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5 Unnumber'd Comforts on my Soul

Thy tender Care bestow'd, Before my Infant Heart conceiv'd

From whence those Comforts flow'd. 6 When in the flipp’ry Paths of Youth

With heedless Step I ran,
Thine Arm unseen convey'd me safe,

And led me up to Man.
7 Thro' hidden Dangers, Toils, and Deaths,

It gently clear'd my Way;
And thro' the pleasing Snares of Vice,

More to be fear'd than they,
8 When worn with Sickness, oft haft thou

With Health renew'd thy Face ; And, when in Sin and Sorrow sunk,

Reviv'd my Soul with Grace.
3 [Thy bounteous Hand with worldly Bliss

Hath made my Cup run o'er;
And, in a kind and faithful Friend,

Has doubled all my Store.]
10 Ten thousand thousand precious Gifts

My daily Thanks employ; Nor is the least a chearful Heart,

That tastes those Gifts with Joy. 11 Thro' ev'ry Period of my Life,

Thy Goodness I'll pursue ;
And, after Death, in distant Worlds,

The glorious Theme renew.
12 When Nature fails, and Day and Night

Divide thy Works no more,
My ever grateful Heart, O Lord,

Thy Mercy shall adore. 13 Thro' all Eternity to thee

A joyful Song I'll raise ;
For oh! Eternity alone

Can utter all thy Praise.

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PSALM LXXII. First Version. First Part. Merrick.

A Prayer for the Prince of Wales; with a Description of a

good King, and a prosperous Reign. INSTRUCT, great God, the kingly Heart,

Till, pleas’d, the Heir of Britain's Throne

Thy Precept's full Extent has known. 2 So shall his Hand dispense thy Laws,

Prompt to defend the poor Man's Cause,
Peace from the fort-clad Mountain's Brow

Descending bless the Plains below. 3 His Justice from each rocky Cell

Shall Violence and Fraud expel ;
His Arm the injur'd Man shall right,

And crush the proud Oppressor's Might. 4 His Worth succeeding Times shall own,

Long as the Sun and waxing Moon,
With varied Light, in swift Career,

Alternate guide the circling Year.
Behold his Influence downward

pour, Delightful as the copious Show'r, Whose Drops refreh the new-shorn Plain,

And swell with Life the foodful Grain. 6 From Sea to Sea his virtuous Fame

Shall reach, the Honors of his Name
Through Realms of various Tongue extend

Far as to Earth's remoteft End.
7 To him the Desart’s Tribes shall kneel ;

His Foes, who on their conqu’ring Steel
Repos’d erewhile their frantic Truit,

Shall proftrate fall, and sink to Dust. 8 The distant East's divided Shores

Prolific spread their richest Stores;
All. Pow'rs to him due Honors pay,
All Nations praise his equal Sway.


g He, when the helpless Poor shall

Shall hear propitious from on high;
Nor Fraud, nor Rapine's Iron Hand

Shall dare to touch the righteous Band..
io For him, what Crouds shall suppliant bow,

His Health the Subject of their Vow,
And through the Length of Days his Fame

Aloud with thankful Voice proclaim.
11 Lift to the Mountain's Height your Eyes ;

And see the yellow Harvests rise,
Wide-waving, as the Verdure spread

On Lebanon's exalted Head..
12 Behold the Cities O'er the Plain

Pour from their Gates a num'rous Train,
And healthful as the vernal Birth,

That shades with Green the joyous Earth. 13 From Year to Year the Orb of Day

His brighter Glories shall survey,
While Britain's Race his Love confess,
And, bleft in him, his Name shall bless.

PSALM LXXII. Firit Version. Second Part.


Praise to God.
XALT, exalt your heav'nly Lord,

The God' by Jacob's Sons ador’d,
Whose wond'rous Acts to him alone
Affert the everlasting Throne,
To him in loftieft Praises join,
And bless the Majesty divine;
That Majesty whose cloudless Rays

O'er Earth's capacious Round thall blaze. | PSALM LXXII. Second Verfion. First Part. WATTS.

Applied to the Kingdom of Christ.
REAT God, whose universal Sway
The known and unknown Worlds obey,



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Now give the Kingdom to thy Son,

Extend his Pow'r, exalt his Throne.
2 Thy Sceptre well becomes his Hands,

Let all submit to his Commands;
His Justice shall redress the Poor,

And Pride and Rage prevail no more.
3 With Pow'r he vindicates the Juít,

And treads th’ Oppressor in the Dust;
His righteous Government shall last

Till Hours and Years and Time be past.
4 The Heathen Lands that lie beneath

The Shades of overspreading Death
Revive at his first dawning Light,

And Desarts blossom at the Sight.
5 The Saints shall flourish in his Days,

Drest in the Robes of Joy and Praise ;
Peace, like a River from his Throne
Shall flow to Nations yet unknown.

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Second Version. Second Part.

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ESUS shall reign where e'er the Sun

Does his successive Journies run;
His Kingdom stretch from Shore to Shore,

Till Moons shall wax and wane no more.
2 Through him shall endless Pray'r be made,

And Praises throng to crown his Head;
His Name like sweet Perfume shall rise

With every Morning Sacrifice.
3 People and Realms of ev'ry Tongue

Dwell on his Love with sweetest Song;
And Infant-Voices fhall proclaim

Their early Bleflings on his Name.
4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns,

The Pris’ner leaps to lose his Chains,
The Weary find eternal Reft,
And all the Sons of Want are bleft.


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5 Where he displays his healing Pow'r,
The Sting of Death is known no more ;
In him the Tribes of Adam boaft
More Blessings than their Father loft.

Delight and Confidence in God, and the wretched End of

prosperous Vice.

HO, taught to spurn his equal Sway,

From Ifrael's God presumptuous stray,
His Justice, with reverseless Doom,
In Life's full Vigor shall consume.
2 Behold them on the slipp'ry Seat
Of high Ambition plant their Feet,

Then mark them as they downward bend,
And headlong to the Earth descend.

How swift, how sudden is their Fate !
What Horrors, Lord, their Death await!
Wrapt in Oblivion's Shade they lie,

Their Image vanish'd from the Eye.
4 But, mightiest Lord! my Soul has known

Thy Love to Ifrael's Offspring shown,
And owns the Bliss by thes ordain'd

To each who bears a Heart unitain'd.
50 say, in Heav'n's capacious Round

What Friend like thee my Soul has found ;
Or who, great God, on Earth resides,
Whose Love with thine my

Breaft divides.
6 My Heart, my Flesh have faild; but thee

My lasting Heritage I fee;
Thy Strength my fainting Spirit chears,
And checks my Grief, and calms

7 Now, warm with holy Transport, I

To God with sure Success apply,
Him trust, and, guarded by his Care,
To Man's whole Race his Acts declare.

Second Pa


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