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z Seasons and Times obey his Voice ;

The Ev’ning and the Morn rejoice
To see the Ěarth made soft with Show'rs,

Laden with Fruit and dreft in Flow'rs. 3 'Tis from his wat'ry Stores on high

He gives the thirsty Ground Supply:
He wallos upon the Clouds, and thence

Doth his enriching Drops dispense. 4 The Desart grows a fruitful Field,

Abundant Food the Valleys yield;
The Valleys shout with chearful Voice,

And neighb'ring Hills repeat their Joys. 6 The Pastures smile in green Array;

There Lambs and larger Cattle play ;
The larger Cattle and the Lamb,
Each in his Language fpeaks thy Name.
Thy Works pronounce thy Pow'r divine ;
O'er ev'ry Field thy Glories shine,
Thro' ev'ry Month thy Gifts appear;
Great God, thy Goodness crowns the Year.
PSALM LXV. Fourth Version. First Part. WATTS.

A Prayer-bearing God, or the Gentiles called.
RAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee ;

There shall our Vows be paid :
Thou hast an Ear when Sinners pray,

All Flesh shall seek thine Aid. 2 Lord, our Iniquities prevail,

But pard'ning Grace is thine,
And thou wilt grant us Pow'r and Skilt

To conquer ev'ry Sin.
3. Bless'd are the Men whom thou wilt chuse

To bring them near thy Face,
Give them a Dwelling in thine House,

To feaft upon thy Grace.
4. In answ'ring what thy Church requests.

Thy Truth and Mercy Thine,
And Works of awful Righteoufness -

Fulfil thy kind Design.



5 Thus


Thus shall the wond'ring Nations see

The Lord is good and just ;
And diftant Islands fly to thee,

And make thy Name their Trust.

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PSALM LXV, Fourth Version. Second Part.
The Providence of God in Air, Earth, and Sea.
IS by thy Strength the Mountains stand,

God of eternal Pow'r ;
The Sea grows calm at thy Command,

And Tempeits cease to roar.
2 Thy Morning Light and Ev'ning Shade

Successive Comforts bring;
Thy plenteous Fruits make Harvests glad,

Thy Flow'rs adorn the Spring.
3 Seasons and Times, and Moons and Hours,

Heav'n, Earth, and Air are thine ; When Clouds distil in fruitful Show'rs,

The Author is divine. 4 Those wand'ring Cisterns in the Sky

Born by the Winds around, With wat'ry Treasures well supply

The Furrows of the Ground.
5 The thirsty Ridges drink their Fill,

And Ranks of Corn appear :
Thy Ways abound with Blessings still,
Thy Goodness crowns the Year.
PSALM LXV. Fourth Version. Third Part.

The Blesings of Providence.
OOD is the Lord, the Heav'nly King,

Who makes the Earth his Care,
Vifits the Pastures ev'ry Spring,

And bids the Grass appear.
2 The Clouds like Rivers rais’d on high

Pour out at thy Command
Their wat'ry Blessings from the Sky,

To chear the thirsty Land,


3 The foften'd Ridges of the Field

Permit the Corn to spring; The Valleys rich Provision yield,

And the poor Lab'rers sing. 4 The thirsty Hills on ev'ry Side

Rejoice at falling Show'rs:
The Meadows dress'd in all their Pride

Perfume the Air with flow'rs,
5 The barren Clods refresh'd with Rain

Promise a joyful Crop ;
The parching Grounds look green again,

And raise the Reapers Hope.
6 The various Months thy Goodness crowns;

How bounteous are thy Ways ?
The bleating Flocks spread o'er the Downs,

And Shepherds shout thy Praise.
The Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year.
TERNAL Source of ev'ry Joy!..

Well may thy Praise our Lips employ,
While in thy Temple we appear,
Whose Goodness crowns the circling -Year.
2. While as the Wheels of Nature roll,
Thy Hand supports the steady Pole :
The Sun is taught by thee to rise,

And Darkness when to veil the Skies. 3 The flow'ry Spring at thy Command

Embalms the Air, and paints the Land;
The Summer Rays with Vigor shine

To raise the Corn, and chear the Vine, 4 Thy Hand in Autumn richly pours

Thro' all our Coasts redundant Stores;
And Winters, foften’d by thy Care,
No more a Face of Horror wear.
5 Seasons, and Months, and Weeks, and Days
Demand successive Songs of Praise ;
Still be the chearful Homage paid
With op’ning Light and Ev’ning Shade.

6 Here


6 Here in thy House shall Incense rise,

As circling Sabbaths bless our Eyes ;
Still will we make thy Mercies known,

Thy wond'rous Works of Kindness own. 7 Until our more harmonious Tongues

In loftier Worlds pursue the Songs;
And in those brighter Courts adore,
Where Days and Years revolve no more.

PSALM LXV. Sixth Version. STEELE.

The God of Nature and Grace.
EFORE thy Throne, O God of Grace,

Her ardent Vows in deep Distress.

o be her grateful Praise as warm.
2 O thou who hear'it our humble Cry,

Our God, our Refuge, and our Stay;
To thee. shall mourning Sinners fly,

To thee, shall ev'ry Nation pray.
3 Tho' Sin prevails with dreadful Sway,

And Hope almost expiring lies,
Thy Grace shall purge our Sins away,

And bid our dying Hopes arise.. 4 Happy the Man approv'd by thee,

Near to his God, thy chosen Care;
Thy constant Goodness he shall see,

The Bounties of thy. Table share.
5 Whene'er thy injur'd Peoples Cries

Ascend before thy awful Throne,
All dreadful bright thy Terrors rise,

And make thy Grace and Justice known. 6 Thou art the Confidence and Stay

Of the wide Earth's remotest Ends;
And those who try the dang'rous Sea,

On thee their Hope, their All depends..
7 Thy awful Word, with potent Sound
Firm bade the folid Mountains stand;
Thy Pow'r encircles Nature round;
All Nature refts upon thy Hand,

3 That

8 That Word which stills the raging Seas,

When the loud Waves tempestuous roar,
Commands the warring World to Peace;

And Noise and Tumult are no more. 9 Thy dreadful Signs display'd abroad,

Fili trembling Nations with Surprize ;
The trembling Nations own the God,
And lift their supplicating Eyes.

10 The rising Morn, the closing Day,

Repeat thy Praise with grateful Voice;
Each in their Turns thy Pow'r display,

And laden with thy Gifts rejoice.
JI Earth's wide-extended varying Scenes

All smiling round thy Bounty Ihow;
From Seas or Clouds, full Magazines, ,

Thy rich diffusive Blessings flow.
12 Now Earth receives the precious Seed,

Which thy indulgent Hand prepares ;,
And nourishes the future Bread,

And answers all the Sower's Cares.
13 Thy sweet refreshing Show'rs attend,.,
And thro' the Ridges gently flow,
Soft on the springing Corn descend;

And thy kind Blessing makes it grow.
14 Thy Goodness:crowns the circling Year, .

Thy Paths drop Fatness all around;
Ev'n barren Wilds, thy Praise declare,

And echoing. Hills return the Sound.
25 Here spreading Flocks adorn the Plain, .
There Plenty ev'ry Charm displays;
Thy Rounty clothes each lovely Scene,
And joyful Nature fhouts thy Praise:

PSALM LXV. Seventh Version.
Tbe Providence of God in the Seasons of the Year.
ET thanks to thee, all fov'reign Pow'r, arise,

Who fix'd the Mountains, and who spread the Skies;
From the glad Climes, whence Morn in Beauty dreft,
Forth goes rejoicing to the fartheft Weft.


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