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Those Gods on high, and Gods below,

When once compar'd with him. 4 Earth with its Caverns dark and deep

Lies in his spacious Hand;
He fixt the Seas what Bounds to keep,
| And where the Hills muft stand.
5 Come, and with humble Souls adore,

Come, kneel before his Face;
Then thall the Creatures of his Pow'r

Be Children of his Grace !



PSALM XCV. Fourth Verfion. WATTS.

God to be honour'd and obey'da
HOME found his Praife abroad,

And Hymns of Glory sing:
Jehovah is the fov'reign God,

The universal King.
He form'd the Deeps unknown;

the Seas their Bound; The wat’ry Worlds are all his own,

And all the folid Ground.
3 Come, worship at his Throne,

Come, bow before the Lord:
We are his Works and not our own;

He form'd us by his Word. 4 To-day attend his voice,

Accept the proffer'd Grace;
Come, like the People of his Choice;

And bow before his Face.

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PSALM XCV. Fifth Version. WATTS.

A Warning to delaying Sinners.
YOME, let our Voices join to raise

A facred Song of folemn Praise ;
God is a sov'reign King: rehearse

His Honors in exalted Verse. 2 Come, let our Souls address the Lord, Who fram'd our Natures with his Word;



He is our Shepherd; we the Sheep

His Mercy chose, his Pastures keep. 3 Come, let us hear his Voice To-day,

The Counsels of his Love obey;
Nor let our hard’ned Hearts renew

The Sins and Plagues which Ifrael knew. #

Let us look back with holy Dread,
And view those ancient Sinners dead;
Attend the offer'a Grace To-day,

Nor lose the Blessing by Delay.
5 Seize the kind Promise while it waits,

And march to Zion's heav'nly Gates;
Believe, and take the promis'd Rest;
Obey, and be for ever bleft.


PSALM XCVI. Firft Verfion. First Part. MERRICK

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Praise ye the Lord.
VING to the Lord a joyful Song;

Earth, to his Praise the Note prolong,
Till Realms remote his Acts have known,

And Man's whole Race his Wonders own. 2 Great is the Lord, and great his Praise:

What God like him our Fear can raise?
Not such as Heathen Lands afford,

Created first, and then ador'd. 3

Creation him its Lord avow'd,
When erst the Arch of Heav'n he bow'd:
And light and Majesty divine

With fadeless Splendor grace his Shrine. 4 Let ev'ry People, ev'ry Tribe,

Pow'r, Glory, Strength, to him ascribe :
Yield to his Name the Honors due;
Oft to his Courts your Way pursue.

Bless, bless his Name; from Day to Day 5

Let his Salvation prompt the Lay,
With solemn Step, and joyful bring
The Of'ring to your heav'nly King.

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6 Before the Beauty of his Shrine,

Ye Saints, in low Proftration join :
Ye Natives of each distant Shore,
His Pow'r revere ; his Name adore.

PSALM XCVI. Firft Version. Second Part.


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God the supreme Judge. '07

Tell to all whom Earth sustains,

O tell them, that Jehovah reigns,
That all who issue from its Womb

Shall hear from him th' unerring Doom.
2 Exult, ye Heav'ns; exult, О Earth;

And, Partner in the sacred Mirth,
Let Ocean in its Fulness rise,

And thunder to the distant Skies.
et M3 Rich in its Gifts, ye Fields, rejoice;

While in his Praise the Woods their Voice
Exalt, and hail with lowly Nod

The Presence of th' approaching God. 4 He comes, in awful Pomp array'd,

He comes, to judge the World' he made.
Truth shall with him the Cause decide,
And Equity his Sentence guide.
PSALM XCVI. Second Verfion. TATE.

God the fovereign Ruler and Judge.
VING to the Lord a joyful Song;

Let Earth in one affembled Throng,
Her common Patron's Praise resound:
Sing to the Lord, and bless his Name,
From Day to Day his Praise proclaim,

Who hath the World with Blessings crown’d:
To heathen Lands his Fame rehearse,

His Wonders to the Universe.
2 Great is the Lord : his Praise is great,
Who sits on high enthron'd in State ;

To him alone let Anthems rise:
The Gods the heathen World adore,

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In vain pretend to fou'reign Pow'r:

He only rules who made the Skies : With Majefty and Honor crown'd,

Beauty and Strength his Throne furround. 3 Proclaim aloud, Jehovah reigns, “ Whofe Pow'r the Universe sustains,

And banish'd Justice will restore ;" Let therefore Heav'n new Joys confefs, And heav'nly Mirth let Earth express;

Its loud Applause the Ocean roar. Its mute Inhabitants rejoice,

And for this Triumph find a Voice. 4 For Joy let fertile Valleys fing, And chearful Groves their Tribute bring:

Let ev'ry human Voice awake, The Lord's Approach to celebrate, Who will appear in awful State,

And thro' the Earth His Circuit take; From Heav'n to judge the World will come, With Justice to reward or doom.



PSALM XCVI. Third Version. WATTS.

Chrift's first and fecond. Appearante.
CING to the Lord, ye diftant Lands,

Ye Tribes of ev'ry Tongue;
His new-discover'd Grace demands

A new and nobler Song.
2 Say to the Nations, Jefus reigns,

God's best beloved Sön;
His Word our joyful Hope sustains,

And Grace furrounds his Throne. 3 Let Heav'n proclaim the joyful Day,

Joy thro' the Earth be seen ; Let Cities 'fhine in bright Array,

And Fields in chearful Green. 4 Let an unusual Joy surprise

The Islands of the Sea :
Ye Mountains fink, ye Vallies rise,

Prepare the Lord his Way,

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5 Behold he comes, he comes to bless

The Nations from their God;
To fhew. the World his Righteousness,

And send his Truth abroad.
5 [But when his Voice shall raise the Dead,

And bid the World draw near, How will the guilty Nations dread

To see their Judge appear!]

PSALM XCVI. Fourth Version. Watts.

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To fing

Univerfal Praise to God.
ET all the Earth their Voices raise,

the choicest Psalm of Praisex
To fing and bless Jehovah's Name :
His Glory let the Heathens know,
His Wonders to the Nations fhew,

And all his saving Works proclaim.
[Wonders of Grace to God belong,

Repeat his Mercies in your Song. }
2 The Heathens know thy Glory, Lord;
The wond'ring Nations read thy Word.

In Britain is Jehovah known:
Our Worship shall no more be paid
To Gods which mortal Hands have made;

Our Maķer is our God alone.
[Give to our God immortal Praise,

Mercy and Truth are all his Ways. ]
3 He fram'd the Globe, he built the Sky,
He made the shining Worlds on high,

And reigns complete in Glory there :
His Beams are Majesty and Light;
His Beauties, how divinely bright!

His Temple, how divinely fair !
[Wonders of Grace to God belong,

Repeat his Mercies in your Song.]
4 Come the great Day, the glorious Hour,
When Earth shall feel his saving Pow'r,

And barb'rous Nations fear his Name;
Then shall che Race of Man confefs

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