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2 On thee alone our whole Dependence lies,

And thy rich Mercy ev'ry Want supplies :
Ochou great Author of the extended Whole!

Revolving Seasons praise thee as they roll.
3 By thee, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, rise,

Thou giv'it the frowning, thou the smiling Skies ;
By thy Command the foft'ning Shower distils

Till genial Warmth the teeming Furrow fills.
4 Then fav’ring Sun-fhine o'er the Clime extends,

And ble by thee the verdant Blade ascends ;
Next Spring's gay Products cloath the flow'ry Hills,

And Joy the Wood, and Joy the Valley fills, 5 Then foon thy Bounty swells the golden Ear,

And bids the Harvest crown the fruitful Year ;
Thus all thy Works conspicuous Worship raise,
And Nature's Face proclaims her Maker's Praise.

A general Invitation to praise God.

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Y Life in one Chcizyour thankful voice,

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And spread through Earth's extended Frame

The Honor of your Maker's Name. 2 Each Tribe of human Race to thee

Shall fuppliant bend the humble Knee,
Each Tongue in Hymns of Praise fhall join,

And joyful bless the Name divine.
3 O come, and view with rev'rent Thought

The Acts by Heav'n's high Monarch wrought,
His Wonders shown fince Time began,

And friend-like Intercourse with Man. 4

His Word the Deep's vast Channel dry'd,
And backward rolld th' obedient Tide:
Ifrael in grateful Transport stand,
And Shouts of Triumph Thake the Strand,
5 Time's latest Period long o'erpast,

His Pow'r shall felf-supported last ;
Each Realm to his observing Eyes,
From Pole to Pole subjected lies.

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6 Ye Nations all of various Tongue,

To Jacob's God exalt the Song;
Sing, fing aloud, that Nature's Ear
His Praife through all her Bounds may hear.
PSALM LXVI. Second Version. First Part. : TATE.

God's sovereign Dominion.
ET all the Lands with Shouts of Joy

To God their Voices raise ;
Sing Psalms in Honor of his Name,

And spread his glorious Praise.
2 And let them say, how awful, Lord,

In all thy Works art thou !
To thy great Pow'r, Earth's proudeft Sons

Shall all be forc'd to bow.
3 Thro' all the Earth the Nations round

Shall thee their God confess :
And with glad Hymns their awful Dread

Of thy great Name express.
4 O come, behold the Works of God,

And then you soon will own,
That he to all the Sons of Men

Has wond’rous Judgments shown.
5 He made the Sea become dry Land,

Thro' which his People walk'd;
While to each other of his Might

With heartfelt Joy they talk'd.
6 He by his Pow'r for ever rules;

His Eyes the World survey ;
Let no presumptuous Mortal dare

Oppose his fov’reign Sway.
PSALM LXVI. Second Version. Second Part.

Praise to God for hearing Prayer.
O A ,

And loudly speak his Praise,
Who keeps our Souls alive, and filla

Confirms our ftedfast Ways.

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2 O come all who fear the Lord,

Attend with heedful Care,
Whilst we, what God for us has done,

With grateful Joy declare,
3 As we before his Aid implor'd,

So now we praise his Name :
Who if our Heart had harbor'd Sin,

Would all our Pray’rs disclaim.
But God to us, whene'er we cry'd, .

His gracious Ear did bend :
And to the Voice of our Request

With constant Love attend.
Then bless'd for ever be our God,

Who never, when we pray,
Withholds his Mercy from our Souls,

Nor turns his face away.
PSALM LXVI. Third Version. First Part. WATTS-

Governing Power and Goodness.
ING, all ye Nations, to the Lord,
Sing with a joyful Noise ;

llo With Melody of Sound record

His Honors and your Joys.
2 Say to the Pow'r that shakes the Sky,

How great and awful thou !
“ Sinners before thy Presence fly,

Or at thy Feet they bow.
3 Come, see the Wonders of our God,

How glorious are his Ways !
In Mofes Hand he puts his Řod, '.

And cleaves the frighted Seas.-
4 He made the ebbing Channel dry,

Wbile Ifrael pass’d the Flood;
There did the Church begin their Joy,

And triumph in their God.
He rules by his resiftless Might:

Will rebel Mortals dare
Provoke th' Eternal to the Fight,

And tempt that dreadful War:

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5 O. bless our God, and never cease;.

Ye Saints fulfil his Praise ;
He keeps our Life, maintains our Peace,

And guides our doubtful Ways.
7 Lord, thou haft prov'd our fuff'ring Souls,

To make our Graces fhine; So Silver bears the burning Coals

The Metal to refine.
.8 Thro' wat'ry Deeps and fiery Ways

We march at thy Command,
Led to possess the promis'd Place

By thine unerring Hand.

PSALM LXVI. Third Version. Second Parts



Praise to God for hearing Prayer.
OW shall my folemn Vows be paid

To that almighty Pow'r
That heard the long Requests I made

distressful Hour.
2 My Lips and chearful Heart prepare

To make his Mercies known;
Come ye, who fear my God, and hear

The Wonders he has done. 3 When on my

Head huge Sorrows fell,
I sought his heav'nly

Aid ;
He fav'd my finking Soul from Hell

And Death's eternal Shade. -4 If Sin lay cover'd in


While Pray'r employ'd my Tongue,
The Lord had fewn me no Regard,

Nor I his Praises fung.
But God, his Name be ever blest,

Has set my Spirit free;
He ne'er rejected my Request,

Nor turn'd his Heart from me..

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PSALM LXVI. Fourth Version. DODDriDGE, NL
Rebels against the supreme Sovereign adminished.

HE Lord of Glory reigns fupremely great,

And o’er Heav'n's Arches builds his royal Seat. A
Thro' Worlds unknown his Sov’reign Sivay extends,

Nor Space nor Time his boundless Empire ends.
His Eye beholds th' Affairs of ev'ry Nation,

And reads each Thought thro' his immense Creation.
2 Light'nings and Storms his mighty Word obey,

And Planets roll, where he has mark'd their Way:
Unnumber'd Cherubs veil'd before him stand,
At his first Signal all their Wings expand;
His Praise gives Harmony to all their Voices,

And ev'ry Heart thro' the full Choir rejoices.
3 Rebellious Mortals, cease your Tumults vain,

Nor longer such unequal War maintain :
Let Clay with Fellow Clay in Combat ftrive,
But dread to brave the Pow'r, by which you live :
With contrite Hearts fall prostrate and adore him,
For, if he frowns, ye perilh all before him.
PSALM LXVI. Fifth Version.

God hearing Prayer.
HOU, Lord, a pitying Ear didft give,

And heard me when I pray’d;
I'll call upon thee while I live,

And never doubt thine Aid.
2 To thee, the Lord of Life, I pray'd,

And did for Succour fee,
O fave, in my Distress, I cry'd,

The Soul that trafts in thee.
3 How good thou art, how large thy Grace,

How ready to relieve!
T'hou doft delight the Weak to raise,

And by thine Help I live.
4 Then, O my Soul, be never more

By anxious Fears diftreft ;
God's bounteous Love doth thee restore

To Ease, and Joy, and Rest.

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