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The Beauty of his Holiness,

And in his Courts his Grace proclaim. [Give to our God immortal Praise,

Mercy and Truth are all his Ways.]

PS A L M XCVI. Fifth Version. TOLLET.


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O God, from whom immortal Blessings fpring,

Let all the Earth with Sounds seraphic ring; With heav'nly Zeal and Ardor praise his Name,

Throughout the World his saving Grace proclaim.
2 To all the heathen Nations wide around,

The Pow'r and Greatness of our God resound :
Through all the World with joyful Songs declare

His wond'rous Works how excellent they are.
3 Enthron'd he sits above the starry Skies,

No Numbers can to his Perfections rise:
O! Great Ador'd! How can we have Regard

To other Gods, when unto thee compar’d?

Dumb senseless Stocks the Heathens call upon ;
Creation's Lord we'll fall before thy Throne,
Exalt and praise thee still in Wonder lost,

Since thou alone Omnipotence canft boast.
50! Ifrael's Sons, within his Temple bend,

Whose bounteous Hand doth ev'ry Blessing send;
There chant his Praise, and in harmonious Songs

Ascribe the Glory which to God belongs.
6 Give Honor due unto his holy Name,

And let our Practice testify the same;
In beauteous Holiness the Lord adore,

On swiftest Wings let your Petitions foar.
7 The Lord is God let all the Heathen know,

The Earth unmov'd his mighty Pow'r doth shew;
He'll judge Mankind by his eternal Word,

Guilt self-condemn'd shall meet its juft Reward.
8 Let Heav'n, let Earth, the Air, and raging Seas,
Proclaim our God within their just Degrees;


And Woods and smiling Meads with Verdure crown'd,

And all Creation echo to the Sound: 9 “ For he in Equity will judge the World,

* Then from their Seats the Impious shall be hurld; “ His Justice then aloft will hold the Scale, “ And Truth triumphant ever shall prevail."


First Version. First Part. MERRICK.

God's Power and Majefty:


O God belongs th' eternal Sway ;

Let Earth with Joy his Will obey: Exult, ye Isles that crown the Main,

Bleft in his mild auspicious Reign.
2 The station’s Clouds around 'him meer,

And Darkness rolls beneath his Feet;
While Equity and Truth combine

To rear aloft his awful Shrine. 3

Before him walks the wasting Fire ;
Wrapt in the Blast his Foes expire;
While Earth, convuls'd, in dire Dilmay,

Beholds the forky Light'nings play;
4 And down, like Wax before the Flame,

Down flows the Mountain's solid Frame,
That late, ambitious, met the Sky;
For God, the World's great Lord, is nigh,
His righteous Acts the Heav'ns display,
His Fame from Pole' to Pole convey,
And bid the Majesty divine

To ev'ry Eye conspicuous shine.
6 His Pow'r protects the pious Band,

Though Myriads, leagu'd, against them stand:
His sov'reign Might, let all avow,
And rev'rent at his Footstool bow.
N 4



PSALM XCVII. First Version. Second Part.

God to be adered and praised.
TELL pleas’d thy Counsels, Lord, to hear,

Thy People bow th' attentive Ear;
With joyful Lips thy People fing

The Mercies of th' eternal King.
2 Thou, Lord, in Majesty serene

Exalted o'er the Earth art seen:
What Pow's, great God, shall boat a Name

Like Thine ? Like thee our Homage claim? 3 Ye Souls, with Love divine impress'd;

Juft to its Precepts, Sin deteft:
Each Fear deliver'd to the Wind,

In God your certain Refuge find. 4 To you, ye Good, to you alone

The Seeds of heav'nly Light are fown,
That wake within the human. Breast

Joys ne'er by human Tongue express'd. 5

O crown'd with Mercies from above,
To God your grateful Zeal approve :
His Sanctity revere; his Name
In Hymns of loudest Praise proclaim,
PSALM XCVIL Second Version. TATE

Joy in tbe righteous Government of God.
EHOVAH reigos ; let all the Earth

In his jaft Government rejoice;
Let all the Isles, with facred Mirth,

In his Applause unite their Voice.
2 Darkness and Clouds of awful Shade

His dazzling Glory shroud in State ::
Justice and Truth his Guards are made,

And, fix'd by his Pavilion, wait.
3 Above Earth's Potentates enthron'd,

Jehovah dwells exalted high;
Ler him alone as God be own'd,

Who reigns unrival'd in the Sky. 4. You who to serve this Lord aspire,

Abhor what's ill, and Truth esteem;


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He'll keep his Servants Soul entire,

And them from wicked Hands redeem. 5 The Seeds of endless Light are fown,

A glorious Harvest for the Juft ;
To them his Favor shall be shewn ;
He'll recompense their pious Truft.
6 Rejoice, ye Righteous, in the Lord,

In Songs of Praise your Joy exprefs;
Deep in your thankful Hearts record
Memorials of his Holiness.


PSALM XCVII. Third Version. First Part. Watrs.

God's supreme Dominion.
CE reigns; The Lord Almighty reigns;

Praise him in eyangelic Strains:
Let the whole Earth in Songs rejoice,

And distant Iands join their Voice.
2 Deep are his Counsels and unknown;

But Grace and Truth support his Throne:
Tho' gloomy Clouds his Ways surround,
Justice is their eternal Ground.
3 In Robes of Judgment, lo, he comes,

Shakes the wide Earth, and cleaves the Tombs ;
Before him burns devouring Fire,

The Mountains melt, the Seas retire. 4 His Enemies with fore Dismay

Fly from the Sight and thun the Day;
Then lift your Heads, ye Saints, on high,
And fing, for your Redemption's nigh.
PSALM XCVII. Third Version. Second Part.

H' Almighty reigns exalted high

O'er all the Earth, o'er all the Sky; Tho' Clouds and Darkness vail his Feet,

His Dwelling is the Mercy-Seat. 2 Oye, who love his holy Name,

Hate ev'ry Work of Sin and Shame:
He guards the Souls of all his Friends,
And from the Snares of Hell defends.
N 5


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3 Immortal Light and Joys unknown

Are for the Saints in Darkness sown ;
Those glorious Seeds shall spring and rise,

And the bright Harvest bless our Eyes. 4 Rejoice ye Righteous, and record

The sacred Honors of the Lord ;
None but the Soul that feels his Grace
Can triumph in his Holiness.
PSALM XCVII. Fourth Version. WATTS.

God's fupreme Dominion.

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Rejoice, Jehovah reigns:
His Word like Fire prepares his Way,

And Mountains melt to Plains.
2 His Presence finks the proudest Hills,

And makes the Valleys rise;
The humble Soul enjoys his Smiles,

The haughty Sinner dies.
3 The Heav'ns his rightful Pow'r proclaim ;

The Idol-Gods around
Fill their own Worshippers with Shame,

And totter to the Ground.
4 His Foes shall tremble at his Sight,

And Hills and Seas retire :
His Children take their unknown Flight,

And leave the World in Fire.
5 The Seeds of Joy and Glory fown

For Saints in Darkness here
Shall rise and spring in Worlds unknown,

And a rich Harvest bear.
PSALM XCVIII. First Version. Merrick.

A Song of Praise.
ING to the God whom we adore ;

The Mercies shown us from above,
The Wonders of redeeming Love.

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