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3 How have thy Acts my wakeful Rreaft

With rapt’rous Gratitude impress’d!
How joys my Tongue, with holy Flame

Inspir'd, thy Wonders to proclaim !
4 Great are the Works thy Hand has wrought,

And deep beyond all Search thy Thought;
Thou, Lord, above the starry Plain,

In endless Majefty shalt reign : 5 Fair as amidst their native Bed

The ftately Palms their Branches spread,
Or Cedars, tow'ring to the Skies,

On Lebanon's broad Summit rise,
6 Within thy Courts the Juft shall stand;

And, nourish'd by thy foft'ring Hand,
Each adverse Blast by thee repellid,

To latest Age their Fruits shall yield. 7 Thy Goodness shall their Lips record,

(God of their Strength!) thy ev'ry Word
În Truth's unvarying Balance weigh'd,
Thy ev'ry Act by Justice fway'd.
PSALM XCII. Second Version. TATE,

A Pfalm for the Lord's Day.
OW good and pleasant is the Work

To bless the Lord most high;
And with repeated Hymns of Praise

His Name to magnify!
2 With ev'ry Morning's early Dawn,

His Goodness to relate ;
And of his constant Truth, each Night,

The glad Effects repeat.
3 How wond'rous are thy Works, O Lord,

How deep are thy Decrees?
Whose winding Track, in Secret laid,

No thoughtless Sinner fees.
4 Tho' wicked Men, like blooming Flow'rs,

Awhile look fresh and gay;
Soon muft their short-liv'a Beauty, fade,

Their Glory pass away.



L XCII. 5 But those who keep the Laws of God,

Within his Courts shall thrive; Their Vigor and their Fruitfulness

Shall in old Age revive. 6 Thus will the Lord his Justice shew

And God, our strong Defence, Will due Rewards to all the World

Impartially difpenfe.

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PSALM XCII. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.

WEET is the work, my God, my King,

To praise thy Name, give Thanks and fing; To Mew thy Love by Morning-Light,

And talk of all thy Truth at Night.. 2 Sweet is the Day of facred Reft, No mortal Cares shall seize


O may my Heart in Tune be found
Like David's Harp of solemn Sound!
3 My Heart shall triumph in the Lord,

And bless his Works, and bless his Word;
Thy Works of Grace how bright they shine!
How deep thy Counsels! how divine!
Lo! I shall share a glorious Part
When Grace hath well refin'd my Heart,
And fresh Supplies of Joy are shed

Like holy Oil to chear my. Head.
5. Then shall I fee, and hear, and know

All I defir'd or with'd below;
And every Pow'r find sweet Employ
In that eternal World of Joy..

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Third Version. Second Parti

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The Church is the Garden of God..
ORD, 'tis a pleasant Thing to stand,

In Gardens planted by thine. Hand ;;
Let me within thy Courts be seen
Like a young Cedar fresh and green.

2 There

2 There grow thy Saints in Faith and Love,

Bleft with thine Influence from above;
Not Lebanon with all its Trees
Yields such a comely Sight as these.
The Plants of Grace shall ever live;
Nature decays, but Grace must thrive :
Time, that doth all Things else impair,
Still makes them flourish Itrong and fair.

Laden with Fruits of Age they thew out. F'The Lord is holy, juft and true;

None who attend his Gates shall find - KH A God unfaithful or unkind,

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PS A L M XCIII. First Version. MERRICK
God the eternal Sovereign, and Lord of Natures
HE Lord th' eternal Scepter rears,

And Nature's Pow'r observant hears

Whate'er his Will injoins :
His Head with purest Splendors crown'd,
With Majesty he vests him round,

And girds with Strength his Loins,
2 Encircled by th' ethereal Space,
And fix'd by him on firmest Base,

The Earth's vaft Orb appears :
From earliest Age, great God, thy. Throne
Aloft in Heav'n prepar'd has shone ;

Nor numbers Time thy Years.
3 A Scene of Horror strikes my Eyes ;
The Floods, my God, the Floods arise,

And lift their 'Voice on high :
What Pow'r shall curb the headlong Tide ?
What bid the swelling Waves subside,

And clear the stormy Sky?
4 Thee, o'er all Height exalted, thee
The Deeps revere; at thy Decree

The Waves their Rage resign: Fix'd are the Laws by thee ordain'd; And Truth and Sanctity unftain'd Adorn thy awful Shrine.


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PSALM XCIII. Second Version. · TATE.
TITH Glory clad, with Strength array'd,

The Lord
The Earth's Foundations strongly laid,

And the vast Fabric ftill sustains.
2 Ere rolling Worlds began to move,

Or ere the Heav'ns were stretch'd abroad,
Thine awful Throne was fix'd above ;

From everlasting thou art God.
3 The Floods, O Lord, lift up their Voice,

And toss their troubled Waves on high ;
But God above can still the Noise,

And make the angry Sea comply. 4. Thy sov'reign Laws are ever sure;

And those who in thy Presence dwell,
That happy Station to secure,
Must still in Holiness excel.


P'S ALM XCIII. Third Verfion. WATTS.. TEHOVAH reigns: He dwells in Light,

Girded with Majesty and Might; The World created by his Hands

Still on its first Foundation stands.
2 But ere this spacious World was made,

Or had its first Foundation laid,
Thy Throne eternal Ages stood,

Thyself the everlasting God.,
3 Like Floods the angry Nations rise,

And aim their Rage against the Skies;
Vain Floods, that aim their Rage so high!

At thy Rebuke the Billows die.
4 For ever shall thy Throne endure ;

Thy Promise stands for ever sure;
And everlasting Holiness
Becomes the Dwellings of thy Grace.
PSALM XCIII. Fourth Version. Watts.

HE Lord of Glory reigns; he reigns on high;
His Robes of State are Strength and Majesty :

This wide Creation rose at his Command,
Built by his Word, and stablish'd by his Hand :
Long stood his Throne ere he began Creation,

And his own Godhead is the first Foundation. 2 God is th' eternal King. Thy Foes in vain

Raise their Rebellions to confound thy Reign:
In vain the Storms, in vain the Floods arise,
And roar, and toss their Waves against the Skies;
Foaming at Heav'n they rage with wild Commotion,

But Heav'ns high Arches scorn the swelling Ocean. 3 Ye Tempests rage no more; ye Floods be ftill,

And the mad World submissive to his Will:
Built on his Truth his Church must ever stand;
Firm are his Promises, and strong his Hand;
See his own Sons, when they appear before him,
Bow at his Foot-Stool, and with Fear adore him.
PSALM XCIII.“ Fifth Version. WATTS.

HE Lord Jehovah reigns,

And royal State maintains,
His Head with awful Glories crown'd;

Array'd in Robes of Light,

Begirt with sov’reign Might,
And Rays of Majesty around.

Upheld by thy Commands

The World securely stands ;
And Skies and Stars obey thy Word ;

Thy Throne was fix'd on high

Before the Starry Sky; Eternal is thy Kingdom, Lord. 3

[In vain the noisy Croud,

Like Billows fierce and loud,
Against thine Empire rage and roar ;
In vain with angry Spite

The surly Nations fight,
And dash like Waves against the Shore.

Let Floods and Nations rage,

And all their Pow'rs engage,
Let swelling Tides assault the Sky,

The Terrors of thy Frown

Shall beat their Madness down ;
Thy Throne for ever stands on high.]


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5 Thy

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