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2 Now bid thy Truth and Mercy shed

Their kindest Influence on my Head ;.
Let me, my Hope on thee reclin'd,

Beneath thy Wings a Refuge find.. 3 My Heart is fix'd, almighty Sire,

My Heart is fix'd : To thee aspire
My Thoughts, and dictate to my Lays

An Argument of endless Praise.
4. Awake (thou Glory of my Frame)

Awake, my Tongue, to loud acclaim ;
Lo! to the Clouds thy Truth extends,

Thy Mercy Heav'n's vast Height transcends.. 5. Inthron'd thyself above the Skies,

O bid thy fullest Glory rise,
And to the Earth with cloudless Ray
The Wonders of thy Pow'r display.
PSALM LVII. Second Version. TATE..

Trust and Hope in divine Providence..
HY Mercy, Lord, to me extend,

On thy Protection I depend ;
And to thy Wing for Shelter hafte,.

Till each outrageous Storm be paft. ı To thy Tribunal, Lord, I fy,

Thou sov'reign Judge, and God most high,
Who Wonders haft for me begun;

And wilt not leave th:y Work undone. 3 Be thou, O God, exalted high !

And as thy Glory fills the Sky,
So let it be on Earth display'd,

Till thou art here as there obey’d.
4 O God, my Heart is fix’d, 'tis bent;

Its thankful Tribute to present;
And with my

Heart my

Voice I'll raise To thee, my God, in Songs of Praise. 5 Awake, my Glory, Harp and Lute,

No longer let your Strings be mute;
And I, my tuneful Part to take
Will with the early Dawn awake.. ·

6 Thy

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16 Thy Praises, Lord, I will resound,

To all the lift'ning Nations round;
Thy Mercy highest Heav'n transcends,
Thy Truth beyond the Clouds extends.

PSALM LVII. Third Version.


Praise to God. thou exalted, O my God,

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Thy Pow'r on Earth be known abroad,
And Land to Land thy Wonders tell.
2 My Heart is fixt; my Song shall raise
Immortal Honors to thy Name;
Awake my Tongue, to found his Praise,

My Tongue, the Glory of my Frame. 3 In thee, my God, are all the Springs

Of boundless Love and Grace unknown;
All the rich Gifts that Nature brings,

Are Gifts descending from thy Throne.
4 High o'er the Earth thy Goodness reigns,

And reaches to the utmost Sky ;
Thy Truth to endless Years remains
When lower Worlds diffolve and die.
5 Be thou exalted, O my God,

Above the Heav'ns where Angels dwell;
Thy Pow'r on Earth be known abroad,
And Land to Land thy Wonders tell.


PSALM LX. First Version. Merrick.

In a Time of unsuccessful War. EPULS’D, dispers’d, chastis’d by thee, 0

grant us, Lord, thy Face to see, And let the People, once thy Care, Again thy fav’ring Presence share. 2 How trembles this divided Land Beneath the Terrors of thy Hand! O Thou, the God whom we adore, Its Breaches heal, its Peace restore.

- 3 Behold

3 Behold us, Lord, oppress’d with Woe,

As exil'd from thy Care we go :
Shall Britain's Hofts, thy Aid withheld,

Still unsuccessful take the Field?
4 Our Hope, on Man repos'd in vain,

Olet thy Strength, great God, fuslain :
Thus arm’d, each adverse Pow's we dare,

And dauntless meet the ruthing War. 5 Behold, thy Hands a Standard rear ;

Beneath it each, who owns thy Fear,
Engag'd in Truth's neglected 'Cause,

His Sword, secure of Conquest, draws. 6 Such, Objects of thy tend'relt Love,

Defend propitious from above;
Let us with them thy Mercy share,
And hear, O hear, our ceaseless Pray'r.

PSALM LX. Second Version. WATTS.

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HEN wilt thou, Lord, the Nation bless?

Maft we for ever mourn? Long have we been in deep Distress,

Shall Mercy ne'er return?
2 The Terror of one Frown of thine

Melts all our Strength away;
Like Men that totter drunk with Wine,

We tremble in Dismay.
3 The Kingdom shakes beneath thy Stroke,

And dreads thy threat’ning Hand; O heal the Nation thou hast broke,

Confirm the wav'ring Land. Lift up a Banner in the field

For those who fear thy Name: Save thy Beloved with thy Shield,

And put them not to Shame. 5 Go with our Armies to the Fight

Like a confed'rate God;
In vain confed’rate Pow'rs unite

Against thy lifted Rod.

6 Our Troops shall gain a wide Renown

By thine afifting Hand; 'Tis God that treads the Mighty down,

And makes the Feeble Itand.



The Prayer of Loyalty.
ONG Life let Britain's King behold,

Ages count on Ages rollid :
Safe in thy Presence let him stand,

And share the Blessings of thy Hand. ? His Palace let thy Truth defend,

Thy Mercy on his Steps attend,
And be thou in each dang’rous Hour

His stedfast Hope, his strongest Tow'r. 3 High on the Rock his Footsteps rear ;

There let hiin stand unmov’d, hear
The Storms, which would around him beat,

At Distance roll beneath his Feet.
4 So fhall thy Love awake our Song,

Thy Name the willing Note prolong,
While, warm’d with Zeal, our Vows we pay,
And bless thee to our latest Day.

W My Heart within me dies,

PSALM LXI. Second Version. WATTS.

Safety in God.
HEN overwhelm'd with Grief

, Helpless and far from all Relief

To Heav'n I lift mine Eyes.
O lead me to the Rock

That's high above my Head,
And make the Covert of thy Wings

My Shelter and my Shade. 3

Within thy Presence, Lord,

For ever I'll abide; Thou art the Tow'r of


The Refuge where I hide.


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Confidence in God, not in Wealth or Fraud.
O, thou, my Soul, on God reclin'd,

In him thy wish'd-for Reft falt-find';
His Love shall sure Deliv'rance yield ;

By him through Life I walk upheld;
2 And safe from Lapfe my Course maintain,

Or falling, instant rise again;
Thee, Lord, my Glory, thee alone

My Rock, my Health, my Strength, I own.
3 Ye Tribes, in God your Help behold,

To him, with me, your Hearts unfold ;,
Each Want confess, each Grief reveal;

For who, 0 who like him can heal?
4 O Vanity, thy Name is Man:

Intent the human Mind to scan,
Come, try, if aught of Weight there seem;

Suspend the Balance, fix the Beam :
5 In vain.-With cqua! Ease were weigh'd

The flitting Air, or empty Shade ;
Trust not in Wrong and Fraud; no more

On Hope's light Wing presumptuous foar ;
6 Let gather'd Wealth before thee lie

Beheld with unretorted Eye,
Nor let the glitt'ring Heap impart

One Wish to thy deluded Heart,
7 Once from his Throne th' Almighty spake,

And forth again the Accents brake :.
" I claim the universal Sway,

I mark if Man my Will obey ;
8“ And, where my Fear the Mind impels,

(For Pow'r in me with Mercy dwells)
“ Èach Act observe with kind Regard,
“. And pleas'd confer the just Reward,”

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