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PSALM XC. Fourth Version. 'First Part. WATTS.

God eternal and Man mortal.
UR God, our Help in Ages past,

Our Hope for Years to come,
Our Shelter from the stormy Blaft,

And our eternal Home.
- Under the Shadow of thy Throne

Thy Saints have dwelt secure:
Sufficient is thine Arm alone,

And our Defence is fore.
Before the Hills in Order stood,

Or Earth receiv'd her Frame,
From everlasting thou art God,

To endless Years the fame.
4 Thy Word commands our Flesh to Duft,

Return, ye Sons of Men:
All Nations rose from Earth at first,
And turn to Earth again.

P 5 A thousand Ages in thy Sight

Are like an Ev’ning gone;
Short as the Watch that ends the Night

Before the rising Sun.
6 [The busy Tribes of Flesh and Blood

With all their Lives and Cares
Are carried downwards by thy Flood,

And loft in following Years.) 7 Time like an ever-rolling Stream

Bears all its Son's away ;
They fly forgotten as a Dream
Dies at the op’ning Day.

OTH 8 Like Aow'ry Fields the Nations stand

Pleas'd with the Morning-Light;
The Flow'rs beneath the Mower's Hand

Lie with’ring ere ?tis Night.
9 Our God, our Help in Ages past,

Our Hope for Years to come,
Be thou our Guard while Troubles last,

And our eternal Home.

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PSALM XÇ. Fourth Version. Second Part.

Life, Old Age, and Preparation for Death.
IFE like a vain Amusement flies,

A Fable or a Song ;
By swift Degrees our Nature dies,

Nor can our Joys be long.
2 'Tis but a few whose Days amount

To threescore Years and ten; And all beyond that short Account

Is Sorrow, Toil, and Pain. 3 Almighty God, we trust thy Love,

Which oft on us has shone; Olet our sweet Experience prove

The Mercies of thy Throne. 4 Our Souls would learn the heav'nly Art

T'improve the Hours we have, That we may act the wiser Part,

And live beyond the Grave.

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PSALM XC. Foarth Version. Third Part.

Imploring divine Confolation.
ETURN, O God of Love, return;

Reveal thy wonted Grace :
How long shall we thy Children mourn

Our Absence from thy Face ?
2 Let Joy succeed our painful Years,

Let Sin and Sorrow ceafe, And in Proportion to our Tears

So make our Joys increase. 3 Thy Wonders to thy Servants show,

Make thy own work compleat, Then shall our Souls thy Glory know,

And own thy Love was great.
4 Then shall we shine before thy Throne

And see thy Glory, Lord ;
And the poor Service we have done
Meet a divine Reward.


PSALM XC. Fifth Version. Watts.


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The Frailty and Shortness of Life.
ORD, what a feeble Piece

Is this our mortal Frame?
Our Life how poor a Trifle 'tis,

That scarce deserves the Name!
Alas, the brittle Clay

That built our Body first!
And ev'ry Month and ev'ry Day

'Tis mould'ring back to Duft. 3

Our Moments Ay apace,

Nor will our Minutes stay ;
Just like a Flood our hafty Days

Are sweeping us away. 4

Well, if our Days must fly,

We'll keep their End in Sight,
We'll spend them all in Wisdom's Way,

And let them speed their Flight: 5 They'll waft us sooner o'er

This Life's tempestuous Sea ;,
Soon we shall reach the peaceful Shore
Of blest Eternity.

PSALM XC. Sixth Version. First Part. Pitt.

God eternal, and Man mortal.
TERNAL God! thy early Days
E Throʻ all Duration ran,
Ere the first Race of starting Time

Was measur'd by the Sun.is:???
2 We die ; but future Nations hear is,

Thy potent Voice, anon" Rise at the Summons, and restore

The perish'd Race of Man ;
3 Before thy comprehensive Sight,

Duration fleets away ;
And rapid Ages on the Wing,

Appear but as a Day.

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4 We at thy mighty Call, O Lord,

This transient State must leave, And quit the busy Scenes of Life

To sleep within the Grave. 5. Swift from their Barrier to their Goal

The rapid Moments pass; Of fleeting Life we aptly find

An Emblem in the Grass ;
6 In early Morn it vig'rous grows,

And lifts its verdant Head,
At Noon decays, at Ev'ning dies,

And withers in the Mead.


O teach us, Lord, to count our Days,

their constant Race,
To measure what we want in Time,

By Wisdom, and by Grace.
PSALM XC. Sixth Version. Second Part.

A Prayer for Spiritual and temporal Prosperity,
0 OK down, O Lord, and on our Hearts

Thy choiceft Graces thed,
And show'r from thy celestial Throne

Thy Blessings on our Head.
2 Oh! may thy Mercy crown us here,

And come without Delay ;
Then our whole Course of Life will seem

One glad triumphant Day.
3 Thy Wonders to the World display,

Thy Servants to adorn,
That may delight their future Sons,

And Children yet unborn ;
The Bleffings, Lord, on us diffuse,

Which wait on thy Commands,
And bid Prosperity attend

The Labors of our Hands.


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PSALM XC. Seventh Version. DODDRIDGE. God the Dwelling-Place of the Righteous through all T

Generations, t

HOU, Lord, thro' ev'ry changing Scene

Haft to thy Saints a Refuge been:
Thro' ev'ry Age, eternal God,

1 Their pleasing Home, their safe Abode.

Of 2 In thee out our Fathers fought their Reft,

In thee our Fathers still were blest ;
And tho' in Death's dark Vale they lie,

} They foon shall rise above the Sky.

B 3 Lo, we are ris'n, a feeble Race, A while to fill our Fathers Place;

1 Our helpless State with Pity view,

And let us share their Refuge too. 4 Thro' all the thorny Paths we trace

In this uncertain Wilderness, 11 When Friends desert, and Foes invade, + Revive our Heart, and guard our Head.

2D 5 So when this Pilgrimage is o'er, And we must dwell on Earth no more,

SE To thee, great God, O may we come,

And find in thee a furer Home.
6 To thee our Infant Race we leave;

Them may their Fathers God receive;
That Voices yet unform’d


raise Succeeding Hymns of humble Praise. PSALM XC. Eighth Version. Firft Part. DODDRIDCE.

For New Year's Day.

, parrow Bounds
Of the revolving Year!
How swift the Weeks compleat their Rounds!

How short the Months appear!
2 So fast Eternity comes on,

And that important Day,
When all, that mortal Life has done,

God's Judgment shall survey.

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3 Yer

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