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1 Cod is our all-sufficient Aid.

PSALM LXII. Second Version Tate.
OD does his saving Health dispense,

And flowing Blessings daily send;
He is our Fortress and Defence,

On him our Souls thall ftill depend.
Vol In him, ye People, always trust,

Before his Throne pour out your Hearts;
For God, the Merciful ard Juft,
His timely Aid to us imparts.
The Vulgar fickle are and frail,
The Great difsemble and betray;

And, laid in Truth's impartial Scale, ;

The lightest Things will both outweigh.
Then trust not in oppressive Ways,
By Spoil and Rapine grow not vain ;
Nor let your Hearts, if Wealth increase,
Be set too much upon your Gain.
For God has oft his Will express’d,
And we this Truth have fully known :
To be of boundless Pow'r poffefs'd
Belongs of Right to God alone.
Tho' Mercy is his darling Grace,
In which he chiefly takes Delight,
Yet will he all the human Race
According to their Works requite,
PSALM LXII. Third Version WATTS.

Y Spirit looks to God alone ;
In all my Fears, in all my Straits,

My Soul on his Salvation waits.
2 Trust him, ye Sairits, in all your Ways,

Pour out your Hearts before his Face:
When Helpers fail and Foes invade,


3 False are the Men of high Degree, ,

The meaner Sort are Vanity ;
Laid in the Ballance both appear
Light as a Puff of empty Air.

4 Make not increasing Gold your Trust,

Nor set your Heart on glitt'ring Dust;
Why will you grasp the fleeting Smoke,

And not believe what God has spoke ? 5

Once has his awful Voice declar'd, Once and again my Ears have heard, “ All Pow'r is his eternal Due ;

“ He muft be fear'd and trusted too." 6 For sov'reign Pow'r reigns not alone, .

Grace is a Partner of the Throne :
Thy Grace and Justice, mighty Lord,
Shall well divide our last Reward.

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PSALM LXIII. First Version. Merrick.

Delight in divine Worship.
HOU art my God, to thee my Eyes

I lift, e'er yet the Dawn arise :
To thee, thy Servant, Lord, as now,

His Hands shall rear, his Knees shall bow. 2 Thy Love my Lips shall ever tell,

(Can Life itself that Love excel :)
Nor cease, while Breath prolongs my Days,

In thankful Notes the Hymn to raise.
3 For nought like this my Soul can chear;

Nor Marrow from the fatted Steer
Could e'er to the luxurious Sense
Such full Delight, my God, dispense.
Thou Moon, be witness if


Forgetful of my God I spread;
And thou, revolving Sun, if e'er
I wake unconscious of his Care.
When Dangers threaten to devour,
Superior to each adverse Pow'r
Thy Arm extends the Help divine,

And long Experience calls it mine. 6 Thy Love my Lips shall ever tell,

(Can Life itself that Love excel?)
Nor cease, while Breath prolongs my Days,
In thankful Notes the Hymn to raise.




Second Version. TATE.


Evening Psalm.
AY Life, while I that Life enjoy,

In blessing God I will employ ;
With lifted Hands adore his Name :
My Soul's Content shall be as great,
As theirs who choicest Dainties eat,

While I with Joy his Praise proclaim. 2 When down I lie sweet Sleep to find, Thou, Lord, art present to my Mind,

And when I wake in Dead of Night; Because thou still doft Succor bring, Beneath the Shadow of thy Wing,

I rest with Safety and Delight.

PSALM LXIII. Third Version. First Part. Watts.


The Morning of a Lord's Day.
ARLY my God without Delay

I haíte to seek thy Face ;
My thirsty Spirit faints away

Without thy chearing Grace.
2 So Pilgrims on the scorching Sand

Beneath a burning Sky
Long for a cooling Stream at Hand,

And they must drink or die.
3 I've seen thy Glory and thy Pow'r

Thro' all thy Temple shine ;
My God repeat that heav'nly Hour,

That Vision so divine.
4 Not all the Blessings of a Feast

Can please my Soul so well
As when thy richer Grace I taste,

And in thy Presence dwell.
5 Not Life itself with all her Joys

Can my best Passions move,
Or raise so high my chearful Voice.

As thy forgiving Love.

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PSALM LXIII. Third Version. Second Part.

Midnight Thoughts recolle&ed. 'T

WAS in the Watches of the Night

I thought upon thy Pow's, I kept thy Promises in Sight

Amid the darkett Hour.
2 My Flesh lay resting on my Bed,

My Soul arose on high ;
My God, my Life, my Hope, I said,

Bring thy Salvation nigh." 3 My Spirit labors up thy Hill,

And climbs the heav'nly Road; But thy Right Hand upholds me still,

While I pursue my God.
4 Thy Mercy stretches o'er my

The Shadow of thy Wings;
Ny Heart rejoices in thine Aid,

My Tongue awakes and fings.
PSALM LXIII. Fourth Version. WATTS.

Seeking after God.
VREAT God, indulge my humble Claim,

Thou art my Hope, my Joy, my Reit;
The Glories that compose thy Name

Stand all engag'd to make me blest.
2. Thou great and good, thou just and wise,

Thou art my Father and my God;
And I am thine by sacred Ties ;

Thy Son, thy Servant bought with Blood. 3 With Heart and Eyes and lifted Hands

For thee I long, to thee I look,
As Travellers in thirsty Lands
Pant for the cooling Water Brook.



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14 With early Feet I love t'appear

Among thy Saints and seek thy Face ;
Oft have I seen thy Glory there,

And felt the Pow'r of sov’reign Grace. 5 [Amidst the wakeful Hours of Night,

When bufy Cares afflict-my Head,
One Thought of theç gives new Delight,

And adds Refreshment to my Bed.]
6 I'll lift my Hands, I'll raise my Voice,

While I have Breath to pray or praise ;
This Work shall make my Heart rejoice,
And spend the Remnant of my Days.


PSALM LXIII. Fifth Version. WATTS.

Delight in God's Worship.
Y God, permit my Tongue

This Joy, to call thee mine,
And let my early Cries prevail.

To taste thy Love divine.
For Life without thy Love

No Relish can afford;
No Joy can be compar'd to this

To serve and please the Lord.
To Thee l’ll lift

my Hands, And praise thee while I live; Not the rich Dainties of a Feaft:

Such Food or Pleasure give. 4

In wakeful Hours at Night

I call my God to mind;
I think how wise thy Counsels are,

And all thy Dealings kind.

Since thou hast been my Help, 5

To thee my Spirit Aies,
And on thy watchful Providence

My chearful Hope relies.

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