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PSALM V. Second Version. Watrs.

Lord's Day Morning.
ORD, in the Morning thou shalt hear
My Voice ascending

high ;
To thee will I direct my Prayr,

To thee lift up mine Eye.
2 Thou art a God before whose Sight

The Wicked shall not stand;
Sinners shall ne'er be thy Delight,

Nor dwell at thy Right-Hand.
3 But to thy House will I resort

To taste thy Mercies there ;
I will frequent thine holy Court,

And worship in thy Fear.
O may thy Spirit guide my Feet

In Ways of Righteousness!
Make every Path of Duty ftrait,

And plain before my Face.
5 The Men who love and fear thy Name

Shall see their Hopes fulfill'd ;
The mighty God will compass them

With Favor as a Shield,

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PSALM V. Third Version. MILTON.
God regards not the Wicked, but favors the Righteous..
EHOVAH, to my Words give Ear,

My Meditation weigh,

The Voice of my Complaining hear,
My King and God, for unto thee I pray.
2 Jehovah, thou, my humble Voice

Shalt in the Morning hear,
Each Morn I will in thee rejoice,
Present my Pray’rs, and watch till thou appear.
3. For thou art not a God who takes

In Wickedness Delight;
Evil with thee no Biding makes,
Ungodly Men stand not within thy Sight.

How num’rous, Lord, thy Mercies are,

In them with Joy I'll go
Into thy House, and in thy Fear
Will tow'rd thy Throne mot holy worship low.
Lord, lead me in thy Righteousness,

Me lead, becaase of those
Who will observe, if I tranfgress,
Deride Religion, and thy Cause expose.
All those, who trust in God their King,

Are safe from Harm and Blame ;
While God defends, they well may fing,
Joy all becomes, who love his holy Namę.
For thou, Jehovah, wilt be found

To bless the Righteous ftill,
As with a Shield wilt him furround
With everlasting Favor and Good-Will.

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The Greatness and Condescension of God.
TMMORTAL King! Through Earth’s wide Frame

How great thy Honor, Praise, and Name!
Whose Reign o'er diftant Worlds extends,
Whofe Giory Heav'n's vaft Height transcends.
When, rapt in Thought, with wakeful Eye,
I view the Wonders of the Sky,
Whose Frame thy Fingers-o'er our Head

In rich Magnificence have spread,
3 The flent Moon, with waxing Horn,

Along th’ ethereal Region borne ;
The Stars, with vivid Lustre crown'd,
That nightly walk their destin'd Round:
Lord! What is Man, that in thy Care
His humble Lor should find a Share ?
Or what the Son of Man, that Thou
Thus to his Wants thine Ear: should'st bow?
5 His Rank awhile, by thy Decree,
Th’ Angelic Tribes beneath them fee,
Till round him thy imparted Rays
With unextinguish'd Glory blaze.

6 Subjected

6 Subjected to his Feet by thee,

To him all Nature bows the Knee;
The Beasts in him their Lord behold,

The grazing Herd, the bleating Fold, 7 The Savage Race, a countless Train,

That range at large th' extended Plain ;
The Fowls, of various Wing, that fly

O’er the vast Defart of the Sky;
8 And all the wat’ry Tribes, that glide

Thro' Paths to human Sight deny'd :
Immortal King! Through Earth's wide Frame
How great thy Honor, Praise, and Name !

PSALM VIII. Second Version. TATE.
God's Goodness to feeble Man.

Within this earthly Frame,
Thro' all the World how great art thou !

How glorious is thy Name !
2 In Heav'n thy wond'rous Acts are sung,

Nor fully reckon'd there,
And yet" thou mak'st the Infant Tongue

Thy boundless Praise declare.
3 When Heav'n thy beauteous Work on high,

Employs my wond'ring Sight,
The Moon, that nightly rules the Sky,

With Stars of feebler Light.
4 Lord, what is Man, that thou should't love

To keep him in thy Mind !
His Offspring, what, that thou should'It prove

To him so wond'rous kind!
Him next in Pow'r thou didst create

To thy celestial Train: Ordain'd with Dignity and State,

O’er all thy Works to reign.
6 O thou to whom all Creatures bow

Within this earthly Frame,
Thro' all the World how great art thou !

How glorious is thy Name !


O Lord

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PSALM VIII. Third Version. Watts.
God's Goodness; and Man's Dominion over the Creatures,
Lord, our heav'nly King,

Name is all divine;
Thy Glories round the Earth are spread,

And o'er the Heav'ns they shine.
2. When to thy Works on high

I raise my wond'ring Eyes,
And see the Moon compleat in Light

Adorn the darksome Skies:
3 When I survey the Stars

And all their shining Forms,
O Lord, what is thy Creature, Man,

A-kin to Duft and Worms?
4 What is the Son of Man,

That thou should't love him fo?
Next to thine Angels is he plac'd,

And Lord of all below,
Ś Thine Honors crown his Head,

While Beasts his Will obey,
And Birds that cut the Air with Wings,

And Fish that cleave the Sea.
6 How rich thy Bounties are !

And wondrous are thy Ways :
Of Duft and Worms thy Pow'r can frame

A Monument of Praise.
7 [Out of the Mouths of Babes

And Sucklings thou canst draw .
Surprizing Honors to thy Name,

And strike the World with Awe.
8 O Lord, our heav'nly King,

Thy Name is all divine :
Thy Glories round the Earth are spread,
And o'er the Heav'ns they shine.]
PSALM VIII. Fourth Version. Watts.

God's Goodness in the Mission of Chrift.
Lord, our God, how wond'rous great

Is thine exalted Name !

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O Lord



The Glories of thy heav'nly State

Let Men and Babes proclaim.
2 When I behold thy Works on high,

The Moon that rules the Night,
And Stars that well adorn the Sky,

Those moving Worlds of Light.
3 Lord, what is Man, or all his Race,

Who dwells so far below,
That thou should'st visit him with Grace

And love his Nature fo?
"That thy beloved Son should bear

Like us a mortal Form,
Made lower than the Angels are,

To save a dying Worm?
Let him be crown’d with Majesty

Who bow'd his Head to reath; And be his Honors founded high,

By all Things that have Breath.


PSALM VIII. Fifth Version.

Adam and Ckrift.
ORD, what was Man, when made at first,

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That thou should'ít set him and his Race

But just below an Angel's Place ?
2 That thou should'st raise his Nature so,

And make him Lord of all below,
Make ev'ry Beast and Bird submit,

And lay the Fishes at his Feet?
3 But O what brighter Glories wait

To crown the second Adam's State ?
What Honors shall thy Son adorn

Altho’ like us of Woman born ? 4

See him below the Angels made ;
See him in Dust among the Dead,
To save the World from Death and Sin :
But he Mall reign with Pow'r divine.

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