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6 To all his Saints he will speak Peace,

But let them never more
To Folly turn, but wholly cease

T' offend him as before.


God speaking Peace 10 his People.
NITE, my roving Thoughts, unite

In Silence soft and sweet :
And thou, my Soul, fit gently down

At thy great Sov'reign's Feet. 2 Jebovah's awful Voice is heard,

Yet gladly I attend;
For lo! the everlasting God
Proclaims himself


Friend. 3 Harmonious Accents to my Soul

The Sounds of Peace convey ; The Tempeft at his Word fublides,

And Winds and Seas obey. 4 By all its Joys, I charge my Heart,

To grieve his Love no more ;
But, charm'd by Melody divine,

To give its Follies o’er.

Prayer and Praise.
ORD! to my Wants thy Ear incline;

Behold me, I am wholly thine ;
My Hope confirm, and guard from III

A Soul subjected to thy Will.
2 From rising to declining Day

To thee with fervent Lip I pray:
Propitious, to thy Servant's Heart

Thy chearing Influence im part.
3 To thee, to thee I vent my Care ;

I know thee, Lord, nor slow to spare,
Nor weak to vindicate from Harm
The Souls with pure Devotion warm.

4 Regard

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4 Regard me, gracious; nor forbear

The Voice of my Request to hear ;
For who, among the Seats divine,

Shall boast or Pow'r or Works like thine ? -5 Behold, their Maker taught to own,

Earth's future Sons before thy Throne
In Sion suppliant kneel, and raise

To Ifrael's God their joyful Lays. 6 Eternal Excellence! Thy Hand

At Will shall Nature's Pow'rs command;
Thy Wonders, through her Confines wide,

She speaks, nor owns a God beside.
7 o give me, Lord, thy Paths to tread,

And, while thy Truth my Steps shall lead, (The faithful Guide by the assign'd)

Train to thy Fear my willing Mind. 8 My Heart, by facred Zeal impellid,

To thee the grateful Song fhall yield;
long as I breathe the vital Air,
'Thy Love

loudest Praise shall share,
PSALM LXXXVI. Second Verfion. TATE.

Prayer and Praise.
Othou, O God, preserve my Soul,

That does thy Name adore ;
Thy Servant keep, and him, whose Trust

Relies on thee, restore.
2 To him, who daily thee invokes

Thy Mercy, Lord, extend :
Refresh thy Servant's Soul, whose Hopes

On thee alone depend.
3 Thou, Lord, art good; not only good,

But prompt to pardon too; Of plenteous Mercy to all those

Who for thy Mercy sue.
4 To my repeated humble Pray'r,

O Lord, attentive be;
When troubled, I on thec will call,

For thou wilt answer me.


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5 Among the Gods there's none like thee,

O Lord, alone divine:
To thee as much inferior they,

As are their Works to thine.
6 Therefore their great Creator thee

The Nations shall adore;
Their long misguided Pray’rs and Praise,

To thy bless?d Name restore.
7 All shall confess thee

The Wonders thou hast done :
Confess thee God, the God. fupreme;,
Confess thee God alone..

8 Teach me thy Ways, O Lord, and I

From Truth shall ne'er depart,
In Rev'rence to thy sacred Name,

Devoutly fix my Heart.
9 Thee will I praise, O Lord my God;

Praise thee with Heart sincere ;
And to thy everlasting Name

Eternal Trophies rear.
10 Thy boundless Mercy shewn to me,


Pow'r to tell,
For thou hast oft redeem'd

From lowest Depths of Hell.
si Lord, thou thy constant Goodness:doft

To my Adistance bring :
Of Patience, Mercy, and of Truth,

Thou everlasting Spring!
12 O bounteous Lord, thy Grace and Strength

To me thy Servant show.;
Thy kind Protection, Lord, on me
Thy Servant's Son bestow...
PSALM: LXXXVI. Third Version. WATTS.

A general Song of Praise.
MONG the Princes, Earthly Gods,
Nor is their Nature, mighty Lord,
Nor are their Works like thine.



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2 The Nations thou hast made shall bring

Their Off'rings round thy Throne ; For thou alor.e dost wond'rous Things,

For thou art God alone. 3 Lord, I would walk with holy Feet ;

Teach me thine heav'nly Ways, And all my scatter'd Thoughts unite

In God my Father's Praise. 4 Great is thy Mercy, and my Tongue

Shall those sweet Wonders tell,
How by thy Grace my finking Soul
Rose from the Deeps of Hell.
PSALM LXXXVI. Fourth Version.

The one living and true God.
TERNAL GOD, almighty Cause

Of Earth and Seas and Worlds unknown ;
All Things are subject to thy Laws";

All Things depend on thee alone. 2 Thy glorious Being singly stands,

of all within itself poffeft;
Contrould by none are thy Commands;
Thou from thyself alone art blest.'

To thee alone ourselves we owe; 3

Let Heav'n and Earth due Homage pay;
All other Gods we disavow,

Deny their Claims, renounce their Sway.
4 Spread thy great Name thro’ Heathen Lands;

Their idol Deities dethrone;
Reduce the World to thy Command,
And reign, as thou art, God alone.



PSALM LXXXVI. Fifth Version. Carter.

The Mercy of God.

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2 Did ever thy relenting Ear

The humble Plea disdain?
Or when did plaintive Mis’ry figh, -ta

Or fupplicate, in vain?
3 Oppress'd with Grief and Shame, diffoly'd

In penitential Tears,
Thy Goodness calms our reflefs Doubts,

And dissipates our Fears.
4 New Life from thy refreshing Grace

Our finking Hearts receive;
Thy gentlest, best lov?d Attribute,

To pity and forgive.
5 From that blest Source propitious Hope

Appears serenely bright,
And sheds her soft diffusive Beam

O’er Sorrow's dismal Night.
6 Our Griefs confess her vital Pow'r,

And bless the friendly Ray,
Which ushers in the rising Morn

Of everlasting Day.
PS A L M LXXXVII. First Version. WATTS,
Jews and Gentiles united in the Chrsftian Church.

OD in his earthly Temple lays

Foundations for his heav'nly Praise :
He likes the Tents of Jacob well,

But still in Zion loves to dwell. 2 His Mercy visits ev'ry House

That pay their Night and Morning Vows;
But makes a more delightful Stay

Where Churches meet to praise and pray. 3 What Glories were describ'd of old ?

What Wonders are of Zion told? - Thou City of our God below,

Thy Fame shall Töre and Egypt know. 4 Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew,

Shall there begin their Lives anew :
Angels and Men shall join to fing
The Hill where living Waters fpring.

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