starry Heav'ns above our Head,
As his rich Love exceeds our Praise,

Exceeds the highest Hopes we raise. 3 Not half so far hath Nature plac'd

The rising Morning from the West,
As his forgiving Grace removes

The Pangs of Guilt from those he loves. 4 Amidst his Justice Mercy shines,

His Strokes are lighter than our Sins :
And while his Rod corrects his Saints,

His Ear indulges their Complaints.
s So Fathers their young Sons chastise

With gentle Hand and melting Eyes :
The Children weep beneath the Smart,

And move the Pity of their Heart.
6 The mighty God, the Wise and Juft,

Knows that our Frame is feeble Dust;
And will no heavy Loads impose

Beyond the Strength that he bestows. 7 He knows how soon our Nature dies,

Blasted by ev'ry Wind that Aies;
Like Grass we spring, and die as soon ;

Or Morning Flow'rs that fade at Noon. 9 But his eternal Love is sure

To all his Saints, and shall endure :
From Age to Age his Truth shall reign,
Nor Childrens' Children hope in vain.
PSALM CIII. Fourth Version. First Part. WATTS.

Praise for temporal and spiritual Mercies.
Bless the Lordmy

Let all within me join,
And aid my Tongue to bless his Name,

Whose Favors are divine.
O bless the Lord, my Soul ;
Nor let his Mercies lie


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, ;


Forgotten in Unthankfulness,

And without Praises die. 3

'Tis he forgives thy Sins,

'Tis he relieves thy Pain,
'Tis he who heals thy Sicknesses,

And makes thee young again. 4

He crowns thy Life with Love,

When ransom'd from the Grave;
He that redeem'd my Soul from Hell

Hath sov’reign Pow'r to save. 5

He fills the Poor with Good ;

He gives the Suff'rers Reft;
The Lord hath Judgments for the Proud,

And Justice for th’ Opprest.
6 His wond'rous Works and Ways

He made by Mofes known;
But sent the World his Truth and Grace,

By his beloved Son.

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PSALM CIII. Fourth Verfion. Second Part.

The abounding Compassion of God.
Y Soul, repeat his Praise

Whose Mercies are so great ;
Whose Anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate,
God will not always chide ;

And when his Strokes are felt,
His Strokes are fewer than our Crimes,

And lighter than our Guilt.
3 High as the Heav'ns are rais'd

Above the Ground we tread, So far the Riches of his Grace

Our highest Thoughts exceed. 4

His Pow'r subdues our Sins,

And his forgiving Love
Far as the East is from the Weit

Doth all our Guilt remove. 5 The Pity of the Lord

To those who fear his Name


Is such as tender Parents feel ;

He knows our feeble Frame.
He knows we are but Duft,

Scatter'd with ev'ry Breath ;
His Justice like a rising Wind

Can send us swift to Death. 7 Our Days are as the Grass,

Or like the Morning-Flow'r;
If one sharp Blad sweep o'er the Field,

It withers in an Hour.
8 But thy Compaffions, Lord,

To endless Years endure;
And Children's Children ever find

Thy Words of Promise fure.

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PSALM CIII. Fourth Version. Third Part.

God's universal Dominion.
HE Lord, the sov'reign King

Hath fix'd his Throne on high;
O’er all the heav'nly World he rules,

And all beneath the Sky.
Ye Angels, great in Might,

And swift to do his Will,
Bless ye the Lord, whose Voice ye hear,

Whose Pleasure ye fulfil.
3 While all his wond'rous Works

Thro' his vast Kingdoms shew
Their Maker's Glory, thou my Soul,

Shalt fing his Graces too.

Human Frailty, and God's tender Regard to it.
ORD, we adore thy wond'rous Name,

And make that Name our Trust,
Which rais'd at first this curious Frame,

From mean and lifeless Duit. 2 By Duft supported, ftill it stands,

Wrought up to various Forms, Prepar'd by thy creating Hands

To nourish mortal Worms..


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3 A while these frail Machines endure,

The Fabric of a Day;
Then know their vital Pow'rs no more,

But moulder back to Clay.
4 Yet, Lord, whate'er is felt or fear'd,

This Thought is our Repose,
That he, by whom this Frame was reard,

Its various Weakness knows.
5 Thou view'ft as with a pitying Eye,

While struggling with our Load; In Pains and Dangers thou art nigh,

Our Father, and our God.
6 Gently supported by thy Love,

We tend to Realms of Peace ;
Where ev'ry Pain shall far remove,
And ev'ry Frailty cease.
PSALM CIII. Sixth Version. STEELE.

Praise 10 God for bis Mercy and Goodness.
WAKE my Soul, awake my Tongue,

My God demands the grateful Song ;
Let all my inmost Pow'rs record

The wond'rous Mercy of the Lord. 2 Divinely free, his Mercy flows,

Forgives my Crimes, allays my Woes,
And bids approaching Death remove,

And crowns me with indulgent Love. 2 He fills my longing Soul with Good,

Substantial Bliss ! immortal Food!
Youth smiles renew'd in active Prime,

And triumphs o'er the Pow'r of Time. 3 In him the Poor oppreft fhall find

A Friend almighty, just and kind;
His glorious Acts, his wond'rous Ways,

By Mofes taught, proclaim his Praise. 5

How far beyond our low Deserts,
Is ev'ry Gift, his Hand imparts !
High as the brighe expanded Skics,
His valt unbounded Mercies rise.

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