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PSALM IV. Fourth Version. Watts.
HUS far the Lord has led me on,

Thus far his Pow'r prolongs my Days,
And ev'ry Evening shall make known
Some fresh Memorial of his Grace.
2 Much of my Time has run to Waite,
And I perhaps am near my Home;
But he forgives my Follies past,
He gives me Strength for Days to come.
3 I lay my Body down to sleep,
Peace is the Pillow for


Head ;
While well-appointed Angels keep
Their watch ful Stations round my Bed.
4. Faith in his Name forbids my Fear ;

may thy Presence ne'er depart!
And in the Morning make me hear
The Love and Kindness of thy Heart.
5 Thus, when the Night of Death fhall come,
I fafe shall reft beneath the Ground,
And wait thy Voice to rouse my Tomb,
With sweet Salvation in the Sound.

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PSALM IV. Fifth Version. Milton.
The peculiar Happiness and Safety of the truly Pious.
E know the Lord hath chose,

Chose to himself apart,
The Good and Meek of Heart,
For whom to chuse he knows;
Jehovah from on high
Will hear my Voice whene'er to him I cry.
2 Be aw'd, and do not fin ;
Speak to your Hearts alone,
To Virtue ever prone,
And be at Peace within :
Offer the Off'rings just
Of Righteousness, and in Jehovah truft.
3 Many there be who say,
Who yet will fhew us good ?



Meaning some airy Food;
But, Lord, thus let me pray,
On us lift up the Light,

Lift up the Favor of thy Count'nance bright.
Into my

Heart more Joy
And Gladness thou hast fent,
Than Men on Vice intent
Can possibly enjoy,
When from their plenteous Ground

With vast Increase their Corn and Wine abound. 5 [In Peace at once will I

Both lay me down and sleep,
For thou alone doft keep
Me safe where-e'er I lie ;
As in a rocky Cell,
Thcu, Lord, alone in Safety mak't me dwell.)


PSALM IV. Sixth Verfion.
True Happiness to be found only in God.

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WHAN WEnder Spreads the boldeft Wings>

And wanders ,
Amid th' unbounded Scene of Things

Which entertain the Mind : 2 In vain I trace Creation o’er,

In Search of sacred Rest;
The whole Creation is too poor,

Too mean, to make me bleft.
3 In vain would this low World employ,

Each fatt'ring specious Wile; There's nought can yield a real Joy,

But my Creator's Smile.
4 Let Earth, and all her Charms depart,

Unworthy of the Mind;
In God alone, this restless Heart

An equal Bliss can find.
5 Great Spring of all Felicity,
To whom iny

Wishes tend,
Do not these Wishes rise from thee,

And in thy Favor end?

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$ Thy Favor, Lord, is all I want,

Here would my Spirit rest;
O feal the rich, the boundless Grant,
And make me fully bleft.
PSALM IV. Seventh Version. STEELE.

The Chief Good.
N vain the erring World inquires

For some substantial Good;
While Earth confines their low Desires,

They live on airy Food.
Illusive Dreams of Happiness

Their eager Thoughts employ ;
They wake, convinc'd their boasted Bliss

Was visionary Joy.
3 Be gone, ye gilded Vanities;

I seek fome folid Good;
To real Bliss my Wishes rise,
The Favor of


4 Immortal Joy thy Smiles impart,

Heav'n dawns in ev'ry Ray;
One Glimpse of thee will cheer my Heart,

And turn my Night to Day.
Not all the Good, which Earth bestows,

Can fill the craving Mind;
Its highélt Joys have mingled Woes,

And leave a Sting behind.
6 Should boundless Wealth increase my Store,

Can Wealth my Cares beguile?
I should be wretched ftill, and poor

Without thy blissful Smile.
7 Grant, O my God, this one Request :

Oh, be thy Love alonc,
My ample Portion--here I rest,
For Heav'n is in the Boon.
PSALM IV. Eighth Version. STEELE.

An Evening Song.
HE Man of humble upright Heart,

As his peculiar Care,
1 The Lord himself has fet apart,
And when I call will hear.

2 With

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2 With pious Awe your Heart survey,

And ev'ry Sin repent;
Let true Contrition close the Day,

And future Guilt prevent.
3 The Sacrifice the Lord will own,

If thus you seek his Face,
Thus humbly bow before his Throne,

And trust his pard’ning Grace.
4. Vain is the toilfome Search of Good

In all Things here below;
Thy Smile alone, my gracious God,

Can real Bliss beitow.
5 Thy Smile, whence all my Comfort springs,
With Gladness fills


No Joy increasing Afluence brings,

Such Pleasure can impart.
6 My Days by thy kind Presence bleft;

From thee my Safety flows;
Thy Favor guards my nightly Rest;

And gives me sweet Repose.

PSALM IV. Ninth Verfion. lutegrity and Piety the Support of good Mená He righteous Lord loves upright Souls,

He marks them for his own,
And, when he hears their humble Pray'r,

Bends from his gracious Throne. 2 Then will I fear his sacred Name,

Nor dare oppose his Will; Commune in secret with my Heart,

And bid each Thought be ftill. 3. And, while my willing Hands present

This Off'ring to the Lord,
+ My Soul defies each threat'ning Ill,

And trusts his faithful Word.
While Thousands search for Bliss on Earth,

And search, alas ! in vain ;
Be mine the Joys his Favor gives;

Let me his Siniles obtain.


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; One Smile from thee, my gracious God,

Bids all my Pow'ss rejoice ;
Not all the pleasures Earth can yield

Should change my happy Choice. 6 Secure beneath thy guardian Hand,

I give mine Eyes to Sleep;
That Hand protects my. wakeful Hours,
And will my Slumbers keep.

PSALM V. Firft Version. MERRICK.
Prayer to God for Direction and Safety; and the Happiness

of those who trust in him.
HE Words that from my Lips proceed,

My Thoughts, for thou those Thoughts canft read,
My God, my King, attentive weigh,
And hear, o hear when I

2 With earliest Zeal, with wakeful Care,

To thee my Scul mall pour its Pray'r,
And ere the Dawn has streak’d the Sky,

To thee direct its longing Eye:
3 May all, whose Hope thy Love supports,
How great that Love! ftill tread thy Courts,
Their Knees in lowliest Rev'rence bend,

And tow'rd thy Shrine their Hands extend. 4 Do thou, O God, my


And guard me from each hurtful Snare ;
O lend me thy conducting Ray,

And level to my Steps thy Way.
; While Mischiefs wicked Men intend

Retorted on themselves descend ;
To each who bears a guiltless Heart,

Thy Grace its Bleflings shall impart.
6 Tho' Judgments oft correct their sin,

Whose Hearts thy Mercy fails to win;
Yet those whose Truft on thee is plac'd

Peace and Delight perpetual taste.
7 Sav'd by thy Care, in Songs of Joy

Their ever grateful Voice employ,
And share the Gifts on those beitow'd,
Who love the Name of Jacob's God,


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