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Which does so rich a Table spread

In this far diftant Land.
· Struck by thy Pow'r, the flinty Rocks

In gushing Torrents flow ;
The feather'd Wand'rers of the Air

Thy guiding Instinct know.
3 The pregnant Clouds, at thy Command,

Rain down delicious Bread ; And by light Drops of pearly Dew

Are num'rous Armies fed. 4 Supported thus, thine Ifrael march'd

The promis'd Land to gain: And shall thy Children now begin 1

To seek their God in vain ?
5 Are all thy Stores exhausted now?

Or does thy Mercy fail?
That Faith should languish in our Breafts,

And anxious Cares prevail ?
6 Ye base unworthy Fears, be gone,
And wide disperse in Air;

Father's Rod,
When I suspect his Care.

I feel my
Then may


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The Warnings of God to his people.
ING to the Lord aloud,

And make a joyful Noise :
God is our Strength, our Saviour God;

Let Ifrael hear his Voice.
“ From vile Idolatry

“ Preserve my Worship clean ;
“ I am the Lord, who set thee free

“From Slavery and Sin. 3

“ Stretch thy Desires abroad,

“ And I'll supply them well; 6. But if


will refuse
If Israel will rebel ;


your God,

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“ I'll leave them, saith the Lord,

“ To their own Lufts a Prey,
And let them run the dang’rous Road;

'Tis their own chosen Way.

“ Yet, O! that all my Saints,

“ Would hearken to my Voice!
“ Soon I would ease all their Complaints,

“ And bid their Hearts rejoice.

“ While I destroy their Foes,
“ I'd richly feed my

" And they should taste the Stream that Aows
“ From their eternal Rock."

God the supreme Governor ; or, a Warning to venal and ear

rupt Magistrates
MONG th’ Assemblies of the Great

A greater Ruler takes his Seat;
The God of Heav'n as Judge surveys

Those Gods on Earth and all their Ways,
2 Why will ye then frame wicked Laws ?

Or why support th' unrighteous Cause?
When will ye once defend the Poor,

That Sinners vex the Just no more?
3 They know not, Lord, nor will they know :

Dark are the ways in which they go:
Their Name of earthly Gods is vain,

For they shall fall and die like Men.
4 Rise, mightiest King, to Judgment rise,

Th' Oppress'd redeem, the Proud chastise,

Till Man's whole Offspring, thee alone

Their Lord, and just Poffeffor, own.
PSALM LXXXIV. First Version. Firft Part. Merrick.

The Happiness of true Worshippers.
ow sweet thy Dwellings, Lord, how fair!



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Tha To list

With ardent Hope, with strong Desire,

My Heart, my Flesh, to thee aspire. 2 Eternal King, within thy Dome

The Sparrow finds her peaceful Home;

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mv Saint my Voice!

The Scream in Secure the thirsty Vale they tread,
XXXII. And bid the chearless Desart smile.

a Wernig: 35 From Stage' to Stage advancing still, -s of the German And, proftrate at her hallow'd Shrine, 4 LXXXD, I

zich the Lost their Complai is rejoice

. Flock, mis Seat;

With her the Dove, a licens'd Guest,

Affiduous tends her infant Neft. se dang tu ka Bleft, who, like these, from Day to Day

Within thy House permitted stay, noien Way

Whose joyous Tongue'thy Mercies raise
To Hymns of Gratitude and Praise.
Blest, who, their Strength on thee reclin'd,
Thy Seat explore with conftant Mind,

And, Salem's distant Tow'rs in View, i Foes,

With active Zeal their way pursue :


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While, call?d from out their fandy Bed,
The copious Springs their Steps beguile,


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Behold them reach fair Sion's Hill,
Adore the Majesty divine.
PSALM LXXXIV. First Version. Second Part.

Delight in public Worship.

Thou, whom Heav’n’s high Hosts revere, Poor,

Look down, our only Hope! look down ;

Behold us, but without a Frown. bey bu. 20 let thy Beams, in Mercy shed,

Stream copious on thy Servant's Head;
Blest, who in Confidence of Pray’r

To thee, great God, resign their Care.
3 One Day if in thy Courts I dwell,

That Day a thousand fhall excel :
Amidst the menial Tribe to wait,

And guard th’ Approaches of thy Gate,
1.4 Far happier Task my Soul should find,

Than, mix'd with Men of impious Mind,
To see the proud Pavilion spread

Its dazzling Splendors o'er my Head.
5 Thou, Lord, art Ifrael's Sun and Shield;

Thy Love shall Grace and Glory yield,
Nor e’er permit the pious Train
Thy Gifts to ask, and ask in vain.





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PSALM LXXXIV. Second Version. TATE.
God of Hofts, the mighty Lord,

is the Place,
Where thou, enthron'd in Glory, they'lt

The Brightness of thy Face !
2 My longing Soul faints with Defire

To view thy bleft Abode;
My panting Heart and Flesh cry out

For thee the living God.
3 O Lord of Hosts, my King and God,

How highly bless'd are they
Who in thy Temple always dwell,

And there thy Praise display!
4 Thrice happy they, whose Choice has thee

Their sure Protection made,
Who long to tread the sacred Ways

That to thy Dwelling lead.
5 Sure in thy Courts one single Day

'Tis better to attend,
Than, Lord, in any Place besides

A thousand Days to spend.
6 Much rather in God's House will I

The meanest Office take,
Than in the wealthy Tents of Sin

My pompous Dwelling make.
For God is both our Sun and Shield,

Will Grace and Glory give;
And no good Thing will he with-hold

From those who juftly live.
8 Thou, God, whom heav'nly Hofts obey.

How highly bless'd is he
Whofe Hope and Truft, securely plac'd,

Is still repos'd on thee?
PSALM LXXXIV. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.

The Pleasure of public Worship.
OW pleasant, how divinely fair,

O Lord of Hofts, thy Dwellings are !
With long Desire my Spirit faints
To meet th' Affemblies of thy Saints.

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2 Bled


2 Bleft are the Saints who fit on high

Around thy Throne of Majesty ;
Thy brightest Glories shine above,

And all their work is Praise and Love.
Bleft are the Souls who find a Place
Within the Temple of thy Grace ;
There they behold thy gentler Rays,

And seek thy Face, and learn thy Praise. 4 Blest are the Men whose Hearts are set

To find the Way to Zion's Gate;
God is their Strength; and thro' the Road

They lean upon their Helper God.
5 Chearful they walk with growing Strength,

Till all shall meet in Heav'n at length,
Till all before thy Face appear,
And join in nobler Worship there.
PSALM LXXXIV. Third Version. Second Part.

REAT God, attend while Zion sings

The Joy that from thy Presence springs :
To spend one Day with thee on Earch

Exceeds a thousand Days of Mirth. 2 Might I enjoy the meanest Place

Within thine House, O God of Grace,
Not Tents of Ease, nor Thrones of Pow'r

Should tempt my Feet to leave thy Door. 3

God is our Sun, he makes our Day;
God is our Shield, he guards our Way
From all th’ Assaults of Hell and Sin,

From Foes without and Foes within. 4

All needful Grace will God bestow,
And crown that Grace with Glory too:
He gives us all Things, and withholds
No real Good from upright Souls.
PSALM LXXXIV. Fourth Version. Watts.

Y Soul, how lovely is the Place

To which thy God resorts !
"Tis Heav'n to see his smiling Face,
Tho' in his earthly Courts.
L 2

2 There




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