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PSALM LXXVI. Third Version. WATTS.

God the Guardian of his Church.
HEN God in his own sov'reign Ways

Appears to save th’ Opprest,
The Wrath of Man shall work his Praise,

And he'll restrain the rest.
2 What Pow'r can stand before his Sight

When once his Arm appears ?
When Heav'n Nines round with dreadful Light,

The Earth lies still and fears.
3 Vow to the Lord, and Tribute bring,

Ye Princes, fear his Frown:
His Terror fakes the proudeft King,

And cuts an Army down.
The Thunder of his sharp Rebuke

His Church's Foes shall feel : For Jacob's God hath not forsook,

But dwells in Zion still.

PSALM LXXVIIFirst Version MERRICK, The safe Conduct of Israel, from Egypt to Canaan, an Encou

ragement to Chriftians in their way to Heaven.
AKER of All! at thy Command

Revers'd the Laws of Nature stand,
Stupendous Scenes thy A&ts afford,

And bid the Nations know their Lord. 2 Let Jacob and let Joseph say,

How strong thy Arm to chase away
Each Woe that waits thy People

Each Danger that excites their Fear.
3 The Deeps beheld thee, heav'nly King !

The Deeps beheld thee; and each Spring,
That rose from out their fandy Bed,

Tumultuous own'd its sudden Dread. 4 Inceffant from the bursting Cloud

Down stream'd the bidden Rain ; aloud
Peal'd the big Thunder; through the Sky

Thy flaming Shafts were seen to fly;
5 And, as thy Voice around the Pole
In awful Threats was heard to roll,
Earth trembling groan'd, while o'er her Head
Its livid Sheet the Light'ning spread.

6 Wide



Ś Wide yawn’d the Flood from Shore to Shore,

And op'd a Path unknown before,
While Israel's Guardian and his God

With trackless Step its Channel trod. 7 As Sheep to distant Pastures led,

Secure thy People march'd, convey'd
By Moses' and by Aaron's Hand

To promis’d Canaan's happy Land.
8 Where finds, where, the searching Eye

A God, with Ifrael's God to vie?
His Wonders on my Thought shall dwell,
My Tongue thy Acts unwearied tell.


PSALM LXXVII. Second Version. . TATE.
'LL call to mind God's Works of old,

The Wonders of his Might;
On them my Heart shall meditate,

My Tongue shall them recite.
2 Safe lodg'd from human Şearch, on high,

O God, thy Counsels are ;
Who is so great a God as ours ?

Who can with him compare ?
3 Long since a God of Wonders thee

Thy rescu'd People found;
Long since haft thou thy chosen Seed

With strong Deliv'rance crown'd.
4 When thee, O God, the Waters saw,

The frighted Billows fhrunk;
The troubled Depths themselves, for Fear,

Beneath their Channels sunk.
5 The Clouds pour'd down, while rending Skies

Did with their Noise conspire ;
Thy Arrows all abroad were sent,

Wing'd with consuming Fire.
6 Heav'n with thy Thunder's Voice was torn,

While all the lower World
With Light'nings blaz'd; Earth shook, and seem'd
From her Foundations hurl'd.



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7 Thro' rolling Streams thou find'it thy Way,

Thy Paths in Waters lie;
Thy wond'rous Passage where no Sight

Thy Footsteps can descry.
8 Thou ledst thy People like a Flock,

Safe thro’ the desart Land,
By Moses, their meek skilful Guide,

And Aaron's facred Hand.
9 So Christ to us, a better Guide,

Thou hast in Mercy giv’n,
In Might excelling, far more wise,

To lead us fafe to Heav'n.



OW awful is thy chastning Rod ?

“ The Great, the Wife, the righteous God!

“ How holy is his Way!”.
2 I'll meditate his Works of old;

The King who reigns above;
I'll hear his antient Wonders told,

And learn to trust his Love.
3 Long did the House of Foreph lie

With Egypt's Yoke oppreft ; Long he delay'd to hear their Cry,

Nor gave his People Reft.
4 The Sons of good old Jacob seem'd

Abandon’d to their Foes ;
But his almighty Arm redeem'd

The Nation that he chose.
5 Ifrael his People and his Sheep

Must follow where he calls;
He bid them venture thro’the Deep,

And made the Waves their Walls. 6 The Waters faw thee, mighty God,

The Waters saw thee, come; Backward they fled, and frighted stood

To make thine Armies Room.

7 Strange

Strange was thy Journey thro' the Sea,

Thy Foot-Steps, Lord, unknown : Terrors attend thy wond'rous Way

That brings thy Mercies down. Thy Voice, with Terror in the Sound

Thro' Clouds and Darkness broke :
All Heav'n in Light'ning shone around,

And Earth with Thunder Thook.
Thine Arrows thro' the Skies were hurld;

How glorious is the Lord !
Surprize and Trembling seiz'd the World,

And his own Saints ador'd.
He gave them Water from the Rock ;

And safe by Moses' Hand
Thro' a dry Desart led his Flock

Home to the promis'd Land.



Religious Education and Instruction of Children.
HILDREN, to Wisdom's Law give Ear,

The Dictates of her Lips revere,
Truths, which, from earliest Ages heard,
To us in sacred Trust transferr'd,
From Sire to Son successive flow,
That latest Times his Praise may know,
Whose Pow'r presides o'er ev'ry Land,
And owns the Wonders of his Hand.
He, bounteous Parent of Mankind,
His Law to Jacob's Race consign'd,
Th' appointed Theme of ev'ry Tongue;
That Children from their Children sprung
The Blessings of his Love might learn,
And grateful yield the just Return,
Trust in his Aid, his Works record,
And mark the Precepts of his Word.


PSALM LXXVIII. Second Version. Tate.
TEAR, all ye People, to my Law

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Let the Instructions of


Deep in your Hearts descend.
2 My Tongue, by Inspiration taught,

Shall Parables unfold,
Dark Oracles, but understood,

And own'd for Truths of old. 3 Which we from facred Registers

Of antient Times have known, And our Forefathers pious Care

To us has handed down.
4 We will not hide them from our Sons;

Our Offspring shall be taught
The Praises of the Lord, whofe Strength

Has Works of Wonders wrought.
ET Children hear the mighty Deeds

Which God perform’d of old,
Which in our younger Years we faw,

And which our Fathers told. 2 He bids us make his Glories known,

His Works of Pow'r and Grace ; And we'll convey his Wonders down

Thro' ev'ry rifing Race. 3 Our Lips shall tell them to our Sons,

And they again to theirs, That Generations yet unborn

May teach them to their Heirs. 4 Thus shall they learn, in God alone

1 Their Hope fecurely stands, That they may ne'er forget his Works,

But practise his Commands.

God furnishing a Table in the Wilderness.
ARENT of universal Good,
We own thy bounteous Hand,


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PARE DT th's bounteous Hand,

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