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But still thy Throne stands firm and high;

Thy Pow'r for ever shall abide,
5 Before thy Face thy Church fhall live,

And see the Glories of thy Reign :
This dying World fall they furvive,
And Joy and Peace eternal gain.

PSALM CII. Fourth Version. DODORIDGE. The Mutability of the Creation, and the immutability of God.

VREAT Author of this various Frame,

Our Souls adore thine awful Name;
And bow, and tremble, while they praise

The Ancient of eternal Days.
2 Thou, Lord, with unfurpris'd Survey,

Saw'f Nature rising Yesterday ;
And, as To-morrow, fall thine Eye

See Earth and Stars in Ruin lie.
3 Beyond ran Angel's Vision bright,

Thou dwell'it in self-existent Light;
Which shines with undiminish'd Ray,

While Suns and Worlds in Smoke decay. 4 Our Days a transient Period run,. :

And change with ev'ry circling Sun;
And in the firmest State we boast,

A Moth can crush us into Dust.
5 But let the Creatures fall around :

Let Death consign us to the Ground :
Let the last gen'ral Flame arise,

And melt the Arches of the Skies : 6 Calm as the Summer's Ocean, we

Can all the Wreck of Nature see,
While Grace secures us an Abode
Unthaken as the Throne of God.

PSALM CH. Fifth Version. Steele.

God unchangeable.
ORD, Earth's Foundations thou haft laid ;

The Heav'ns, (a glorious Frame!)
By thy almighty Hand were spread,
And speak their Maker's Name.

2 Their

2 Their shining Wonders all shall fade;

By thy controuling Pow'r,
Chang'd like a Vesture quite decay'd;

But thou shalt ftill endure.
3 Thy bright Perfections, all divine,

Éternal as thy Days,
Thro' everlasting Ages shine,

With'undiminisha Rays.
4 Thy Servant's Children, still thy Care,

Shall own their Father's God; To latest Times thy Favor share,

And spread thy Praise abroad. 5 Thou, Lord, our Lord, fhalt still endure,

Thy Truth shall ne'er decay; Thy Love unalterably sure,

While Ages roll away.



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PSALM CII. Sixth Version.
LL-powerfál felf-existent God,

who doft o'er all Creation reign, Thou wert, and art, and art to come,

Thro' all Eternity the fame. 2 Fix'd and eternal as thy Days

Each glorious Attribute divine Through Ages infinite shall still

With undiminish'd Lustre shine. 3 Fountain of Being, Source of Good,

Immutable thou dost remain, Nor can the Shadow of a Change

Obscure the Glories of thy Reign. 4 Sooner may Nature's Laws reverse,

Revolving Seasons cease their Round, Nor Spring appear with blooming Pride,

Nor Autumn with rich Plenty crown'd. 5 Yon shining Orbs forget their Courfe,

The Sun his destin'd Path forsake, And burning Desolation mark

Amid the World his devious Track.

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5 Earth may with all hér Pow'rs dissolve,

If such the great Creator's Will; But thou for ever art the same,

I AM is thy Memorial ftill.


PSALM ÇII. Seventh Version. DANIEL.

God's Power, Eternity, and Immutability.
HOU wilt fulfil each wise and kind Decree,

For what can be too hard, great God, for thee?
Didit thou not poise in Air this wond'rous Ball,
And out of nothing speak this beauteous All?
Didst thou not give the Sun his quick’ning Ray,

To flame around, and bless the World with Day? 2 By thee the lovely Lamps of Heav'n arise,

Shine through the Gloom, and glitter in the Skies.
What though the Race of Man Ihall feel Decay?
And like their changing Garments melt away;
What though the flaming Sun should lose its Light,

Shorn of its Beams, and sink in endless Night! 3 Though the wreck'd Orbs should in Confusion lie,

And all their fading Glories wink, and die;
Ev'n in the Crush of Worlds thy glorious Name
Shall still survive, eternal and the same:
No Time to thee can any Change impart,

Who felf-existent independent art.
4 O thou, great God, for ever good and juft,

In thee thy Servants may securely trust:
Tell it ye Hills, repeat it all ye Woods ;
Tell it ye Seas, repeat it all ye Floods :
Hail, hail, the mighty Lord, with loud Acclaim,
And let our Children's Children bless his Name.

PSALM CIII. First Version. First Part. MERRICK.

A Song of Praise.
WAKE to praise, my Soul, and fing


O deep throughout thine in most Frame
Bless, bless the great Jehovah's Name;

2 Nor cease with ftudious Thought to trace

The Acts of that ftupendous Grace,
Whence countless Blellings round thee rife,
Which ev'ry With with Good fupplies;
Thy Years renews in their Decline,
And makes the Eagle's Vigor thine,
That, stript of Age, exulting springs,

And heav'nward spreads his recent Wings. 4

His Seat above th' empyreal Plain
Our God has fix'd; his equal Reign
Creation's utmoft Bounds confess :

His Name, ye Tribes Angelic, bless. 5

Him praise, ye bright ethereal Band,
That rang'd beneath his Banner stand,


who found his Throne of State
With dureous Zeal ministrant wait.
6 Ye Works of God, where'er his Sway

Extends, your Maker's Fame display ;
Nor thou, my Soul, forget to sing
The Mercies of th' eternal King.

PSALM CHI. Firft Version. Second Part. God's everlasting Mercy to the Humble and Penitent.

OD's Ways to Mofes stood reveal'd;


His Breaft with Mercy fraught haft known,

To Anger flow, to Pity prone.
2 He ne'er with erring Mortals knew

A ceaseless Contest to pursue,
But, when their Crimes his Judgments raise,

Judgment in mid Effufion stays. 3 If e'er our Trespass he chastise,

Not to its Weight proportion'd rise
The juft Corrections of his Hand,

But bounded by his Mercy stand, 4 Which high as to the starry Pole

Extends, and, far as from its Goal
The Sun in daily Circuit roves,
The humbled Sinner's Guilt removes.

S What

What Fondness for his in fant Care
A Father's Bosom learns to fhare,
Such from th' eternal Monarch claim

The Souls that rey’rent own his Name. · For well his Eye our Texture knows;

Sees that the Dult's light Grains compose
Our Frame; and marks the Days of Man

Contracted to a narrow Span:
; That measures to the Herb its Date,

Or bids the Flow'r in vig'rqus State
At once its vernal Pride resign,

And with’ring on the Earth recline: 3 In swift Decay behold it waste;

Nor knows the Soil, whose Bed it grac’d,
To witness to th' Inquirer's View,
Where late the short-liv'd Wonder

grew. > But thy Compassions, Lord, the Juft

From Age to Age with stedfaft Trust
Shall own; thy Righteousness their Race,
In long Descent, Mall joy to trace.
PSALM CIII. Second Version. Tate.

Divine Goodness adored.
Y Soul inspir’d with sacred Love,
God's holy

Name for ever bless;
Of all his Favors mindful prove,
And still thy grateful Thanks express.
: 'Tis he who all thy Sins forgives,

And after Sickness makes thee found:
From Danger he thy Life retrieves,
By him with Grace and Mercy crown'd.
The Lord abounds with tender Love,
And unexampled Acts of Grace,
His waken's Judgments slowly move,

His willing Mercy flows apace.
4 As high as Heav'n its Arch extends
Above this little Spot of Clay,
So much his boundless Grace transcends
The beit Obedience we can pay.


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