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PSALM VIII. Sixth Version.

The Greatness and Condescension of God.
Lord, how glorious is thy Name

Thro’ the wide Earth's extended Frame!
Majestic Glories form thy Seat,

And Heav'n adores beneath thy Feet.
|: [Thy Pow'r from tender Babes can raise

A Monument of wond'rous Praise :
At thy Command, the Infant Song
Shall still the proud Blasphemer's Tongue.
When all thy shining Works on high
I meditate with raptur'd Eye,
The silver Moon, the starry Train,

Which gild the fair ethereal Plain :
4 Lord, what is Man, that he should share

Thy Notice, thy indulgent Care?
That Man, frail Child of Earth, should be

The Fav'rite of the Deity?
5 His Place thy forming Hand allign'd
But just below th' angelic Kind;
With noblest Favors circled round,

And with distinguish'd Honors crown'd: 6 Invested him with Pow'r and Sway,

And bid the subject Brutes obey;
Sov’reign of all thy Works below,

To him the meaner Creatures bow :
7 The bleating Flocks, the lowing Herds,

The gliding Fish, the flying Birds;
All that the Earth's wide Circuit yields,

Natives of Air, or Seas, or Fields, 8 But still let Man adoring own

That thou, O Lord, art King alone;
And thro' the Earth's extended Frame,
Declare the Glories of thy Name.
PSALM VIII. Seventh Version. TOLLET,

A Song of Praise.
Lord, thou soy'reign Lord of all,
How glorious is thy Name!



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How glorious o'er this earthly Ball,

celestial Frame! 2 By Infants who begin to try

Their yet un practis'd Tongue, To filence bold Impiety,

Thy Praises shall be sung. 3 Nor to the starry Skies alone

Thy Presence is confin'd;
But thou on Earth haft made it known

In Bounty to Mankind.
The lab'ring Steer, and bleating Sheep,

And Fowl, his Rule obey;
And all that in the spacious Deep

Pursue their wat’ry Way.
5 O Lord, thou sov'reign Lord of all,

How glorious is thy Name!'
How glorious o'er this earthly Ball,

celestial Frame !
PSALM IX. First Version. MERRICK.

The Justice and Mercy of God.
ARM’D to its inmoft Depth, my Break

Thanks, not by Words to be express’d,
Conceives, nor shall my grateful Tongue

E’er leave thy wond'rous Acts unsung. 2 Thee, Lord, I boast my Bliss supreme,

Thy Praise my Song's exhaustless Theme:
O higher than the highest, hail !

Thou mak'st each righteous Cause prevail. 3 Justice and Truth, support thy Throne,

All their Decrees and thine are one ;
'Thou, Lord, when Time fall reach its End,

Unchang'd the Scepter shalt extend. 4 Then fill, as now, thy awful Seat,

While at thy Word assembled meet
Earth’s various Tribes, and hear thee thence

The true, th' impartial Doom dispense.
5 Come ye, who in the dang'rous Hour
With for your Guard the itrong-built Tow'r ;


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Each Terror to the Winds resign'd,
In God a furer Refuge find.
The Souls, that erft oppress'd with Woe
Have learn'd thy Name, great God, to know,
Their Hope on thee shall fill sustain,

Whom none has fought, and sought in vain. 17 In Sion God has fix'd his Rest';

O be his Praise aloud confeft;
His Acts through ev'ry Clime resound,
Far as to Earth's extremeft Bound.



PSALM IX. Second Version. TATE.

Praise to God the Just and Merciful.
O celebrate thy Praise, O Lord,

I will my Heart prepare
To all the liftning World thy Works,

Thy wond'rous Works declare.
2 The Thoughts of them shall to my Soul

Exalted Pleasure bring,
While to thy Name, O thou most High,

Triumphant Praise I fing.
The Lord for ever lives who has

His righteous Throne prepard,
Impartial Justice to dispense,

To punish or reward.
4 God is a constant fure Defence

To Saints in ev'ry Age;
As Troubles rife, his needful Aids

In their Behalf engage.
s All those who have his Goodness provid,

Will in his Truth confide:
Whofe Mercy ne'er forfook the Man

Who on hís Help rely'd.
6 Sing Praises therefore to the Lord

From Sion his Abode,
Proclaim his Deeds, till all the World
Confefs no other God.

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W T Thy Wonders l'ul proclaim,

PSALM IX. Third Version. First Part. Watts.

Justice and Mercy from the Judgment-Seat.
TITH my whole Heart I'll raise my Song,

I'll ,
Thou Sov'reign Judge of Right and Wrong,

How glorious is thy Name !
2 I'll fing thy Majesty and Grace ;

My God prepares his Throne
To judge the World in Righteousness,

And make his Glory known.
Then shall the Lord a Refuge prove

For all the Poor opprest;
To save the People of his Love,

And give the Weary Rest.
-- 4 The Men who know thy Name will trus

In thine abundant Grace;
For thou haft ne'er forsook the Juft, 113

Who humbly seek thy Face.
5 Sing Praises to the righteous Lord

Who dwells on Zion's Hill,
Who executes his threat’ning Word,

And doth his Grace fulfil.

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PSALM IX. Third Version. Second Part.

The Wisdom and Equity of Providence.
THEN the great Judge Supreme and Just,

all once inquire for Blood,
The humble Souls that mourn in Dust

Shall find a faithful God.
2 He from the gloomy Vale of Death

Does his own Children raise :
In Zion's Gates with chearful Breath

They fing their Father's Praise.
His Foes shall fall with heedless Feet

Into the Pit they made ;
And Sinners perish in the Net

Which their own Hands had spread.



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PSALM IX. Fourth Verfion. DODDRIDGE.


God's Name, the Encouragement of our Faith.
ING to the Lord, who loud proclaims

His various, and his faving Names;
O may they not be heard alone,
But by our sure Experience known!
2 Let great Jehovah: be ador'd,

Th’ Eternal, All-fufficient Lord !
He thro' the World most high confefs’d,
By whom 'twas form’d, and is possess’d.
3 Awake our nobleft Pow'rs to bless

The God of Abram, God of Peace ;
Now by a dearer Title known,

Father and God of Christ his Son. 4 Thro

' ev'ry Age his gracious Ear
Is open to his Servant's Pray’r;
Nor can one humble Soul complain,

That it hath fought its God in vain. s What unbelieving Heart shall dare

In Whispers to suggest a Fear,
While still he owns his ancient Name?

The same his Pow'r, his Love the same!
6 To thee our Souls in Faith arise,
To thee we lift expecting Eyes;
And boldly thro' the Defart tread,
For God will guard, where God shall lead.



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